The Time-limited Extra Is Disguised as a Tutor in a Villain’s House


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On the day her father died, leaving her with a huge amount of debt, Livia realized that she had been reincarnated and was living as an extra in the novel she read before she died.

Her life was good up until then…

She was also time-limited because she had a magic disease where spots like flowers would appear all over her body until she finally succumbed and died.

The only way to cure the disease was the heirloom of the Duke of Mercedes, the villain of this world.

‘I can’t do it.’

But an opportunity arose.

‘Okay, I’ll give them a reasonable amount of help, and then I will leave once we treat the disease with heirloom!’

Thus, Livia took a job under the guise of a tutor for the Duke of Mercedes.


She found the heirloom and cured the disease.

Once she had achieved her goal, she tried to disappear quietly, like a supporting actor….

“It’s my fault. Please don’t go. I can’t live without you.”
The little prince, who was at one time called a little devil, clung to her, begging her not to leave.

“Why am I drawn to you, when I should serve God and serve the saint? Do you know?”
The paladin who should have followed the original heroine made an oath to Livia as a knight

“Miss Livia, you are the butterfly of my destiny.”
Even the master of the Imperial Intelligence Guild was trying to seduce her.

“Can you not be a tutor to the little prince? Because I´m jealous.”
The male protagonist, who should have fallen for the original heroine and given her everything, was trying to give Livia everything for some reason.

Above all…

“If you want to go, you can go wherever you want to. I’m confident I can bring you back.”

Wasn’t that a threat… …?

‘What the hell is going on!’

Livia just wanted to cure her disease, but something seemed to have gone very wrong.

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시한부는 흑막가에 위장 취업한다
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Bambiina rated it
March 17, 2023
Status: c12
Livia the FL is quite likeable. I like her approach to problems and how she sees others as real people and not only as characters from a book. My favorite and the highlight in every chapter is Vincent. I love him so much. This little cutie pie deserves the world and I'm so thankful for the FL that she is there for him.
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keikomushi rated it
January 28, 2023
Status: c7
In spite of a handful of translation 'oddities', the first seven chapters of this series provide a wholesome and heartfelt story of a family in crisis. Cardien, a duke with some issues of his own, tends towards a hands-off approach to parenting due to those same issues. His illegitimate son, ten-year-old Vincent, has a wealth of trauma and believes that his father does not care for him due to Cardien being hands-off. With tutors leaving instead of trying to get to the bottom of Vincent's learning issues, the little boy's... more>> issues are compounded. It is a difficult, yet understandable grouping of issues that creates a snowball effect.
Livia, our transmigrated MC, is dealing with terminal illness again after dying from disease alone in a hospital in her twenties. In spite of having gone to the duchy for a tutor position in order to gain access to a cure, she cannot help but be drawn into the struggles of Vincent and Cardien. She empathizes with both father and child. With her ability to modify dreams, she decides to get involved.

Do I recommend this series as of chapter seven? Definitely. MlN does a great job of the translation in spite of those extremely rare oddities. The narrative is really engaging, with ample description to keep the reader hooked. It flows naturally, showing a touch of professionalism that I can certainly appreciate. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nightkiss49 rated it
January 17, 2023
Status: c6
It's a pretty good novel. I honestly see a good potential novel.

It's all about family and dealing with insecurity, pain, and aftereffects of years of mental abuse and negative emotions.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Odiodi rated it
April 27, 2023
Status: --
This is good, FL is smart and quick-witted, the story itself is a bit slow pace but the flow that author put to make it up are nice and makes me want to read it willingly and carefully. The plot might be too common but again... the good flow while story still on going make me fall in love with this story.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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