The Time Has Come


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Pseudo-Terrorist X Female War Reporter

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JayQwerty rated it
June 18, 2022
Status: Completed
The vagueness of the summary actually makes this story sound worse than it actually is.

... more>>

You find out that the pseudo-terrorist is actually the FL's long lost husband whom she was told was dead. Convinced he wasn't, she goes into a war zone as a reporter in order to find him. Fate would have it that they meet, but he's disguised as one of the terrorists as a means of survival.

That's where the r*pe comes in since she thinks she's having s*x with a stranger. That is, until he reveals himself.


Overall, there are definitely non-con themes but it's a pretty decent smut. If you don't mind the dark subject matter then it's a good, sort of mindless, short read. <<less
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Drenlith rated it
September 28, 2022
Status: Completed
Main reason for the low rating is because of the snuff (unrelated to main couple).

Men were murdered and women of all ages were r*ped and beaten, if they were murdered afterwards or survived bothered me more than the protagonist's situation. She's fine, had her missing husband guarding her. They just completely ditched those victims to have hot reunion s*x right after *smh*.

The r*pe scene is also one of the few that are leaning towards a realistic side, so I'm suuuper uncomfortable with it. She felt absolute despair and was also contemplating suicide before realizing it was her husband that was raping her.-.

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