The Tanaka Family Reincarnates


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No up and down, no marriage, and no breaking the law Tanaka family just lives modestly and sticks to the rules of society.

The ordinary Tanaka family, who loves cats and is loved by cats.

The unfortunate Tanaka family, that has a sweet ending somehow.

That very Tanaka family got attacked by a sudden major earthquake. When they thought that they died in an instant, the whole family reincarnated to another world.

Is this an Otome game?
Or somewhere else?
Am I a villainous daughter?
Or a capture target?

I don’t know anyone. I don’t understand anything.

That monster is absurdly strong.

However, I can’t use magic and I have no skill.

The last ray of hope is insects?

If I mention the things that I can do: sewing and looking after insects.

A story about the Tanaka family living peacefully and modestly again for the time being in another world.

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Tanaka ke, Tensei Suru.
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Yeoha rated it
May 10, 2021
Status: c148
I mtl-ed till the latest chapter and I think this story is one of the few rare interesting isekai story I've ever read. It's very very good TwT

But first lemme resolve the misunderstanding of the bad review from a certain reviewer who gave 2 stars.

From mtl I read it was Stewart. But it's the same if it's Stuart or anything.

Big spoiler ahead.
1. Parents frantically trying to marry their children.


Hah! That's just her mom saying she wanted grandchildren cuz when she suddenly remembered her past life, she gained her memories as a granny. So in her body (as well as the other 4 Tanaka family members), there are 2 sets of memories. One, as Stewart's and several years later, the memories of Tanaka's fell into them. To begin with, in the first several years of their life, they live as Stewart's. And it's NORMAL for the people in their Kingdom to search for their children marriage prospect at that age. And their dad? The Count doesn't really care abt the marriage whatsoever. He's a total daughter-con, hewouldn't even want any man get so chummy with his daughter. And the mother wasn't actually TOO KEEN on it. She never forced them as well, she only wanted to say that she wanted grandchildren cuz y not? Her children never actually get married even in their 30s, and even the eldest almost became 40s but still live with the family. Even my mom would rage.


2. In their 30s but act as children.


Ok lemme remind yall. In the first place, they WERE children, living as CHILDREN before they get their memories of their past life. They ONLY get the memories of their past life, they didn't actually isekai-ed into other people's body. They just have 2 sets of memories, so it's normal to act like children. ALSO, the only change a little bit such as their interest, a little bit of habits, having extra set of memories and so on. And they didn't actually get 100% of their memories.



Oh and for William/Heita to like a child at the age of 6, it's cuz Tanaka Heita was a lolicon lmao. Pedo yeah but he never actually assaulted anyone in his past life cuz he was a NEET. And for being a little immature as a NEET is normal lol. And ffs, now, he is 9. NINE. Years. Old as William Stewart. So liking a child? They were not even so far apart in age so it's okay (let's worry abt him being lolicon after WILLIAM gets older). In any case, William Stewart is actually a mature, intelligent kid. He was both 30s and 9. Someone who have 2 sets of memories. I don't think William will become degenerate.



The siblings was also was all darn otakus in their past life.



The eldest was crazy about game until he's almost 40. The daughter is a oji-con (young grandpa con, sort of.). The youngest is a lolicon. And their way of bonding was by sharing mangas and games



It's stranger if they actually live normally and stoically when they were a Tanaka.


3. They are rich but act as if they're not.


Actually the whole family used to live in poverty. The Count family was a poor Lord of the territory. They have to be self-sufficient. The Tanaka family was also never a rich family.



Stewart family only gets rich when Emma was around 6yo or something.



They still have that 'we are not wealthy' mentality cuz they didn't actually manage the money themselves. They lack financial sense. Sure, they're rich, but that was only after Daniel Rothschild, a merchant, the father of Joshua Rothschild offered to handle financial affair of the Stewart family by helping selling their many other products and their silk at high price (price worthy of such a luxurious and durable and high quality silk that the family used as rag) to the royal family and the others to the people in the capital. Yall will know if u read more, about how they originally got that silk. It was originally something they do to reduce household expenses. They also only complain abt the expense to raise cat for the sake of complaining, it doesn't really matter whatsoever cuz those were their cats to begin with.


Sure they were some things that doesn't add up but they weren't actually much so significant.

This story is humorous anyways, you don't have to look for logics everywhere. It's a refreshing story tbh.

If you're looking for the ML for Emma, there's still no canon ML yet but I have one in my mind.


Joshua Rothschild cuz he's such a darling


This story isn't particular about romance cuz everyone just love Emma.

Give this novel a try and free yourself from the isekai conflict cuz this family have each others' back.

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Oof_Ash.Here rated it
November 20, 2020
Status: c23
I love novels where the family is the main one in the story, especially when families or siblings in a another world together~. Sob~Sob~ When the cats and Tanaka family reunited I was really happy that I wanted more where they show off how amazing their cats are at the Royal Capital, but I guess I need to wait until Emma is 12 years old... Gosh, They serious hit me hard with the fluffy and cute bubbles around them!!! (╯✧ ∇ ✧) ╯
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RenTheWitch rated it
March 11, 2021
Status: c38
Good plot, and there is also action and CATS! The siblings and their parents are very funny and fluffy family, worth a read for family love and cats. The cats are the best
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K4ZUYA rated it
March 7, 2021
Status: c37
first of all


fuuu sorry about that, kinda agitated

soo about this novel, about this concept on how a family isekaied, is gorgeous, they did what they always do, and with a good writings on top of that, this concept will not be that awesome, thank you really, such amazing writings, story is nice, especially world building, with lot. Of misunderstanding here and there the plot thickens awesome good job writers, I'm satisfied with this story and expect more in the future, and not forgetting the translation, another splendid... more>> one, I've got no complaints at all.

In search of copper I found diamond instead <<less
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SakuraiKonami27 rated it
May 30, 2021
Status: c49
Cute, fluff, cute pet, cute family, enough said 👍

That said, this also get some serious scenes, but after that still fluff nonetheless
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Nyamu rated it
June 25, 2021
Status: c100
I don't actually know what chapter I'm, at since the raws weren't labelled with numbers but this is decent for its target audience.

Basically, this is just about the random hijinks of a particular quirky (because normal would be boring) OP Japanese family and the misunderstandings around them. The Japanese family part of the description is important because of Japanese family priorities. Namely food. You can think of this like a different kind of comedy from Slow Prison Life but the final objective is the same. Its about the absurdity of... more>> someone (or a family) and the s*upid reactions of their surroundings. Surroundings are wider this time though since the family is not confined to a jail cell.

If you are looking for romance/politics/action, you are looking at the wrong place.

As for addressing the downsides stated by the 2 star comment.

1> is normal. Nothing strange here. Any parent would probably want a grandchild at this point.

2> Sure he is mentally 30 but he is aged 9. Would you prefer he hook up with a 30 year old woman at age 9? Wait till he is older? By then he would be mentally 41 in a 20 year old body. Still not safe. Best way to handle this is to not think about it.

3> Their mentality aside... Behold. Taxes. They are so high the kingdom would crash and burn without them. At that point, they might as well be funding the kingdom so there is probably not much left for personal use.

The overprotective Tanaka Dad manages to threaten the King and an entire diplomatic team that if they tried to forcefully send his daughter abroad, he would take his family and the merchant company and leave for another country.
The Family controls more than half of the monster zones so there will be a security failure. They pay so much tax that most of the Kingdom's budget come from them. The merchant company controls most of the trade.

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FleetingCloud rated it
June 23, 2021
Status: c52
It's a nice cute fluffy story. Premisis is good and well executed. Characters are nice and seems to be alive.

No bad blood. Goods for some light read.

Translation quality is also good.
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jklm rated it
April 15, 2021
Status: c14
I liked the premise, with a whole family transmigrating. The translation is good.

There are some other parts I don't like so much though:

  1. The mom (and dad) being obsessed with their children getting married. I get that it is largely for humor in this story, but it's just such a tired trope. There are way more interesting things a transmigrated family could get involved in instead of a frantic marriage search for her (now under-aged) children.
  2. SPEAKING of now under-aged, just because in their new life they children are now ages 9-15, this DOES NOT change the fact that they are mentally in their 30s. It is gross to be setting them up with children. I super don't like the one brother (again, mentally in his 30s) being interested in a 6 YEAR OLD GIRL. His sister even points it out as a bad thing and everyone is just like, haha loli. More like, go to jail, pedo.
  3. There are some contradictions in the story, even early on. In one chapter we are told how super rich the family is because of their special silk-worms, rich enough to attract all kinds of marriage partners. A few chapters later, and they are complaining about how they don't have enough money to raise a cat (because in this world cats are special luxury pets). Are they rich or not?!? Maybe this contradiction gets resolved later, but I will never know because at this point I just stopped reading.
It's admittedly possible I'm just taking things too seriously. It's obviously intended to be a light-hearted, humorous story. But frankly there were too many things that bothered me so I didn't continue.
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ErrorEra rated it
August 20, 2021
Status: c70
Thanks for translating!

Wonderful family. Nothing too corny and cats/spider bring the story a good amount of fluffiness.
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HentMas rated it
December 24, 2021
Status: c38
Holy Ball Z

Fluffy slice of life? yes! thank you!

Action well portrayed that instills a sense of dread!? OK! woah, wasn't expecting that.


I thought this was gonna be another one of those where "nothing happens" or is just them being "dragged by the plot", you know, like over halve the Isekai slice-of-life that focus on food or something.

THERE IS A STORY HERE... and a good story at that

Amazing world building.

Ridiculously competent and well toned humor.

DREAD that haves you at the edge of your seat HOLY SH$T

And finally, emotional scenes that will have you in TEARS...

All this, while undermining the setting and taking the clichés and giving them a nice twist to make them fresh and interesting again.

I love this story so much!, when I saw it I thought it was just gonna be another one of those that meander into whatever and don't really have a path.

I was so wrong.

read THIS

definitely READ THIS

it's got so much heart and well thought out plot devices that I can't even!!!! <<less
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Mama Cayna
Mama Cayna rated it
May 6, 2022
Status: c169
A good family-themed isekai novel to read so far. The premise is quite unique considering one family is reincarnated in another world after that family dies in an earthquake. The family is quite normal although each member of the family has a rather strange and unique character.


For example, MC is an insect keeping maniac, her older brother is an ikemen who is reluctant to marry, her younger brother is a dutiful child but likes little girls (loli complex?). Her father is a father who loves his children, especially his daughters to the point of not allowing his daughters to marry anyone (daughter complex?). Her mother is a loving family woman who hopes to have grandchildren soon.


Yeah, even though they seem strange, they can be said to be a normal, harmonious family. The plot of the story so far is related to the interaction of the Tanaka family (Count Stuart's family after being reincarnated) with the surrounding social environment.

The seasoning of the story is filled with misunderstandings especially regarding how the MC acts like an angel to the people around her but in fact she is just an insect lover maniac.


This novel is worth reading for anyone who is a fan of fantasy novels with a family theme.

Unfortunately the writing per chapter is quite short, so it's no wonder this novel has only reached 2 volumes for its light novel. So far, this novel is lacking because the updates are quite long with little content. Maybe the author is trying to maintain the quality of the story so the update slows down. If there are enough chapters, at least reaching 3 or 4 volumes of light novels, I believe it is highly likely that this light novel will be adapted into an anime considering that this light novel has already received a manga adaptation.
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AthanaCG rated it
May 13, 2022
Status: c172
This easily became my favorite ❤️ it's not boring. It's super wholesome! Well unless you're a serious person, you won't be able to enjoy this. Some details can just be ignored if you don't like it. You can just imagine your own story with it. Anyway, from hundreds of wholesome mangas that I've read, this is second to spy x family.
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ella1ea rated it
April 9, 2022
Status: c158
I love this book so much, it's probably my favorite ever!! It's just 100% cuteness overload, which is something I like since I find it hard to find anything to be happy about myself. But this book is so cheerful, it makes my day every time there's an update.
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pretty rated it
March 12, 2024
Status: c305
I really like this light novel. I read it a while ago but I'm going to catch up again! If you're looking for a light novel that just has healing properties, then this is for you! It's long but the chapters are on the shorter side and it's very enjoyable! My favorite arc is the Imperial Japan arc, it's just nice to see them in their "natural habitat" lol.
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Catofdoom rated it
November 8, 2022
Status: c248
Big kitty merowoeoroeoroeow

Other than that,

Mary Sue novel, pretty decent compared to the others that I have read. The dynamic of the family is incredibly enjoyable, even if the two brothers sort of mix together in my head. Main issue I would say, would be world building. The magic systems are somewhat different but mostly stereotypical. And the world is as bare bones as you can get.

As this is a character novel this does not matter just a slight annoyance. The characters are more than entertaining enough to counter that.... more>> I would say entertaining instead of interesting as most of them are pretty cut and dry. But you don't nessarily expect paticuarly in depth characters in a Mary Sue novel to begin with. It's a game of how good are the gimmicks, and I say they are quite nice. At least implemented with finesse. Quite an achievement considering how many novels sometimes ignore their own premise. <<less
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May 3, 2021
Status: c15
Overall the premise is fresh and new and quite interesting. The whole family thing and the addition of the cat's depth makes it very interesting. One thing that is bothering me though is the fact that second son (forgot his name) is a pedo. But I can see it if the case was the 9 year old kid inside him is also interested. I do remember Emma saying that the personality is a mixite of both like if you mind were smooshed. I need confirmation
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rcpsycho rated it
December 30, 2022
Status: c268
Instead of a single MC without common sense, there is a whole family.

Overall it is pretty funny, but there is no point at which the characters actually have to overcome any real difficulties despite the problems that come up. Anything remotely negative never has any significant consequences again, or at best positive consequences instead.

The humour and the misunderstandings are good, the plot and storytelling are mediocre at best.

Most characters don't really have any depth, but the main family is fairly likeable at least.
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