The Tamed Heiress


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“I’m getting married soon.”

For a moment she thought she heard it wrong.

Dana soon realized that she didn’t.

And he soon strangled her.

Seeing Dana in her pain, Rian calmly handed her final goodbyes.

“There is no woman as pretty as you, no woman who can satisfy my body.”

Dana’s body lost strength and she was completely limp.

“Now I think it’s going to get in the way. You have to disappear.”

And when she woke up, all her memories were gone.

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길들여진 상속녀
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Caffae rated it
December 7, 2021
Status: c1 part1
It's a mess. Had potential in the beginning as a twist on usual evil-lover-kills-me so revenge plot. The ML is very creepy and the smut is disturbing.

I like that MC survives instead of rebirth etc but it's kinda cringe that he mol*sts her when she is like almost dead and now she can't speak except during s*x like a blow up doll that can moan

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Foolish Mysteries
Foolish Mysteries
March 22, 2022
Status: c1 part1
It was good, but! How the hell can the FL speak when moaning and just shut her lips when she was asked of something?! Everytime she was asked, all she says was; I, uh, um, ah, ha. I had an urge to slap her awake until she finally learned how to speak again, instead of moaning all the time.

I get that she had some trauma, but at this rate it'll make her look like a b*tch built to please a man.
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Scorpionking426 rated it
December 25, 2021
Status: Completed
It was fine. Also, FMC was s*upid and Gullible at start and it was good to see her character growth by end.
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August 8, 2023
Status: --
I am referring to earlier comments and still early in the book but so far:


Also, this book is 80-90% smut because their romance starts from interest and s*xual passion to love.

1. The ML did not mol*st her when he found her unconscious. Infact, he constantly tried to avoid sexualising her when he had put her in warm bath so she doesn't freeze to death. And when his body had a... more>> natural reaction, he put her to bed before going to take care of it in the bathroom. When she woke up and threw herself at him because she didn't recognise others, he was rightfully suspicious and thought she was trying to seduce him so wanted to get information out of her by going along with it. I don't agree with that but it's better than torturing her or treating her like prisoner.

2. For the comment that mocks her inability to speak, you clearly don't understand psychological traumas and aren't being realistic. She herself even says in her mind that she hates it and she'd rather lose all her memories than never speak again and she makes effort to overcome it. This girl was almost strangled to death by her first love while still in mental shock of his betrayal as she gullibly gave him everything she owns and is expected to be his mistress while he's marrying another woman. That she survived and is still trying to survive no matter what is good enough. So forgive her for not being the overpowered FL you want her to be. She's using her body to survive, big deal! She woke up in an unfamiliar environment, can't even remember her name but knows that the person who saved her lusts after her. Where exactly do you want her to run to? I think this reflects the lives of a lot of people in today's world who are desperate. I don't think I would have done anything different if I was in her position. That's the only valuable thing she sees that she has to use to her advantage. Other plans and things can come later. The man doesn't owe a stranger a safe haven.

3. They had an agreement from the beginning. She'll serve him with her body in exchange for his protection. I haven't seen any forced s*x yet.

4. I undertand that her mind forgets any psychological barriers and voices the body's satisfaction openly during s*x. But you can't expect me to believe that she can speak clearly with a sober mind. It doesn't add up.

5. ML is also mentally sick and he's self-aware about it. He frequently admits that he obsessively wants to monopolize her. And he tries to fight it sometimes. But he can't really deny his own nature. Still hoping for development.

6. I DON'T LIKE that before the agreement, he still kissed her after he realized she doesn't remember anything and can't talk. That's selfish.

7. OKAY, I DON'T LIKE HOW THEY DEPICTED HER TRAUMA. If you said that she feels safe with Leon because he saved her and her mind relaxed so she can talk freely later, that's still fine. But SHE CAN MAGICALLY TALK WELL AFTER ONE NIGHT OF s*x IS BULLSHIT. Or maybe that night enforces their agreement for his protection so she was able to relax and think of other things but the author could atleast have explained it more. Edit: she can only say a few sentences but it's still too fast.

8. Okay I'm starting to get the creepy vibes when his intrusive thoughts said that he should imp**gnate so she can't run away. THEY REALLY SHOULD HAVE PUT A YANDERE TAG.

9. She's actually smarter than I thought and is presenting an innocent facade while trying to get into his heart. Some may call her a green tea b*tch. But like I said, survival. I'm relating with her more and more.😂

10. ML is starting to get worse. Selfishly keeping information she asked for from her because he wants to keep her with him. Smh. Edit: character development, he has willingly shared this info, even though it took her disappearance and him almost going crazy.

11. I see where you all think he forced s*x on her. I'm not making excuses, the way he came onto her was wrong. But it wasn't non-consensual. She didn't push him away and accepted him because she knew he was drunk. This isn't in any way a model relationship and how I would want it to start in real life. But they both understand what is between them and that is enough. And he still made sure she felt pleasured. Honestly, aside from his occasional creepy thoughts, He is 100% better than her first love and the author has made him her only other choice. So we have to go with the flow and hope he'll have good character development. Though it seems unlikely.

12. There's another scene where it seems like the s*x is forced because she was embarassed and hesistant of doing it in the library and told him to hold on but he still seduced her anyway. Maybe that is forced but I would say he was teasing her because the door was locked and It's not the first time they've done it outside the bedroom. I can't really expect much from him. Whenever there is a sweet scene, he seems to ruin by being h**ny 24/7. Then again, she seems okay with it, thinks that its part of their mistress agreement and also seems to be equally h**ny. My peeve is non-consensual forceful painful r*pe.

13. Yup, everyday I ask for tags to include Yandere Ml, it's getting worse. Really hope he doesn't act on his thoughts.

14. I like that they give ML more background so we can understand him. He is a victim of frequent manipulations mainly from his parents. No one ever gave him true love. He gets his personality from his father and he hates that. But he also loves his mom even though he knows she's using him as a tool. He gets a little from his mom too because she's obsessed with his dad to the point where she killed his first love and destroyed her family. Which started this whole drama.

15. AWWW😍 It's gone from s*xual attraction to love and Leon realizes he hates seeing her cryyyyyy❤️ He still kept the idea of tying her to his side, but with marriage.

16. A little arguement, and he's back to being a jerk. Starting to restrain her actions. What do you mean she doesn't have a choice?. Your pride and ego are hurting her bastard.

17. YUP, HE'S CRAZY. And I feel like she's secretly a masochist cuz she seems to enjoy provoking him. Girl is too h**ny for her own good. Why I said this is because despite it being the truth, the way he presented her lack of choice in the matter of marriage was a d*ck move that she shouldn't have accepted so easily if she wasn't seduced and loved him. Another reason being she still doesn't know who she truly is to marry him rightfully. The way she treats his anger as childish is funny though. I hope they resolve this part soon because it's quite uncomfortable.

18. I still don't like that he selfishly restricts her actions and she just accepts because she doesn't feel a sense of existence without her memories. Guess I'll have to make do with her character for now.

19. When they say the tamed heiress, they weren't joking. She seems like a pet who'll forget all their anger when their owner gives them love and attention. Twice she's been uncomfortable, he either ignores it or makes her forget by seducing her. And she herself admits she's been tamed but does nothing about it because she's obsessed with him. Lord, this true "love" anymore. It's obsession born from s*xual passion with a little bit of infatuation. <<less
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Momotofu rated it
December 12, 2022
Status: c74
Lots of s*x scenes many of which are forced. There are also some disturbing scenes which (thankfully) are called out by the translators so you can skip.

By chapter 74, she is still in a state of confusion... if you are looking for a smart, strong FL, turn around now. This be: damsel in distress uses her sexy body to gain a safe haven but lo and behold finds an obsessive sexy man instead.

Translations are excellent, storyline is interesting but too much sex/rape, and ML is (how to put it) kinda... more>> creepy. I am still here because I want to know what happens and also want revenge. Give me vengeance!!! <<less
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