The System Sent Me an Object [End of the World]


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After the zombie virus ravaged the world, the game anchor Hao Jian appeared on the body of the doomsday survival system.

The system pointed to Lian Ru Ning and said: This is your red (future) string (wife). Save her and illuminate your world with love.

Hao Jian: ???

Lian Ru Ning: ???

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blazingseraph rated it
May 1, 2021
Status: Completed
So this novel here is a zombie apocalypse novel with a twist. The MC gets a system that is supposed to help her survive better, and the first thing task she gets to help her level up is to save this woman she's never met before. I can't go into that many details about it, but everything in regards to her tasks and the system aren't what they seem.

The actual plot goes like this: survival in the apocalypse > search for the FL's family > fight against a cult >... more>> figure out the secret of the system. The real joy of this story is how the MC and FL deal with everything that's thrown at them. The MC herself is a very very intelligent person who plays detective in regards to figuring out the system's secrets and what he's not telling her about certain things.

The romance is also very sweet, though there are certain things revealed that might be quite angsty to think about. I'm trying to be as vague as possible about the story of this novel because I personally found the mystery and mystery solving were the best parts of the reading experience.

I haven't stopped thinking about this novel since I finished reading it almost a month ago so you can imagine how good it is to stick with me for so long. The way the author ties things we find out about in the beginning to the stuff at the end is also very cool. I recommend this to anyone who likes mysteries and apocalypse settings, with the caveat that the romance is focused on two women. <<less
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Altair545 rated it
August 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Man what a ride, this is an amazing series and I really loved it, the characters are f*cking fantastic, especially the 2 main leads both of them are smart, funny, and interesting it's just that the MC Hao Jian is very cunning, calm and perceptive always having 5 plans in her heart and reading everyone around her while the FL Lian Ru Nings is more good natured and social, but God damn bro do they have amazing chemistry the moment they realize they're so similar and start being playful with... more>> each other is amazing and the thing I liked most was that they always act in a smart and measured way, they always act like real people them and all the other fun side characters we meet they all have distinct personalities and act in believable ways.

Still... Like all other zombie stories the beginning is the best part when they're getting acquainted with the world and meeting new people just dicking around and getting clues, later on when they settle down thins slow down a lot and then along with this the series has 3 big problems.

1. It changes from character focused to more of a story focused series in the last 1/3, those first 2/3 those first like 110 chaps are great 9+/10 stuff we see everything from our MC POV and her developing relationship with Ru Ning and it's amazing both characters get a ton of development, their relationship is believable, they get along so well as they start getting to know each other, they meet very fun people and it's just MC and the gang going around zombie infested places while MC tries to finish some system quests to help her little lover Ru Ning it's f*cking great bro, but that last third things start to focus on the bigger picture we've been getting hints of throughout since the start.

The last third really focuses on secrets of the system and what's going on and tbh MC is still a f*cking badass being smart as hell figuring things out, ever since chap 1 with her figuring things out testing the system and what it says we get to make our own conjectures and see how smart MC is compared to us lol but it's just not as entertaining as the first part sadly especially for someone that's read a couple Chinese system stories, like from chap 1 I knew what was gonna be the endgame and yep it turned out that way, at the end we don't see much of MC and Ru Ning and jump all over the place with more inconsequential characters, interesting in a sense but it feels kinda boring, especially those last 20 chaps you can see were just dragging things out 6/10 that last third, but worst of all is the ending though which is absolute garbage in typical Chinese novel fashion, all those characters and plotlines you care about? Yeah well we don't have time for them, here's a bunch of uninteresting bullsh*t that leaves you unsatisfied, it really feels like a big f*ck you from the author we really just don't get to see our main pair get a satisfying conclusion you know, yes it's a happy ending kind of but we don't get to see much of our main pair and that really hurts a lot with them being the best part of the novel...... an 8/10 overall still though just cuz that first half is so good.

2- now this is something I didn't think I'd see in a Yuri novel but this novel really had a lot of nationalism bullshit, with how things are for gays I never thought I'd see this pushed in a Yuri novel but here we are, don't get me wrong MC is smart, she doesn't trust the government and is always cautious but they do join it anyways and every now and then the characters take a moment to cheer and applaud how amazing the Chinese government is even when they're doing a lot of shitty stuff, they also give this one Chinese government official a lot of screen time and make him always know what's goin on and appear super cool, its definitely not the worst government ass kissing I've seen but it got on my nerves.

3- now this is kinda a small problem but the MC ends up helping a "family member" she finds later who I really hated, didn't deserve MCs help at all so it just got in my nerves, but well there's a reason for it and I can understand.

Overall again this is definitely a great read for Yuri lovers looking for something a bit different then just the usual entertainment circle bullsh*t or school romance but it still has a lot of problems with how the last arc played out, authors decision to focus on different characters and forget the main pair was horrible, idk what they were thinking they're the best part..... Sigh still a solid 4/5. <<less
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November 11, 2021
Status: --
The novel is quite alright if you overlook a few annoying or idiotic points.

The novel is sweet.
The said system is unlike those in other novels.

There are probably many more good points.


MC and FL are dumb IMAO and I would like to question in what ways the MC is smart and intelligent. Except for correctly guessing when making travel plans but I cannot believe that MC is smart due to these guesses because there is no strong rationale behind her guesses; her thinking do not even outsmart me and it only appears to me that she got so many correct guesses due to the author’s wishes. I think they are dumb because they very slowly adapt to the situations.

1) In just a dozen chapters, MC is captured and their whole team just surrendered. (Carelessness but it is THE apocalypse time in real life and it is not like people can just reload if fatal mistakes happen.)

2) Later, they freed themselves but the so-called intelligent MC have to save the opponent who wanted to abuse them a minute ago. Her brain is probably filled with wastes coz’ it apparently never occurred to her that her team is on the weak side and they do not have friendly relationship with their kidnappers. I am speechless.

3) When they went to the army at the power plant, they have to carry suspicious hacking tools and hackers together. Can’t they just dump the tools outside temporarily? The hacker has no crime history nor outstanding in any way therefore why would the army suspect him? But hey maybe it is THE plot. The army even want to confiscate guns from MC (until MC agrees to works undercover for them) even when they believed that MC will not be able to make it to her destination in one piece. They want to confiscate weapons from people who have to travel long distances. How are people suppose to fight against zombies?

The whole story is overly nationalistic. The protagonists strongly and almost blindly believed the army and the State. This novel’s army, police and protagonists stand against the always-complaining ungrateful and mostly unreasonably selfish civilians and the evil forces. But what it really rubs me wrong is that the FL’s father believes that he should not ask the government to search and save his family. He just leaves his family’s safety up to fate, do nothing about it (until FL found him) and just keep doing his research as he was ordered. His wife is also relieved to hear that he did not make any personal request to save her and their children. Maybe even feeling proud that her husband is such a good citizen. I am so pissed off.
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moriaechinaga rated it
July 20, 2021
Status: -
I like the way the MC not suddenly trust the system and do task after the system told her to, really realistic. and also the MC is so smart and I like smart women hahahaha
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zeshiru rated it
June 9, 2021
Status: --
I've read to chapter 150? I forgot, but this is on my top Yuri novels. The characters are fleshed out and have a lot of flaws. I really like Hiao jian (Mc) because she stays true to her mentality and is actually super smart. I normally don't expect much from Lily novels because I only read them for fun, but this is one of best i've read It stays true to the characters and makes them feel alive. For example ... more>>

Later they (FL and MC) will meet a teacher that relies too much on codepence and doesn't reliase it, and then we have a strong looking guy who is actually weak and has a inferoirty complex.

The story is paced fast yet slow. Sometimes it takes 3 chapters for one day to finish and sometimes it take 1 day to add plot. Personally I'd recommend it, the romance isn't slowburn but its not fast too it takes atlest 50? I think for them to say I love you. <<less
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