The Sweets Prince’s Search


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Noda Sagiri is the only girl in her karate club, she has little feminine attributes but has a hidden talent in making sweets. On a whim she decided to bring her handmade cookies to her club, but after one of the idols of the school Michel François tasted her cookie he suddenly declared “I must meet with the girl who made these cookies!”. The search for the cookie maker began, however it seems that no one would come to expect that Sagiri is the one who made them….

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Sweets Ouji no Hitosagashi
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New wonyoung rated it
January 5, 2019
Status: c56
Light hearted and lovely, I really like these kind of novels, I only have one complaint though, it's kind of hard to read, I don't know if it's the translator or the author but it's a bit messy, also very few characters are introduced which makes it harder to understand, it's especially hard to understand when they are in the karate room, only 3 of the members have been introduced, the others are extra, but they talk, we don't know their name and the conversations are kind of a mess,... more>> also some scenes start like out of nowhere, I mean that's normal in anime I guess but it feels too abrupt here.

Maybe as a manga it would be easier to understand and more enjoyable, luckily the translator has made us the favor of putting some images of the manga from time to time. It's something light and it does it's job, it lifts up my mood, Mizuhara is really adorable, really, and the MC's cousin is also really nice, if you don't love most of the characters at least you'll love some of them. <<less
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Hanokaayumi rated it
December 5, 2018
Status: c40
Hilarious, perfect for light-hearted read. The main character is an absolute softie and has a tendency to take care of everyone around her. Most of the chapters involves descriptions of the sweets the main character baked for the male lead along with their banter- both I thoroughly enjoyed.
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Anra7777 rated it
November 9, 2018
Status: c29
If you're looking for realistic characterization, this is not the novel for you. The characters are all 2D with super low EQ, including an entire club which exists solely to pull the readers' aggro. That being said, this is a fluffy, light hearted story. One of the chapters had me in stitches because of how brilliant its humor was. I look forward to each chapter.
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