The Supreme Lord Donghuang


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Zhou Donghuang, a man from the Earth, is able to destroy any planet in the universe without lifting a finger. His supreme will can sweep across the vast cosmos in the blink of an eye. And his immortal spirit can depart from his body and wander around the universe!

In Kunlun Mountains lies a circular slate, which brought him back to one thousand years ago…

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New SAMESame rated it
January 25, 2020
Status: c114
I say it's generic but there is that the MC have that other mc's don't had, MC know how to decline girls he knows that he have no experience on love so he don't accept love easily except the girl that he want to save but r*pe him because of a poison and taste the forbidden s*x and fell in love at 1st sight I know it is a cliche but no matter what there is a explanation for that moment but what I don't want is the long separation... more>> from the girl and MC, And the girl is strong so I hope that the girl was not stupid and became a trophy.

there is 2 love interest at the moment I think 4 is more proper if the step little sister girl and his step mother fall inlove to him but I know his step mother will fall inlove to his father because in xianxia, mc's stepmother will always go to the mc's father there is some exception if the novel is ero,

MC is a bit arrogant because he is the strongest person from the universe before he came back in time and change the history, And it's repetitive so don't expect it to be unique one.

But MC don't kill all that want to kill him and some enemy became his subordinate, MC just rely from his strength and not use his brain to scheme and im disappointed from it. What I like in this novel is that the enemy is not so strong that the MC have to hide from them. I like the way it balances, wish that author don't do sh*t like another novel out there just to make the story longer

This is the second novel the author wrote I guess, I like "War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens" before mc's wives got pregnant the story just go downhill I wish author don't do that sh*t again that ruined the story : ( <<less
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pjrc8899 rated it
October 15, 2019
Status: c11
Some potential, but all in all it seems to be another generic and typical low quality Xianxia novel.

The kind that one would only recommend as a way to pass time without too much thinking.

The problem with these type of novel is that they become quickly tiresome.

Who knows, maybe the author will learn its craft in the course of the next chapters and it will be better than what I saw. But I don't really believe it and he hasn't managed to sold the novel or even just the MC to... more>> me.

This is just my opinion, harsh as it may look.

Opinion === Review

p.s. People that claim that 11 chapters are too little to review a novel, must be immortal cultivators, that have all the time of the universe, given that they can waste it endlessly in things that they dislike. <<less
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albreo rated it
October 28, 2019
Status: c34

Your truly standard Xianxia novel down to the letters. It's well written though. The story is so simple that you already know what will happen next. It follows every cliches I can think of, so overused and frustrated at the same time. The story pace also progresses at great speed that MC can cure his regrets every chapter. And did I mention face slap fest yet? This story will be the epitome of face slap in the entire universe.
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