The Supreme Dragon Emperor


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A young man who fell into the mortal realm from one hundred thousand year-old Forsaken Cemetery competes with Heroes from many sectors of the Heaven, creating an immortal legend. As I am born, I am the ruler of the world.

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You-Know-Who rated it
July 28, 2018
Status: c228

this novel is one of the most novel you shouldnt read

it's have good/decent start, but after I read it to hundred++ chapter its become so boring. No thrilling, no decent fight, nothing can pick up the reader curiosity.

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you know when the MC made his cultivation, the author made it like he is a god, a super duper powerful person, but when there's enemys coming that MC just like a s*upid person that cant do anything, always be saved by the scet leader and elder. Until this chapter there's not yet even 1 decent fight/awesome fight from the MC.

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