The Summoner is Going


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I went into rehabilitation.

Would you skip the tutorial when playing a new game?

I had a strong inclination to do so.

After the Beta test phase ended, the main character joined the MMORPG during its Public Release.

He likes to go with the flow and enjoy playing the game. This is a story of his adventures.

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Summoner-san ga Iku
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Fluffums rated it
February 12, 2019
Status: c109
(at chapter 5) The protagonist is offensively s*upid.

He picked the first class he saw. Then he decided to focus on melee when he was playing a spell caster and strength was his worst stat. He found a teacher for his class, but decides to pick his skills before getting any input whatsoever, even though up to that point he wanted to wait for suggestions before picking skills. It isn't on the level of being a bad player anymore... There's got to be some mental damage somewhere. And he's gotten worse every chapter.

The reason it's so annoying to me is, this is the kind of novel where you know the protagonist's dumb decisions will turn out to be amazing because the author gives him the right equipment at the right time and has sprinkled hidden skills and quests throughout the story that just happen to make the dumb decisions turn out all right. And then everyone will praise him because of how good he is.

Rant aside, the translation's good enough. It's slice of life, so there's no story to judge. The characters aside from the protagonist so far aren't bad, but aren't great either. The setting (game only) is okay, though there's nothing that sets it apart from other VRMMO games. If it weren't for the protagonist being hell-bent on making the worst choices possible, I'd probably rate it a 3 and call it a forgettable novel that's good for wasting time if you like slice of life VRMMOs. As it is, I'd only recommend it for people desperate for the genre somehow, or bored out of their minds.

Edit as of chapter 109: I got bored out of my mind and saw an update here, so I got to reading. And I must say, my mind hasn't changed. There's still no storyline, that's expected. The setting's still OK though the more I learn about the skill system the less I like it in general, not just how the protagonist uses it. The protagonist getting a high level NPC to baby sit him for a long time makes things more boring than usual slice of life VRMMO game novels, and he continues to be offensively s*upid. My rating and recommendation to avoid it stands, and I won't be coming back even if I get bored.

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Dante7555 rated it
January 14, 2019
Status: c10
Can already tell it’s gonna be one of those, weak willed MC forced to do whatever the female character says routine.

Was pretty interesting too until they randomly and suddenly introduce 5 attractive female character at once.
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Jazteer rated it
January 28, 2019
Status: c330
First of all, this is one of those novels that either you will like it or you won't like it, so if you don't end up like the novel it's ok, just be aware that it doesn't mean that the novel itself is bad.

Now to my review, reading this reminds me a lot to my times playing MMORPGs. There is no end goal (so far) for the game, and there is a lot of freedom to do what players can do in the game so the story is mostly about... more>> what the MC does during his gameplay (there are no scenes that happen in the real life, just the game), what makes the story interesting is that it will leave you wondering what will happen next like what will he summon next, what kind of map will he explore next, what kind of bosses will appear, how will the summoned monster change, etc. The bulletin board chapters are also quite funny and it really feels like a game forum with everyone saying whatever is on their mind.

Regarding the MC, he is the player that will just what interest him at his own pace (which is the equivalent of a hardcore gamer lol) so all his actions are dictated with what he would like to do next, also he is not "OP" in the unfair meaning, since it's technically possible for everyone to be as strong as him, it is just that it almost impossible to be able to match him considering that his average playtime is of 18h daily (no, it's no a joke), so as the story progres the gap between him and the rest of the players will become bigger, but even for him there will be battles and events that will be impossible for him to solo so he will still pair up with players from time to time. He also doesn't have plot armor that makes him win every battle since even him will die sometimes due to some mistakes like any other player.

Something to note is the MC has no experience playing MMO in the past, so he doesn't know about a lot of MMO terms and will also from time to time take actions that will leave you thinking "Why would you do that!?" or "No!, don't do that!" for example but when you stop for a moment to think about it, these are the kind of mistakes a first-timer of MMO would make.

And finally for those wondering, there is no romance so far from what I have read, which makes sence since it would be weird to have romance in a online game even if it is a VRMMO, but if anything happen I will edit my review (I doubt it though). <<less
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DaydreamGe rated it
December 10, 2019
Status: c500
It is a VRMMO that really makes you want to throw your keyboard. :D

There is no real life explanation or connection ever mentioned again, when at one times it mentioned about his childhood friend (girl).

The MC is immortal in means that other people logout to lunch or dinner and he never mentioned logout for lunch, dinner, go to bathroom and so on.

... more>> It is only login (wake up and after breakfast?) -> midnight -> logout (sleep).

Did our MC a rich guy or what? He didn't work, didn't go to school, or a NEET? I even suspect that he is a critical patient that can't move his body anymore, that's why he login all day.


All the story in this novel is about :

1. Get more summoned monster,

2. Learn more skill,

3. Learn more magic,

4. Learn more martial arts,

5. Get more title in the progress

6. Levelling

7. Levelling

8. Levelling

9. Levelling

10. Levelling

11 - 100. Just keeps levelling all the skills, monster and level by fighting, fighting, and fighting more monster.

100-1000 still levelling non-stop except to get new equipment

By the way, in ch.500 MC already 20 level higher than other player, not to mention already got 2 dragon while the other don't have any, have unlimited supply of HP and MP potion where he stole from his master.

And already fighting more than 10.000 enemies or is it even already reach 100.000, I never count but if in 1 chapter you can fight from morning to midnight with each batch contain either 5 or 10 or even 20 for boss and only with minutes. It's no doubt his kill count already reach that far.

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Bruticus rated it
October 17, 2019
Status: c127
Do you like novels about playing a MMORPG? And ones where there isn't much else but playing the MMORPG?

Yes? Then this novel is right up your alley, 10/10

No? Then this novel will bore you 1/10

... more>> Partly? Then this novel will interest you but you will probably do a fast forward (this is where I am).

The good thing is that the game system is pretty consistent and the MC isn't OP to the max. He's OP but not invincible (yet). The reason he is OP is due to his insane amounts of play time, his class allowing him to solo and his capabilities in combat.

Overall this is great for a pure VR MMORPG story but its hard to get out of its niche <<less
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KA2094 rated it
August 13, 2020
Status: c35
Pretty obvious this is the sort of story you like, or you don't. Read up to chapter 15 ish and see if you like it.

I used to enjoy this sort of thing alot but I stopped reading novels for a while and I guess my taste changed when I started reading this again. So I guess 3 stars?
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rhianirory rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: c5
I don't know if the MC's name (Keith) was decided by the author or westernized by the translator but either way it bugs the hell out of me so I guess I might never make it past c5 in this particular novel. Other than that there's a lot of stream of consciousness narration and grinding, which I am usually ok with but I just can't get into this story. I like gaming novels and am a little disappointed that this one misses the mark for me.
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lohwengk rated it
August 18, 2020
Status: c191 part2
Enjoyable enough for me to binge read the story in one go. Not great, but somehow pretty fun.

MC is clearly not a reliable narrator, but his stream-of-conciousness and his logic is quite interesting to read.

To those commenters dissing the MC for his s*upidity, I'll just say that the MC is playing the game he likes to play it. For a hobby, that's what's most important, after all.

... more>> The MC is fully cognizant that he's not playing his class the way it should be played. But he's having fun.

It's definitely better than the MCs of some vrmmo stories who do s*upid things while insisting that they've found some kind of loophole and getting praised for it by everyone around them. Everyone around our MC admits and admires his strength, but fully recognise that he's nuts to do what he does. There's no irrational praise here.

Translation up to chapter 120 and after chapter 170 is pretty good. In between that is either chinglish or mtl crap. It's been edited to conform to proper grammar, but it reads like the machine-generated text created by some of those experimental AI. <<less
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SinsI rated it
June 15, 2020
Status: c35
Story lacks depth, it's just run of the mill daily grind with nothing going on, with zero character or plot development.
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October 6, 2019
Status: --
My impression after chap 6.. Please just create a story about isekai... This story is complete weird for worlbuilding..

The problem of story with this game background is the attachment of real world and the feedback of NPC AI... About NPC AI usually you create a comment about the unusuality AI and their real human feedback and about real world attachment is important because its a game about story not an isekai. So for anyone who think like me better find another story..
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DXR4700 rated it
January 27, 2023
Status: c224 part2
The summoner is going... to mostly waste his level up bonuses because of his mental ticks.

Injured man playing a game for rehab and/or to kill time in the hospital. Chooses the supposedly worst job through lack of research. Then becomes stronger than the other players by playing longer and ignoring most social interaction.

Translation is easy to read, I'm a stat junkie so the multiple level up options keeps me engaged.

MC is a bit dense but if that was a serious issue you likely would not be on this website.
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SolidG rated it
November 20, 2022
Status: c187
Listen, if you are the type of person who can read something and kind of turn your brain off while you're reading you might really like this, give it a try.

If you are like me and do not have that ability then get out of here... or stick around and torture yourself. Up to you.

I honestly do think 3 stars is to much. Subjectively I want to give it a 1.5. I do realize however that some people will not be bothered by the things that bother me at all... more>> so I'm willing to pretend it's a 3.

There are 2 major problems.... several smaller problems that chronically plague the genre but we'll focus on the major 2.

1.) Nothing happens. What the MC's doing at chapter 10 is essentially the exact same thing he's doing at chapter 180 a few "events" happen but nothing that impacts the story. And no, no, being a slice of life is not a valid excuse for that. Some of the most philosophical and provocative LNs I've ever read have been slice of life novels with incredible plots. It being slice of life isn't an excuse for it having a boring plot.

2.) The story setting and premise of the MC don't actually make any sense. They are playing a VRMMORPG. Which is fine, except the MC plays from the moment he wakes up till the moment he goes to sleep.... every single day without taking a break for anything. No food, bathroom, life events, ect. In fact it seems like several characters do this. He will regularly visit someone (several people in fact) super early in the morning and then visit the same person again before nightfall. Implying that they also play legitimately all day long maybe they do take breaks but that doesn't explain how dozens of people have the free time to play games from sun up to sun down for weeks and weeks on end without break. ALSO, the MC self describes himself as someone who is addicted to video games, it's even a point of pride for him. He uh... he doesn't know what even the most simple of video game terms mean. Addicted to video games, doesn't know the basic lingo. I guess you could justify that somehow; but, you better have a realy, really solid justification ready to go and the author just doesn't bother. <<less
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