The Submissive Emperor


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Lou Jing was beaten half to death by his father, then forced to enter the Eastern Palace. Becoming the Crown Prince’s Consort meant that he was no longer the Duke’s heir apparent. His future was ruined! The only thing Lou Jing could do? Help the Crown Prince, and protect the kingdom…

Emperor: “My Empress, please note that I’m technically the husband here.”

Lou Jing picked up the person dressed in Imperial dragon robes and laughed, saying: “I know, I know, this loyal subject definitely won’t tire your Majesty out in bed!”

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Husband is Last
Jun Wei Xia
Quân Vi Hạ
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35 Reviews

Aug 11, 2021
Status: Completed
A good novel! The writing was good and easy to understand. I was able to follow the plot which is different from ALL the historical novels I read (usually with historical books, I have to read some sentences two and three times before understanding what's going on).... The characters amazing as well and the relationship between the leads MC x ML not bad!

What left an impression on me and my favorite character is actually the Male Empress of the Old emperor. The emperor is clever and most importantly he... more>> has such an intelligent, smart and badass wife (husband) as empress, but he couldn't even use him. He would've had such a glorious, amazing life, and considerable power or strength if he respected and loved the Empress. I understand he doesn't like men, however even that he shouldn't have acted like that and shouldn't have disrespected/ maltreated him.. Poor empress, I can't imagine what he endured all those years. Aaaah Anyway..I recommend the novel, it's light read (to me anyway) ! <<less
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Nov 08, 2021
Status: c19
Very disappointed. It's boring. Super boring... too many mundane details. And the MC's and ML's interactions together are annoyingly unoriginal. Also, which is unfortunately quite common in BL novels, the "gong" treats the "shou" with disrespect as well as a narcissisticly self-centered attitude and cavalier disregard for his feelings or opinions on being manhandled or on his choices and reputation being altered without asking- much the way that women are often treated although, and I emphasize this in case you guys don't know, being the receiver during s*x does not... more>> make a man a woman, woman-like, or less of a man. It actually has nothing to do with his personality, character, or appearance at all, actually. I found this novel too irritating so I dropped it at chapter 19 <<less
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Aug 12, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a very nice novel. I love that the MC and ML are both clever.

I love the side characters.

I really like the Male Empress who took care of ML as a son. I also adore the 2nd prince son.

MCs best friend is also funny.

... more>>

I really love the current male Empress. ML was raised by him and ML respect him so much. He is strong and like MC. He and MC's uncle has a relationship in the past and up to now they both have feelings for one another. The uncle stayed single for almost two decades cause he really love the Empress. In the end, when ML become the Emperor he asked his Father Empress what he wanted. Empress and the uncle had a happy ending.


The story isnt complicated. I like how the story flows and I dont feel bored with the court drama.


I just feel sad when the fourth prince died in battle. ML advised his brother not to lead the battle but fourth prince didnt believe him and was suspicious. ML was sad when his brother decided to ignore his advice.

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Sep 07, 2021
Status: Completed
Must read

It's a wholesome novel.

The MC and the ML has a great relationship. They genuinely fall for each other after their marrige.

... more>> I liked the new concept of having the Male Empress. 【Otherwise in all ancient palace drama this one has always been the most big problem. Author removed it from the start😂】

You will love the CP. Their relationship dynamic is so great. Both are very smart and powerful. Both are very possessive of each other.

They support each other.

Plot is around the politics so it's the smooth sailing for the couple. No angst or drama between them.

Luo Jing is so cheeky. I love him.

Side Couple:

I was hurt for the Queen and the Second Uncle at first. But later they get together. I like the devotion of the second uncle towards his lover.

They waited 17 years for each other. Both were responsible to their current duties.

Then it was so satisfactory when they got together.

Politics is also not too much that you get confused. Understandable.

There is also cute baby of 2nd Prince. He is a face con at such a little age😂

There is also a little bit of smut. (Plus point for me) Nothing too explicit.


I Google translated it after chapter 16. It's understandable. <<less
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Aug 05, 2021
Status: Completed
If you liked "The Wife is First", this story will very likely also appeal to you. Lou Jing (MC) and Xiao Chengjun (ML) are forced to marry by Imperial edict, but they grow to really love and care for each other as a couple. There is zero noncon/dubcon in this book, and the "submissive" part comes from the fact that ML, who is technically the husband in the relationship, submits to his wife instead, meaning that he's the bottom and the wife is the top.

They are very respectful of each... more>> other in all their dealings, even though Lou Jing isn't above being a little manipulative in getting Xiao Chengjun to get what he wants, haha. He never does anything that would hurt XCJ though, and they have a very good relationship - by that I mean they are open and communicative, and there are no misunderstandings between them at all.

The story focuses on how they build their relationship, build up their wealth and power, and finally wrest the throne from a really shitty Emperor to bring peace and justice to the world. It's a really heartwarming read! It is quite smutty by my standards (but less smutty than The Wife is First).

Note that the two books don't share the same universe at all despite the similarity of their Chinese titles. <<less
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Jan 21, 2022
Status: c47
If you don’t like intensely misogynistic and anti-women statements being said every other chapter don’t read this. If you don’t like two characters falling in love really quickly don’t read this. If you don’t like that trope of tops not really caring whether they’re bottoms are fully on board or stereotypes about tops and bottoms don’t read this. If you don’t like an actually interesting plot being sidelined for a borderline bland relationship don’t read this.
If you are willing to ignore the above then you might like this because... more>> it does have it’s good points. Multiple solid villains with their own goals and personalities who pose a threat to the protagonists. An actually interesting plot and plenty of intrigue. A sweet relationship between the MC and ML that is really cute most of the time. A clever and playful MC who is a delight tbh. Personally I can’t ignore the problems but I really wish they weren’t there so I could enjoy the story being told. <<less
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Feb 09, 2022
Status: c50
Shame, it was so promising too... the plot was good, the world build-up, the side characters... However, the author ruined it for me with her views and childish take on intimacy. I wondered whether she just turned 14 or something... But OK, I am already a middle-aged woman, so you know where I'm coming from.

The more I read, the more I got the impression that Lou Jing behaves to his "beloved" like an a**hole. Some reviewers already mentioned the points that irked me too. Well, yeah, Lou Jing, would your... more>> friggin' male ego shatter if you for once proved that you love your emperor the same way he does love you?! Lou Jing only "loves" the other party if he can top him. What a hypocrite.

Very disappointing. Dropped it. <<less
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[email protected]
Aug 05, 2021
Status: c2
Till now looks promising. The MC (Gong) is beaten by his father since he refused to marry the crown prince (Shou). There seems to some conspiracy surrounding the whole marriage thing as the emperor is in a hurry to get the both of them married.
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May 07, 2022
Status: Completed
The tale of an inept Emperor and the political intrigue that follows has been done before. This story felt very fresh because it's more grounded than usual. The various machinations of court officials and the royals developed organically instead of being hyped up just for the sake of drama. This is important because this story is not a love story. It's a story about the fight for the thrown. With a lovely romance thrown in for comic relief.

Don't misunderstand: the love story is very good. Lots of sweet goofy moments... more>> between our studious ML and the wily MC.

The process of our leads falling in love happened very quickly without feeling forced. The bulk of the story their relationship is stable.


The world building is good. The cast of characters is sufficient while not as large as you'd expect. Most characters felt three dimensional.

My only complaint is

this world has a serious imbalance in how woman are perceived, represented and treated. More woman in this story are depicted as clever and honorable than not, but they are all on screen for less than a minute each. The general attitude of the main cast regarding woman in government and the strong villainesses who take up the bulk of female screen time leave you feeling woman in this world are all power hungry psychopaths.


The rest of this story was fun, engaging and sweet. I strongly recommend. <<less
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Nov 16, 2021
Status: Completed
I feel the English title is a bit misleading. Although the prince is the shou, the novel is about more than his position in bed.

This is an older work by this author and there are seeds of the themes and writing style of their future novels. Basically two people are married against their will in a game of politics by both sets of parents and for different reasons. The main couple begin to admire each other and fall in love, only for life and imperial politics to get in the... more>> way.

I like that the plot doesn't sugarcoat the danger of being born to the imperial/noble family and that some events have to be navigated with diplomacy and even scheming to get the happy ending that the main characters desire.

Recommended for fans of "power couples" in ancient setting with a dose of history, politics, and romance. <<less
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Mar 11, 2022
Status: Completed
This is one of the best male empress novel around. There are legitimate reason why the empress must be a man instead of woman, reasonable and logical. Lots of historical and political background in the road to be an emperor. The scheme is very good, and the author description of the historical background was above average.

The romance was growing alongside our power couple. They’re not the overpowered couple, nor s*upid ones. Love them so much! And most of all, I love how our MC (the gong) really shameless in his... more>> way to chase ML. One of the sweetest monarch couple I ever read.

Read this if you love historical novel with plots, the translation is superb, and their bedroom activities also HOT. <<less
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Feb 05, 2022
Status: Completed
First warning (?), it's not a story of an Emperor and his Empress. It's story of a Crown Prince who stop become a Crown Prince, but this is his Journey to become Emperor with many people scheming from left to right. But he's not alone! Since the Wedding, his Consort aka his Future Wife aka MC, already Love him since Cuddling and remembering Childhood memories, and he made ML fall for him fast.

It's story of MC helping ML to handle the Empire and step by step crushing all the Bad... more>> Guys. Both MC and ML are Smart and Strong. They're not flawless, like the fact MC did get hurt Twice, but not Deadly, when fighting.

They have lots of Supports too, so this story is not Dark or Heavy. But it does have quite few moments that made me worry. I'm just glad the lot of Supportive Characters are also Smarts, so they handle the worrying situation pretty good!

It has so Many Sweet Loving moments with very Good Smut in between. I'm Pretty Satisfied!

I have finished the main story and pray someone continue the 3 extras. Anyway, the main Story ended in Very Satisfying way!

This Novel is Beyond Expectations in Very Good way! I'm Truly Loving it with my Eternal Love for the Eternity and Beyond!!!

Updated at 13 June 2022:


Not only we get to know they don't get any Concubines. We know that the Era they ruled are in peace.

But also we get to actually see them on their last breath and I cried!!! Literally tears and all!!! 😭😭😭😭😭 EMOTIONAL !!!



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Jan 22, 2022
Status: c75
Love the novel, fyi links don't work anymore. The whole story in English is in Chrysanthemum Garden.

It's a long journey from being a prince to an emperor.

I like that they don't follow the ideal gong and shou trope. They are both masculine and "beautiful". No one is breakable and both can fight.

... more>> Spoilers:

I find it funny too by chapter 62ish. They are on a journey to somewhere and Lou Jing would be like a boy toy one chapter pretending to be soft hiding behind his husband and next a masculine esteemed general taking down bandits. <<less
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Oct 07, 2021
Status: c30
This is one of the best bl novel I've read, no kidding. I love how they support each other from the start and how from allies they become lovers.

It's definitely a must read.

The translators have also done an amazing job.

If only someone could tell me where is it's mtl version because I can't wait to read ahead. I'm type to read the mtl and still read the translated chapters as they are updated so....

If someone could tell it would be great
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Jun 14, 2022
Status: c60
I liked the fact that the Crown Prince was the shou; it made me think that there would be a balanced dynamic between him and the ML. I was left disappointed; the Crown Prince, Xiao Chenjun, seems really politically inept.

... more>>

Although the Emporor is easily swayed, the MC shouldn't have been so easily deposed as Crown Prince.


The ML is also someone who always saves the day, whether it be by saving the MC from bandits or figuring out political machinations. This really annoys me; the author makes the MC weaker just so the ML can shine. The ML is a general, surely he doesn't have to be more politically savvy than all the civil officials on the MC's side.

I also felt like there was no chemistry between the MC and ML. I don't understand how they developed feelings for each other. The smut was also really boring- I just started skipping chapters.

The plot was quite simple as it was about the princes competing for the throne. The characters were also very simple-minded and 2D (so the author could contrast them against the all-powerful ML).

I'll give this 3 stars as I can tell the author put in effort in their research (particularly about the salt trade in ancient China), but it doesn't detract from the fact that reading this novel was like watching paint dry. <<less
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Jun 08, 2022
Status: Completed
I enjoyed reading it. Capable MC and ML. No nonsense misunderstanding. And the translation by CG is superb.


At one point in the story they changed the translation from steaming ocean to baked sand to make it more realistic and I absolutely love their dedication ❤️❤️

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Dec 27, 2021
Status: c64
I love how they naturally fell in love with each other. Everything just fell right into place.

I also really loved it when ... more>>

MC was discussing saving his father’s future side consort from bandits and the ML thought it was MC’s future marriage so he walked out because he couldn’t control his emotions. I love this part because their love for each other just feels really overflowing like MC/ML thinks they’re going to be okay with the other taking a wife in the future but nah their feelings and actions show something else


I also like that if there’s a conflict, it doesn’t get extended for a long time, conflicts between MC/ML even gets solved easily because they really communicate and trust each other <<less
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Jun 12, 2022
Status: Completed
This was a feel good, simple read. There are no major misunderstandings, the CP gets together quickly, and are pretty much glued together for most of the story. I enjoyed it a lot, in spite of a few negative points.

It is established early on that the reason why Shizong emperor decided on male empresses was because of the actions of one lone female who took up a task she clearly wasn't prepared for? ... more>>

but then in the last chapters it's mentioned that it was because he was in love and wanted to marry his lover?

This set the tone for a lot of negative comments towards females in power which left me wondering if the author was male or female.

Author is insistent on bashing women in power while conveniently forgetting that there's an absolute idiot, with a dick, on the throne.

I thought that CP would take a literal minute to warm up to each other, given they circumstances of how they got together, but by the 2nd day together, LJ was already missing crown prince?

Perhaps due to the simplicity of the plot, and lack of any real intrigue, but the characters are a bit dumbed down.


LJ has to be the one to point out that the prince was being framed? These hard back court officials should be more versed in court affairs than LJ, yet they were surprised AF when LJ brought it up? 🙄c'mon.

At some point I thought that the east court officials really need to find other employment. A whole ass ancestral hall was built using monies slated for a dam, then that is blamed on the prince. Therefore they only thought that something was 'off' about the situation?🤦🏾‍♀️

I know there are works where everyone is dumb, and the protagonist is somehow smarter than everyone else. But, c'mon! The MC and ML are not even of age yet, they are 16-18 for most of the story. That fact actually annoyed me so I just imagined that they were 25-26 for my own peace of mind. Lol.

The dumb emperor trope somehow weakens this story for me. I get what it's trying to do, but plot would be richer if the emperor had an iota of common sense


The s*x scenes are what I wish The Wife is First should be. Mutual enjoyment on both sides, without one party having to put up with the other.

As a note, I'm reading this at the point in time that Postmates came up with a 'bottom friendly' menu, which has me now thinking.... BL novels always talk about aftercare, which is fantastic, but very few of them mention before care. Lol

Little scene of note: Zhao Xi (one of my favourite characters) was the top scorer, fantastic! He got the title because he debated the emperor and left him (emperor) speechless... ummm... not so much an accomplishment, is it? Anyone can talk circles around this brainless emperor.

In spite of some departure from logic, the story is easy to follow, sweet with memorable characters. MC and ML are bothering strong characters who can fully take care of themselves. No one is seen as the weaker sex, though MC is often proudly portrayed as a boy toy of the MC. Lol. Definitely recommend <<less
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May 11, 2022
Status: Completed
About the misogyny:

I understand why there were many 1* reviews and I really don’t blame them for that. The story is, after all, set in ancient times but compared to other novels, this novel did not gloss over the beliefs present during the feudal era. Regarding this, I know you guys don’t really want to see the characters expressing these beliefs in a novel, but I must warn you that they are present here. People who are not aware may think that there is nothing wrong, but those who understand... more>> may be off-putted by the settings of the story. I just hope that the author does not really support this kind of belief, but that’s for another topic.

Setting these aside, the flow of the story is good, at least for me. It focuses on the ML’s fight for the throne with the MC as his “soon-to-be” empress. Although they seemed to like each other in an abrupt manner, there were many cute moments in the novel. I think there was a good balance between the romance and the plot so readers who want a bit of both may be satisfied with the story.

There was a review about an issue on who will top, but again, I think this is because of the settings of the story. I assume all of us are aware of the way things are now in the modern times, and I hope this novel will not influence you in a bad way. <<less
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Apr 12, 2022
Status: c1
I was initially going to write a review, but then I noticed the low rating and some of the reviews. So I figured why not.

Firstly, I thing this novel was closer to a low end 4.5 but gave it 5 stars because I do genuinely think the rating is unfairly low.

I really enjoy palace intrigues especially when it deals with smart characters thwarting the plans of their enemies. It’s my favorite, almost a guilty pleasure tbh.

I liked the MC and I found his character outline refreshing especially since I haven’t... more>> read an MC “gong” I a while. He’s got this playful, retriever puppy energy. I don’t think the authors likening him to a cat fit at all. Nor did likening the ML to a bunny, but that didn’t come up as often as to annoy me.

it was nice to see a gong that wasn’t the carbon copy of every other cold, uninteresting expressionless as*hole most people seem obsessed with. Instead, he seemed to be a tit for tat kind of person and I respect that. Like the empress, he took the phrase “do unto other as you’d have them do unto you” quite literally. Anyone that gave him grief, he gave it right back ten fold and anyone who showed him kindness or some type of goodness, he relayed that as well even if it was just by lighting incense for them.

i also loved that he never let anyone off. I got so sick of reading palace intrigues where someone has literally killed unjustly and indiscriminately and they let them off and just send them away or incapacitate them. That annoys me so much because they’d still find ways to come back. But in this, I loved how he was so decisive and straightforward with getting rid of people that needed to be gone, instead of playing at being this kind benevolent person.

anyway, the one thing I agreed with, however is that there was way too much unnecessary scenes or storytelling. Most of the time, people that read palace intrigues read it for the plot and its okay if the romance is second. But even if we ignore the fact that they quite literally get fully together by the 7th or 10th chapter, it’s the fact that it seemed like every time something interesting was happening or suspense was building the writer cut the scene and went to some love dovey bullshit. That thoroughly annoyed me. Time and placing were completely off. Every other chapter they were screwing around and it seriously bothered me that instead of doing his job in the military camp, the MC was off galavanting with the ml. The whole time I’d keep thinking “please, just go back to work, I don’t care.” because all I wanted was some interesting confrontation between him and the governor or him and one of the army soldiers but no, for a good 5/10 chapters it was all about him being in the Ml’s fiefdom and honeymooning while the ML is supposed to be working.

the other pet peeve was the constant correlation of being the “husband” or “wife” in the relationship, but I gave that the benefit of the doubt because it is written in ancient times. And if even now in the 21 century people still think like this, then even though it’s annoying, it was likely to happen.

hmm, I think aside from some little things here and there my major problems only account for that much, so while I do think the romantic scenes could have been done away with and substituted for more plot, it wasn’t to the point of completely hating the novel. So I’d recommend it if you’re interested in stuff like this.

this was really long and not very thought out but it’s 11 at night and I’m tired, spare me. <<less
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