The Strongest Violent Soldier


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The generation’s most accomplished male Mercenary King, Su Rui was dishonorably discharged from his own country’s military forces, deported and exiled from his home country under vague and undisclosed circumstances.

5 years have since past, as he make his return to his home country in order to fulfill a promise with an unnamed ex-benefactor which leads him into a contracted employment under Lin Aoxue, a cold-hearted but brainy Scientist-cum-CEO of a prominent company within the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Watch as conflict arises and hilarity ensues, as both parties belonging to different worlds collide.

A storm of blood brews as the influential factions of power in the Capital begin to move upon learning of Su Rui’s undesirable return.

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Zuì Qiáng Kuáng Bīng
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02/11/17 Lizard Translations c6
02/12/16 Lizard Translations c5
02/09/16 Lizard Translations c4
01/31/16 Lizard Translations c3
10/21/15 Lizard Translations c2
10/07/15 Lizard Translations c1
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June 14, 2019
Status: c6
Honestly it's not that good.

The beginning was pretty badass.

But Lin Aouxe is too stupid! It just makes me want to slap her since she does not realize the dire of the situation.. I love MC shamelessness but sometimes it just ruins the mood to the point where I can't blame Heroine for acting cold

... more>> As for the favor and doing it, nothing is explained and he accepted it way to easily!

The translation quality is good and storytelling is not bad though. The Sci-fi is pretty badass though!

This is over 3K chapters which no CN should be that long and it's a potential sign of a bad novel. <<less
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October 7, 2015
Status: --
I've Read the first chapter, and i've got to say that it was actually a nice change of pace from the usual Xianxia/Wuxia I read. The translation has an overall good quality.

Kudos to the guys over at Lizard Translations, now ill have another serie on my reading list :)
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