The Strongest Swordsman, Struggling in the Lowest Ranking Knight Order ~ Is It a Simple Job? The Task of Chasing Orcs to the Ends of the Earth and Eliminating Them ~


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In a certain modest kingdom on an island in a certain world.

Even though they had no enemies to fight, they went ahead and organized a knight order for some reason… who were they planning to fight, you might wonder. But it turned out to be wild creatures known as monsters. In order to protect the lives of the people, the natural environment, and many other things, Varna, a commoner knight belonging to the Pig Hunting Knights (derogatory), was working today as well with his quirky companions to exterminate the orcs, the most dangerous invasive species at present. For low wages.

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最強剣士、最底辺騎士団で奮戦中 ~オークを地の果てまで追い詰めて絶対に始末するだけの簡単?なお仕事です~
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