The Strongest Sect of All Times


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This is a story about developing a sect, this is a warm and joyful home.

Not only we have a funny Patriarch, there are also a group of weird disciples with very different personalities.

Come on, youngsters.

Join our sect and together we will let your dreams fly!

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tides rated it
January 16, 2020
Status: c1700
This is a really good novel.

the focus is always on the sect development and the focus doesn't shift away. the comedic parts of the novel is also still present unlike many other novels that start out funny but later becomes boring and bland.

there is no harem but there are multiple girls who have shown interest in him.

besides the eldest disciple who has always been portrayed as the main love interest, there is also another sect master who has shown interest in the MC yet the MC doesn't seem to recognize... more>> it but she does have a soft spot in his heart.

then he also currently has a wife who forced herself onto him (no r*pe or sex) and is somewhat acknowledged by everyone as the MC's wife.

there are also several disciples who are the tropes/templates that you'd find in other novels such as a transmigrated person, a reincarnated person, someone who escaped from a higher world... ect... ect

it's not a parody <<less
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January 14, 2020
Status: c1668
Highly recommended.

Mainly that there is no harem, implications exist but due to the MC mindset as a dunce to his own romantic affairs. Definitely a good novel for those who do not like stories that drag with damsels in constant distress and lustful writing.

... more>>

He gets broiled up in a marriage after hitting 1000 chapters. Don't expect any disciple-love relationship type of nonsense when he looks at them as all his baby children. (Even though they are not that much younger than him.


The system he carries can be said the Straightman of the comedic duo with the MC. Always pointing out his jokes, crushing his daydreams and literally breaking the 4th wall with the author when the MC gets in over his head.

If I had to say, its like Gintama with the MC being Gintoki and the system being an extreme version of Shinpachi. Comedy is gold. <<less
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