The Strongest Neutral Country of the Villainous Aristocrat


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I, Masahiro Mizuta, died in a traffic accident and found myself reincarnated into the world of “Legend of Lacua’s Heroes,” a game I had played extensively.

I became Rogue von Aldea, the third-stage, weakling villainous noble…

Rogue is a puppet lord of the Demon King’s army who betrayed the kingdom. In the game, he’s an easy-to-defeat character that even beginners with decent gear and experience points can take down without much trouble.

Yeah, I’m definitely screwed…

If I don’t betray the kingdom and fight the Demon King’s army, I’ll be killed easily. If I team up with the Demon King, I’ll be killed by the protagonist.

In such a hopeless situation, the choice I made was to turn my territory into a neutral state.

For the time being, I focused on building my country’s strength and honing my magic just enough to make invading us seem like too much trouble. But things went better than expected…

I ended up creating the strongest nation, catching the attention of both the kingdom and the Demon King’s army…

Now they both think I’m plotting some invasion, and worse, they’re teaming up to attack me…

This is the story of my survival strategy to live a peaceful life in my territory, away from all conflicts.

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