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After encountering a system which told her that she could fulfill her long-cherished wish to become a human, the money jar spirit Su Ci sets out on a journey to conquer the male god and cheat him out of his fortune.

The campus male god drops his eyes and whispers, “Xiao Ci, you are so sweet, I really want to take you into my mouth.”

The dark emperor’s eyes were like cold stars: “If you look at him one more time, I will gouge out that man’s eyes.”

The sickly brother smiled gently: “Ah, pull me into hell, completely dirty me, you will only belong to me sister Lord…”

After various male gods pestered her:

Su Ci grabbed the corner of the male gods clothes, with a soft sweet voice: “Begging you to let go…”

Male God: “Little Ci, give me a kiss and hug and you will be spared.”

Su Ci fell softly into the arms of her male gods, her back sore: “Big liar!”

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Nanya rated it
October 14, 2020
Status: c22
The main premise of this story is that Su Ci (or Su Emily in the translated story) needs to gain money through dating the ML that the system chooses for her.

The first world is a high school (maybe junior high school- its not really specified) where Su Ci is a poor student chasing after the first ML Fu Si. Su Ci is a very innocent type person- mostly lacking common sense due to being a money jar ghost. As the premise says- she's after that mooollaaa and she makes that... more>> very clear after this guy confesses to her. She has her own way of dealing with things and is a quirky cute type. Fu Si on the otherhand is your typical rich generation cool guy who eventually takes a liking to the silly Su Ci. I haven't read that much yet, but the romance is pretty cute/quickly established whereas the problems lie within her peers. A lot of them are dissatisfied with Su Ci due to her "gold-digging nature" (although a true gold digger wouldn't admit it as she does lmao) and that she's with the school's golden boy. Its getting quite annoying imo but not unbearable. I might edit this later but these are my thoughts so far. The chapters are relatively short and you spend around 80 chapters in each world. I gave a high review since this seems like it'll be quite nice. Give it a chance! :) P.S. I probably should've called her Su Emily in this review but the MTL makes her name Su Ci so sorry for any confusion. <<less
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Lazy chocos rated it
February 16, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is so good!I can't get enough of it.

The story is cute and sweet😋

It just that sometimes the face slapping is so slow to the point it start getting annoying. But I have to say that the way she is dealing with her enemy is like a very calm and patience mature person and sometimes she look at her opponent like a junior who is still ignorant of the sinister world lol. But....

What hateful is the MC is too soft and I want to say again the face slapping... more>> is *sigh*slow, the antagonist are soo shameless, disgusting and annoying that somethime I just wanna slap the MC too.

She is tooo tooooo slowwwww in face slapping. Sometime I'm so angry at the mc😤that I just wanna throw my phone at someone face.

She is not s*upid but patience but sadly,
I'm IMPATIENCE!who will have so much f*cking patience on dealing with the person who mocked u, who humiliated u, who want to take what yours (like your family property which u inherit after your parents die, they work so hard for giving u a good and yet u just stand there doing nothing just watching yourself being kick out from your own house) *sigh*even when she can get revenge right away what she did is literally wait the ml. to. f*cking. safe her (even if u don't think that way after reading, I do, maybe some will feel it too.) She is too ignorant.

Even if she is not s*upid so what?Did she try defending?I just wanna say sometime she deserves it. (Even when nobody deserves a bad life I still just wanna say she deserves it) and here are some of the reason:

1. She doesn't know how to use her skill to her advantage and eventually got hurt*sigh*.

2. when she is poor in the world she hop, she does nothing to be independent.

3. She travel to many many world, learning many things that a human can't think of but did u know she doesn't even try using her skill like painting, piano, violin, she can learn anything very fast as u will see in the 1 arc for survival.

4. She just stand there doing nothing only trying to seduce the ml😑and get rich. My brain hurt.

If u want a good faceslapping this is not that good and u will olny get annoyed by the MC.I too love and hate her.


In every arc there is always a little misunderstanding between the MC and the ML but that for the plot development.



In the 1 arc MC was misunderstood as a gold digger just because she said she like money (This is the reason I almost stop reading) but it is very hilarious because when the ML mother give her money in the name of "gift" and she gave the ML mother a lottery as a gift too

wanna know more just read it.

In the 2 arc (Yandere warning) ML hate MC because MC mother indirectly kill ML mother. And ML stay in a relationship with MC for revenge but he fall in love with her. The MC know that the ML stay with her just for revenge too but she love him and willing to stay with him. In this arc she cry for the first time or second time (i don't remember clearly) And it is very heart wrenching because she love him but she thought that the ML doesn't love her back. When the MC break up with the ml, the ML found her and directly lock her up but she is willing, okay so there is no really forcing.
It's that kind of misunderstanding it not big but very satisfying for me
I like this kind of drama.


The MC is sooo cute, shy and sometimes funny.I like this kind of female lead. But some may think that her character is very boring and prefer more of the op FL type but I think the MC is more feminine. And just because she is shy doesn't mean the ML is the one who always persue her first she also take the lead first sometime, okay.

I like shameless FL too but sometime I can't stand it. It too shameful to read (I feel shy)
well not everyone has the same taste.

Lastly male lead yandere are my fav, and here in this novel it give me a good male lead yandere I always imagine (some people think its abusing like kidnapping and lock them in a room so that they can only look at them but I don't know why but I think they are cute because I think yandere are very loyal (weird right?lol anyway who cares, probably not me.) <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ricachuu rated it
May 13, 2021
Status: Completed
I really like quick transmigration novels that are focused on romance (straight ones only tho since I am in a hetero relationship :3) ~

AHHHHHH! I really love the female lead in this one! Since she really wasn't human, to begin with, ... more>>

she thought she was a money jar turned immortal, but she really was a God of Wealth loved by Tiandao

she started off as really cold and cutely straightforward with everything. She was just too cute that you can't help but want to protect her and cheer her on. If the system acts like Su Ci's "dad", then this novel will make you would feel like you are her mom lol. Even her developing feelings for the male lead was so cute, you'd definitely be a CP fan of them.

The male lead has different personalities in each arc which the FL ends up loving every single time. A common trait between all the arcs' male leads (which is only one person btw) is their possessiveness for FL and really overwhelming love for the FL even at first sight. You can say that ML is sort of a yandere, the good kind.

I like how the arcs are just so well-written with the right amount of drama and dog blood lol. One thing that I just didn't like was that it seemed that the author wasn't able to really finish the novel, skipped the last arcs, and immediately went straight to the ending. ALSO, I WANTED TO SEE SOME CUBS!!!! COME ON, AUTHOR-NIM!

Still, this really satisfied my quick transmigration novel craving~ <<less
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