The Strange but Effective Villainess Life


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Kiana, the troublemaker of the Prelai duchy.

I was about to give up my life as a villainess and be reborn as a new person.

Until one day, the family was hanged for treason.

‘There’s no need to kill me, who ran away from home 7 years ago and is only doing research in the countryside!’

The moment I realized that the academy, who said that I was a genius and would treat like a family, betrayed me, and that treason was also falsely accused by someone…

Due to a mysterious power, I returned to a year ago!

“I can’t help it. Now that it’s like this, I, who is smart and strong, has no choice but to save the family.”

There were two things to do for the family.

“Will I be of help to you someday too?”

“I tried to save him because he is precious to my grandfather.”

Restoring the relationship with the family, which was a mess, and…

“Please pretend to be in a relationship with me externally.”

Holding hands with ‘that man’.

Oh, before that. Pouring a water bottle over the dean’s head during the lecture, I said,

“This is gravity.” Get revenge on those academy guys who have no morals.

Kiana, who came back smarter and more vicious.

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A Strange But Effective Villainess Life
이상한데 효과적인 악녀 생활
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8 Reviews

Bluebells in Bloom
New Bluebells in
Feb 26, 2024
Status: Completed
Would you like some coffee before we begin our science lesson?

Haha, I'm kidding. Heya, it's Ame and thank you all so much for enjoying my imperfect translation of this amazingly hilarious novel. The basic premise reminded me so much of one of the author's previous work, Doctor Resignation/The Doctor Is Out, but the eventual plot is like on steroids. The romance portion reminded me a lot of "Isn't being a Wicked Woman Much Better" which is another novel I greatly love and I know a lot of you do too.

Every... more>> character in here is crazy in some way (seriously, every one of them), and the villains are cheap but not so in-your-face that it's unbearable (they are quite amusing in their own way too actually). You may think you know the entire plot in the first 10 chapters, but not everything is as it seems. The side stories makes the already amazing main story even better - it's not the usual 'main leads get married and happy family life', oh no, there are other fun events.


The utter disappointment of Dolores/Giselle upon having their illusions/expectations of Hyde/Edmund shattered? Ahahahahaha!

The "you'll believe God is a woman" notes that lands in Heaton's reach? Bahahahaha!

Joshua x Celiet, the duo I never knew I needed? GIVE ME MORE TT_TT

Someone, please save the baby from science!? Thankfully, yes *phew*


All in all, I really hope y'all will be as entertained as my proofreader and I were while working on it. This is going into the re-read category, and if a manhwa (and special side stories) comes, you can be sure I'll be popping the champagne and screaming loud enough for my dog to give me the judgemental stare. See you next novel!

P.S. Stay true to yourself as Kiana does, and if it's something that can be done through effort, do it! <<less
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New shrey_si
Feb 14, 2024
Status: c92
I really like the satire that's going on here.

The only sad part is that it's not completely finished yet and we have to wait a long time for it to reach the climax.

Also, Kiana is very refreshing with her comebacks, sarcasm, patience, planning and revenge. I keep thinking 'Burn~' after every snippet.

Needless to say, I will soon be channeling my inner Kiana in appropriate prospective regions. It feels good to let go.

A must read, peeps.
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Aug 07, 2023
Status: Completed
This is a must read and good novel if you are bored. I don't say the plot is great but it's pretty decent and entertaining. MC is hilarious and smart. You will never interpret her villanous act as being mean but funny. The way everyone is speechless everytime she open her mouth makes me laugh. Also her interaction with the spy maid is really a comedy material. It's the funniest maid I've read in a novel. Kiana and her pet moments is hilarious too.

Well, for the ML? I feel like... more>> he is a bland character. He is not a bad nor good character. He respect the FL and loves her but his haracter to appeal the reader like me is a bit lacking. Yeah, he has many moments with the MC but I don't find him entertaining at all to read.

The author did a good job writing this novel coz MC isn't a mary sue. No wonder it is popular in kakaopage. <<less
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Jul 01, 2023
Status: c4
HAHA, FL (Kiana) is so refreshing! The story so far moves at a fast pace, and I love how she has her priorities set straight (saving her family and by default herself from ruin) but also remembered to have a bit of petty but savage revenge against the professor who backstabbed her in her first life.

She's also quirky ... more>>

coming up with over a hundred plans on how to change her dark future lol, and I love how the author kinda poked fun at the cliches like the summoned pet was asking her "Are you gonna start a business and become rich/Are you gonna intervene politically" and she was like "Nah I don't have any talents for these so imma wing it :DDD"

and her speciality in magical engineering is also interesting and has a lot of potential to crossover with the science we know today. I'm excited to see how the author will combine science and fantasy to create new magical tools.

How time rewound in this novel is also quite unique, and I especially like how because

the past life is seen from Melissa's POV by her summoned pet in a text format, Kiana sees her as the main protagonist of a novel.

It's not exactly transmigration into a novel, but feels like one in a believable and realistic way, as opposed to simply being there for plot convenience so MC can have meta information.

I'm only 4 chapters in so I'll be rating it 4 stars for now, and may bump up my rating as I read on :) <<less
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Sep 08, 2023
Status: Completed

Comedy, angst, romance, familial relationship at its best! I read a ton of novels and very satisfied with this, I sincerely thanks to the author who can make me laugh in a while.

Usually I hate dense MC, but this misunderstanding is just too cute! And everyone seems to have a screw loose on their head, even ml!

Love this!!

... more>>

funny thing is, their banter is super cute. ML who all melodrama, perfectionist, loner wolf type and there our MC who is just being herself and blabber nonstop without a care, lol


Edit: read it until the end, and it really didnt dissapoint! The fun is constant, both MC and ML work together and communicate well, ugh I love smart and sensible leads! <<less
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Jan 27, 2024
Status: c84
Good. The only (minor) complaint I really have is that the plot is too fast paced in some spots. There's setups and payoffs for almost everything so I never felt like plot threads felt forced or contrived. It's just that some things seemed to be solved too cleanly. In an almost anti-climatic way. Still gotta love the MC's unintentional (and intentional) trolling.

... more>>

There are a few small examples of fridge logic. Assuming they don't get explained away later. MC never questions Melissa about her supposed divine powers. Which you'd think she'd be curious about given the foreshadowing of the high priest. In fact I'm a little confused about Melissa in general. I don't know if the author was just trying to subvert things but her character archetype just screamed that she was the OGMC of an otome/rom-com. I mean I thought she was at least a mid boss or a reincarnator. But she knew nothing? She lived as a commoner with her father but somehow knew how to act like that with men? I have my doubts her mother, a maid, would tech her such things as she was against stealing the summon or going to live in the duchy.

/shrug. It sounds like this may all be handwaved away by the introduction of this evil wizard that their ancestors sealed. The devil made them do it, right?

So we have the 3rd Empress that hated the MC's mother.

Her father chasing after melissa's father right into the region the evil wizard is sealed.

And all of this is somehow related to the theft of the summon?

Rando theory. 3rd Empress has access to secret archives about the history of the evil wizard and hatches a plan to use either the blood/soul/body of the MC's mother in some sort of ritual to curse/interfere with the MC. Empress could kill of the mother and test to see if summons could be moved to collaterals that are easier to control? Or perhaps mix the bloodlines? If a half-blood could have a summon, why not a half imperial/Prelai? Of course said ritual will somehow involve the evil wizard's resentment/power.

A final ribbon would be that the ML didn't help in the last time line because he somehow caught wind of people messing with the seal of the evil wizard and rushed out of the capital? So his bro decided to frame the duchy while he was away?

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 04, 2024
Status: --

I love the characters, the translation, and plot! I like how smart our FL is, though I also hope that magic engineering will failed/ruined since it was funny everytime FL explain something related to math and physics. The ML is also cute and I'm hoping to see this having manhwa adaptation since I'm curious how our chubby child ML will looks like. Though I hope that FL will like the original hair and eye color of ML instead of the dyed one. Aside from that,... more>> I love the interaction between the FL's family and FL's interaction to her summon/pet.


Kiana's familiar is Peep which is publicly known as Melissa's family (Kiana's cousin), it was stolen from her when she was a child through black magic

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Oct 07, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is great. Likeable FL and ML and their interactions are funny. I think “Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better” has some similar romance vibes to this, with IBAWWMB having the edge at the end

I liked the notes as a plot device and how they had different meanings for FL/ML vs villain.

FL is quirky and blunt—some of the stuff she says seems a bit harsh, and some of it was a bit overly hurtful to ML when he misunderstood, but it was only when she didn’t know his... more>> identity. Once she knew who he was and recognized she also had feelings, she didn’t deny them or hurt him further with misunderstandings. Hate it when couples can’t communicate.

I wish at the end, the ML could’ve loved FL as his old self (silver hair, blue eyes) rather than his new self (black hair, gold eyes) just because FL casually mentioned she liked the ML 2nd skin better so he didn’t change back. It made me feel like she had not completely accepted him due to that, and I felt that the ML did more changing for her than she did.

9.0/10 <<less
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