The Story of the Girls Who Came From Slime Massage


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Tatsushi was suddenly transferred to another world

Having found a fatal loophole, he defeated the demon king too quickly as a summoner

After that, together with his slime companion, he opened a massage shop. For obscene purpose

Unknowingly, the massage shop 「Slime refresh」 becomes the most popular shop in the royal capital. In this shop, it’s possible to have acupuncture treatment, remove dead skin and even refresh just by controlling the slimes

However, that shop is managed by Tatsushi, who loves to see women climaxing more than three meals

In the shop, with 100% mucus aphrodisiac pouring directly into v*gina, the beautiful girls will be made to feel good!!!

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Slime ni Massage sarete Zecchou Shimakuru Onna no Hanashi
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1 Review

Aug 24, 2020
Status: c114
Pure smut. No romance whatsoever, no storyline, not even really slice of life. If you don't want to "enjoy" [title], you can safely pass on this.

If you are interested in that sort of thing, it's very well done. The first two arcs are about developing one girl at a time using a variety of massage techniques, tools, drugs, and magic, making them fall to pleasure, but it's not a harem sort of story even if he does deal with multiple women. The third arc drives that fact home while further... more>> "developing" both heroines (?).

There's a hypnotism tag, but the vast majority of scenes use drugs (mainly aphrodisiacs but a few others) and various slime abilities. There's also more voyeurism than production for the main character. I give it a 4* because there's only smut so it's not worth reading if you don't want that specific kind of okazu, but it does it extremely well if you do want that. <<less
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