The Story of Fleeting Life


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Thousands of years ago, she was a young tree demon who fell in love with the Water God. After experiencing a tragic love that ended with the disappearance of the Water God, she lives alone in the present world and becomes the owner of the “Unceasing” dessert shop.

She brews a tea called “Fleeting Life,” and her shop attracts many peculiar customers. Each customer drinks her tea and shares their own story, tales filled with the heart-rending loves and hatreds of supernatural beings – a handsome and young cat demon falling in love with a fish, a visually stunning fox protecting a prophecy flower, a golden lion roaring to the heavens to save his beloved, a night butterfly warrior with a mysterious past hunting down demons… Every customer who visits the dessert shop has a story to tell.

Just like the Fleeting Life tea, their stories are filled with bitterness and sweetness, twists and turns. The tree demon owner is the one who listens to these stories. And she herself is also someone on a quest for tranquility. Her life has Zimiao, Jiu Jue, Ao Chi, Fatty, Skinny…in the end, where will they all head?

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11/17/23 Chipoholic Translations v4c1
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11/13/23 Chipoholic Translations v3 end
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11/09/23 Chipoholic Translations v3c12
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10/30/23 Chipoholic Translations v3c7
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10/24/23 Chipoholic Translations v3c4
10/22/23 Chipoholic Translations v3c3
10/20/23 Chipoholic Translations v3c2
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