The Story of a Man Who Vowed to Not Let Any Man Come Between Yuri, Only to Find Himself Caught in Between Them


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“Yuri is the besttttt! …Wait, what?”

The man who loves Yuri more than anything.

Swore that he wouldn’t let any man come between them.

However, for some reason, he now finds himself caught between Yuri.

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Reincarnated in The World of a Yuri Game as a Man Who Got Sandwiched by Yuri (1)
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03/31/23 Zetro Translation c6
03/26/23 Zetro Translation c4
03/23/23 Zetro Translation c3
03/19/23 Zetro Translation c2
03/18/23 Zetro Translation c1
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New Freshl0517 rated it
March 20, 2023
Status: c5
As a male Yuri enjoyer I can certainly relate to the protagonist here. Though in truth, I kind of wish he was also girl, so that when he inevitably meets and romances the heroines, the genre would still stay Yuri.

As it stands where getting a harem comedy romance wish fullfillment story similar to 'Reincarnated as a man Sandwitched by Yuri'. Where a male protagonist somehow stumbles into the hearts of two girls whom by all appearances should be gay for each other, but in truth are both actually straight. (Just... more>> really into skinship with other girls.)

Despite the title, Yuri is really only present in name here, sadly. Still, it's not like I'm all that disappointed. The setup is interesting and the heroines are adorable, so it's not too bad. And while I did compare the plot to 'yuri sandwich', the setting is a bit more grounded in reality here, with zero fantasy elements and no precog for our protagonist. I have high hopes that well still get a fun story.

Edit: So I read a bit further into the story and it turns out I was wrong (partially) it seems like the girls really are into each other, but they're also into the MC, so they're Bisexual, not straight. My mistake. <<less
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