The Story of a Man Who Vowed to Not Let Any Man Come Between Yuri, Only to Find Himself Caught in Between Them


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“Yuri is the besttttt! …Wait, what?”

The man who loves Yuri more than anything.

Swore that he wouldn’t let any man come between them.

However, for some reason, he now finds himself caught between Yuri.

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4 Reviews

Mar 20, 2023
Status: c15
As a male Yuri enjoyer I can certainly relate to the protagonist here. Though in truth, I kind of wish he was also girl, so that when he inevitably meets and romances the heroines, the genre would still stay Yuri.

As it stands, we're getting a harem comedy romance wish fullfillment story similar to 'Reincarnated as a man Sandwitched by Yuri'. Where a male protagonist somehow stumbles into the hearts of two girls whom by all appearances should be gay for each other, but in truth are both actually straight. (Just really into skinship with other girls.)

Despite the title, Yuri is really only present in name here, sadly. Still, it's not like I'm all that disappointed. The setup is interesting and the heroines are adorable, so it's not too bad.... more>> And while I did compare the plot to 'yuri sandwich', the setting is a bit more grounded in reality here, with zero fantasy elements and no precog for our protagonist. I have high hopes that well still get a fun story.

Edit: So I read a bit further into the story and it turns out I was wrong (partially) it seems like the girls really are into each other, but they're also into the MC, so they're bis**ual, not straight. My mistake.

Edit 2:yup the girls are definitely bi.


The two girls in the beginning were in a lesbian relationship and have been together for quite some time. Their parents, unfortunately, were not happy about it, and kicked them both out. Not only that, but because of how homophobic the people around them were, they pretty much cut off all of their other relationships with everyone else, including their family. The reason they began to like our MC was because he had no prejudice against them from the start, and even actively supported them.


But that makes me wonder, Is h*mophobia really all that common in Japan? <<less
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Apr 21, 2023
Status: Completed
Takes the sentence, "She will think she only likes female until she got a taste of a man" in a good way in a story

... more>>

Basically, it's a story about MC and the "chaste" yuri couple (they are still pure on things they do until MC "comforted" them first, it's stated on early chapters). The MC wormed his way onto the Yuri couple that the two girls fell. in. love. HARD.

MC being a yuri enthusiast that blessed their relationship, defend them atleast thrice, and being a nice guy to them. The two girls felt something that made the Yuri couple into a 2 girls-1 boy relationship and boy they are super assertive and made him rethink his life choices and fetish. Guy blessed with threesomes since day 1, eh.


Quite short, would've been better if it's rated r18 to be fair. The novel ending felt a bit rushed but satisfaction guaranteed... Would not suggest if you really like yuri though.

Some pointed out that there's a similar trope as this, but let's be fair... The one they're referencing probably is not indoctrinated to yuri yet unlike here that is already a couple, MC is better here though. <<less
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Dec 16, 2023
Status: Completed
Spoiler-free section: Not the best novel I ever read, but it was pretty fun to read, it didn't overstay its welcome and all the major characters were pretty likeable.

Spoiler section:

I read another novel with a similar concept on Kakuyomu that I don't think has been translated, in which a guy befriends a yuri couple and one of them gradually fall in love with him while still staying in the yuri relationship, although the MC is not a yuri otaku in that one. I'm mentioning it because I thought that one portrayed the yuri couple better than this one. Here we don't really get to see a lot of affection between the girls, so it's a bit hard to swallow that they're actually in love with each other. It's like, they almost immediately fall in love with the MC and after that all their focus is on him, and they kinda just occasionally off-handedly remark that they're also in love with each other. In the other novel the girl who falls in love with the MC is much more conflicted about being in love with two people, and while the other girl is quite supportive, she also acts jealous sometimes, and the vast majority of scenes with the both of them they act very lovey-dovey with each other, and it's only quite late in the novel that they start to express romantic affection towards the MC. And I kinda prefer that sort of pacing in this kind of plot.

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Quase Gente
Quase Gente
Jan 21, 2024
Status: Completed
A short read, it wasn't that good, but it wasn't that bad either.

Although plot-wise it feels lacking a little too much. Even though the novel gives some glimpses of possible plot points, past certain point it is solely focused on their relationship and then it just sundenly ends.

At least with this one I didn't even had the time to get bored with the plot with it ending so soon.
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