The Story of a Cat Beastkin Who Believes He is a Normal Cat and His Earnestly Persevering Mate


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‘I reincarnated as a cat. With a master who loves me to death, I’m living a leisurely life. Being a cat is simply the best!!’.

A reincarnated cat beastkin believed that he was a normal cat, so he never transformed into a human. His mate misunderstood it as a love trial for himself, so this is a story where he desperately tried to persevere while being wrapped around his mate’s paw.

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04/11/21 Foxaholic extra 4 part2
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SkyRocket rated it
February 9, 2021
Status: Completed
Such a cute story. Its very laid-back and relaxing.

Note: minor smut when they become mates

fully consensual except one scene in the extras but the MC wasn't against at all and at the end admits that he liked it sooooooo I guess that might make it also consensual? Idk


Its really neat how the author managed to make the cat perspective of the MC realistic but still interesting.
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killerxxl rated it
May 5, 2021
Status: extra 4 part2
Though not a fan of yaoi I enjoyed this quick 1 hour worth of reading novel.

Because the s*x times the yaoi author imagines and writes in the day-today webnovels are usually intense, I liked this book more since either the translator or author have the nsfw parts excluded and vaguely mentioned.

Im giving 5 stars since this is my ideal yaoi novel with good comedy
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