The Squire on a White Horse


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Shortly after her nineteenth birthday, Florence was told that she was incapable of bearing a child. It was a fatal flaw for the daughter of a nobleman.

She was about to give up on life, thinking that she would have to become the wife of a man who was not much older than her father.

Suddenly, Stanley, her father’s squire, who had been like a brother to her since she was a child, was chosen to be Florence’s fiancé.

“They say you and I are to be married.”

“‘Yes, sir. Yes, I’ve heard that.”

This is a story about two people who had a master-servant relationship, but gradually came closer to each other after their engagement.

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The Squire on the White Horse
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New chande rated it
June 14, 2022
Status: Completed
I Iove this story. I could feel MC's anxiousness, inferiority, and insecurity because of her incapability to have a child throughout the story. Well, her condition wasn't at all like "they said they couldn't have a child but somehow she miraculously could" but she really really couldn't have one forever because of her body's condition.

She managed to find someone who loved her the way she was but it only made those feelings intensified. She cared for ML and didn't think she could bring him a true happiness because of her... more>> condition. It's kinda sad but it's realistic too.

Fortunately, ML was able to assure her and she also tried to get back on her feet before their marriage. She deserved to be happy. <<less
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February 19, 2022
Status: c3 part1
Only 3 chapters in so I'm trying to give this a bit longer before I rate, etc. All of the characters are nice (and nice to each other), but there's this underlying "damaged goods" mentality that seems to flavour everything. The parents love her, but she's damaged goods so they have to find her the best marriage they can despite it. She doesn't want to marry him because she's damaged goods (even though she likes him). It's just constantly in your face. I know it's the way things were back... more>> then, but I still don't like it and having it shoved in my face regularly rubs me the wrong way. Plus she's kinda ditzy so she repeats things a lot. Unless the story really picks up in the next chapter or two I have a feeling I'll be dropping this.

Edit - got to chapter 6 part 1. At this point she's acting like a 12 year old experiencing her first crush and I'm having to force myself to keep reading. If I'm making myself keep reading what I'm clearly not enjoying I think it's time to move along to something else so I'm going to let this one go. Not going to rate though since I'm aware the things I dislike here are personal preference and someone else might enjoy this quite a bit. <<less
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