The Splendid Daily Life of the Mother Devouring Princess


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The Prince believed every one of that woman’s lies and broke off his engagement with me. Even when I cried and begged for them to stop, that woman’s hired thugs came after me. As she saw all these tragedies happening to me that woman, my sister, sweetly smiled…

A year later, I was reborn as her daughter.

Keeping both the memory and burning vendetta from my previous life, I had been given a second chance. I cast aside the weak person I was before in order to prepare for my counterattack. That was the only way I could crush all of my enemies.

…Now, it’s time to begin. I shall have my revenge on that woman.

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Haha Kui Oujo no Kareinaru Hibi
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April 22, 2019
Status: c44
If you cannot handle reading things with r*pe, abuse, murder, and totally batsh*t crazy characters and immoral disgusting people, then stop here and now. If not, read on.

It’s a long review, so i’ll put it in spoiler tags, but there are no very detailed spoilers except about the general story (which I assume you want to know), though read at your own risk.

... more>>

So this is a revenge story. And unlike many reincarnation story where the MC meets someone who’s their enemy, they don’t fall in love with them, accept their situation, or avoid the situation. No, it’s revenge time, and revenge is sweet... or bitter.

The MC lives for revenge. We start off with her background/past life where we see what she suffered through. Then every main arc thereafter is getting revenge in some way - it doesn’t drag out with hundred chapters of planning then finally getting to it, you get there quickly each time, one at a time. You suffer through the abuse with her in the past life, but none of that nonsense once she finally bides her time and is ready to go. So don’t worry, there’s no more extra mess unlike other stories that annoys the reader with more obstacles even though it’s supposed to be payback time.

If you’re usually annoyed by the usual “forgive and forget” stories or those that claim to want revenge but fail or don’t dare to go all the way because of their “nice” personalities - don’t worry. Maria is ruthless, dyeing herself in their colours in order to give them the worse experience she can. To defeat the villains, she’s pretty much becoming one herself. Using all the tools she can, giving them what they deserve, honestly not what you can call a good person. So yes, no simply sending enemies to jail or letting them off easy... it’s something to look forward to.

The MC Maria we first see is detached. Her personality is totally overshadowed by her one true purpose of revenge. But rather than accusing her of having no personality as I would in any other story, I appreciate it here, where her current personality traits are shaped by her need for revenge and everything else seems so suppressed. Her life is pretty much void of anything but the need for revenge, it’s like her life can’t even start because the past events and people are impossible to just tolerate and move on from, which is understandable when you consider that she reincarnated having lost everything and has nothing in the world to be attached to. And yet we see some semblance of a normalish person every now and then, and it really makes me wonder what she could have been and how she really is inside. The things that happen outside of the actual revenge are thus enjoyable, as we get to see her character revealed.

The way it’s written is also interesting, in that we get the POV of the victims more often than not. We see her actions, but we’re not always privy to her thoughts when she does them. It makes you wonder what she’s truly thinking as she goes around plotting, manipulating, and doing all her suspicious things. Even in her inner thoughts she appears detached, but her emotions/reactions seem to come through with time. The guessing about what she actually thinks adds to experience of her as a mysterious character for me. The chapters in her POV are also great though, of course, as is the common swapping between past and present parts, as expected of someone stuck in the past. The recurring male character and his personality and motives are also interesting, and I fully enjoy any chapters with him. The story also takes on a sometimes depressing tone which I enjoy, but might not be the constant revenge satisfaction you desire.

I started reading because the premise sounded interesting, and continued because the first revenge was oh so very sweet, I was bursting with an inner satisfaction I didn’t know I could feel. But seeing someone fight back against her past abusers alone doesn’t really carry a story on its own.

Why I stayed after, though, is because I want to see how she develops over the course of her revenge. She’s empty, nothing but a ball of fiery hatred. But she who gains nothing from revenge - what happens when it’s completed? Why even take revenge? She can’t change the past, her road leads nowhere, everything is meaningless, and she’s not s*upid enough to not know so. But she continues nonetheless - and I would not be able to accept it either if she gives up halfway. What awaits her at the end, and her thoughts as she goes through this meaningless journey, the little bits of actual her that peek out at times, I’m extremely interested in, more so than the actual revenge itself. Will she finally start anew with nothing holding her back, or die because she is simply nothing but an empty shell; I can’t wait to see. This revenge route of a broken girl, whatever it is... it’s something probably worth seeing to the end.

Jin, her collaborator also makes the series enjoyable and might eventually act as some sort of anchor for her to this life. As one of Maria’s only genuine point of contact with people in the series, he’s mysterious and their relationship is odd and fascinating, allowing us to see another side of her. Without him, I think Maria’s solitary revenge would be much less interesting.

If any of these appeals to you, it’s definitely an interesting read, especially if you like broken characters and immorality instead of hero-like characters. Go get them girl.

Short story arcs = not too much investment needed either. Rated 4++ for enjoyment/entertainment value and interest.

Things people might not like:

-The enemies. They range from terrible and s*upid to manipulative and crazy, so it might be an annoyance to read them be so extremely s*upid a**holes yet have no one correct their ways for so long. That makes it all the better when they get their just desserts... but the amount of ridiculous people left to run free in the vicinity of our MC is unbelievable in a normal situation and you have to wonder what kind of setting this even is for this to happen.

-the MC’s methods of revenge, which are hardly kind. Her usage of tools at her disposal. Her motives, which are not hero like in the name of justice but totally for personal reasons (it’s a plus in my opinion, but YMMV)

-Worldbuilding isn’t something you find here, not that it matters in this story anyway. Considering the type of story, there are not much other character development to enjoy other than the mains, so there aren’t complex characters - many characters are simple (even in their ridiculousness). There isn’t much slice of life either. But Maria and Jin occasional action/thoughts/interactions are good enough for me to feel some sort of attachment to them (other than their circumstances) and help carry the story imo.

-we don’t get much of seeing how the MC lives her everyday life surrounded by people she detests, which would’ve been fun on its own. There’s also not much of a challenge, more of just a turnaround of situations with MC’s perfect plans. It’s not like death note/code geass kind of stories where the planning is between equally smart people with ploys/twists, nor do we get to appreciate the fun MC madness so much. Things may get more complex as we head into the second half, but this remains to be seen.

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YoriMei rated it
January 8, 2020
Status: c16
This is basically just revenge p*rn. There's nothing sweet or fluffy, just one woman who was reborn, bullied and now taking revenge for those who wronged her. It's refreshing to watch Maria go as deep as she does for revenge. Since there's only 16 chapters, there's not much to comment on. However, if you just want a good old revenge story, this is a good one.
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transboydororo rated it
October 27, 2019
Status: c16
Absolutely amazing. It's a gore/horror/torture p*rn story at its heart, but it's got a damned good psychological horror way of having the vengeance play out, especially with MC's behavior as she carries out her revenge. She's also kind to (or has a soft spot for) a select few people that stops this story from feeling like pure psychopathy, the way some stories try to market them as. This is a young lady getting her well-deserved revenge, and then fully intending to live well afterwards.

Fair warning, this isn't really a "daily... more>> life" horror novel. It's very much focused on her getting her vengeance, not on her living through her life. It starts with the three-year-old reincarnated MC, then has a flashback to the torment she suffered in her first life, and then continues on to her revenge story. Not day-to-day living with the people she loathes. Still absolutely amazing, and a great translation. 5 stars. <<less
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SovietWeeb rated it
July 30, 2020
Status: c16
I am disappointed that the translation ends where it does. I started enjoying the story a fair amount. It's not perfect, but defiantly interesting. I'd also say it's a bit different then the majority of Female-lead revenge stories. This MC will be brutal. The translations have only covered two revenge plots. But I do wish we got some more interesting ones.

The first one is done fairly fast, some guy get's knocked out and the MC goes Law Abiding Citizen on him. The second one involved more creativity. I'm also glad... more>> with how it ended for the person. But I kept feeling like we should be getting something punishing or more creative.

I'm not sure if magic even exists in this universe besides the MC's reincarnation. I can't recall any magic being used. But I feel there is stuff to be done if magic does exist. Honestly, the amount of stuff I have thought about for the Mother/sister of the MC is a lot.

Such as cursing the mother, so she turns into a farmers cow every other set-period of time. Amputating her limbs and the MC keeping her as a 'pet' The mother getting turned into the MC's baby; as a weird twist of fate. I can also see the MC taking the mothers identity, but doing something to the mother, so now she lives a lower position. Such as previously mentioned, being a cow. Her appearance being turned into someone else's, maybe even being sold to a brothel, and the MC likes to visit said brothel. Maybe even something as simple as being delegated to a maid.

I can see the getting her identity stolen as being one of the worst, suddenly being queen, and then someone taking your identity and now being nothing more then a commoner, where women back then ended up getting married a lot of the time as a way of living and not out of love. I also weirdly like the idea the mother being a 'pet' for the MC. Something where she isn't getting off on just being killed, but has to live with the consequences. Hell, if there is someway to bring the MC's full-blooded sister back to life, then maybe some weird reincarnation stuff with this? The MC gets the mother pregnant, and the child will be the reincarnation of the MC's sister. Don't know how it would work, maybe through some weird futa magic shite,

Either way, the story is very interesting. I kind of like her contact she has with the shady crime world. I like that he is what I'd expect from such a position and not too over the top with him being EVIL!

I also enjoy that the MC isn't just an idiot. She actually comes across as smart. She isn't having any second thoughts about anything. The MC is committed to the revenge route and I wish more stories had MC's like this and not ones that start backing out. Even if she does in the future, she has already done the deed. <<less
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kurisomething rated it
April 28, 2021
Status: c44
If it's about the revenge, it's amazing. It's to the point, but there nuances about other things that don't make sense since the web novel stops at 44. We also never get to see her act on Lilith, her former sister, and Andy, her former fiancé.

... more>>

We never find out who her collaborator, Jin, is but it seems like he is a foreign merchant/noble and is informed about her memories. His subordinates are also strange as they don't question their relationship. There's something between them that feels like romance but might actually be him trying to be a therapist.

She makes a connections with foreign royalty but, unless this novel is currently on hiatus, never gets properly used.

In reality, the only people she gets revenge against are 2 men that r*ped her and killed her sister; her stepmother and a maid that kicked out another maid that helped her sister; and some noble girl that was a follower of her stepsister, though that may have been a collateral to get a connection with foreign royalty.


Just checked, this novel is incomplete and hasn't been updated for 2+ years. Whoever made the status on NU as Complete needs some glasses like me. <<less
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JustAki rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: --
I'm barely on this side of Novel updates, I only read BL novels and was bored so I used random novels.

Never really liked reading novels with a girl as a protagonist and if I do read, it's really just selected.

But boy oh boy.

This novels is an absolute rollercoaster. The amount of bloodshed is what I love in it. I recommend reading this.
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