The Special Agent Princess


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In her first lifetime she was a skilled doctor and the wife of a prince. She died when he burned her and their son alive.

In her second lifetime she was a special agent with supernatural abilities. She died when the man who promised to marry her stabbed her in the chest.

Now she has been reborn into her first lifetime with the memories and abilities of both lives. She was betrayed by the man she loved in two lifetimes, this time she would get it right even if it meant never marrying again.

But when did her financial backer start to follow her like a love struck puppy dog?

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Date Group Release
04/04/20 LissuLand c6 part1
04/04/20 LissuLand c5 part2
03/27/20 LissuLand c5 part1
03/07/20 LissuLand c4 part2
02/29/20 LissuLand c4 part1
02/20/20 LissuLand c3 part2
01/17/18 LittleNoviceTranslation c3 part1
12/22/17 LittleNoviceTranslation c2 part2
12/19/17 LittleNoviceTranslation c2 part1
12/19/16 StarveCleric c1
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etern rated it
January 22, 2017
Status: --
Only one chapter, but it seems like there might be an interesting reason behind the reincarnation if the vague words of the monk are to be believed. So this woman in two separate lifetimes meets betrayal and death at the hands of her SO. She has lived both in the past and a modern day life, the story will follow her reliving her past life but with memories from both lives.
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