The Spearmaster and the Black Cat


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After a tear in reality pulls Kagari Shuya into a white room he discovers a futuristic interface for reincarnating in a different world. After looking through the different races and skills he unlocks a new race, Lucivault, a type of vampire with none of its characteristic weaknesses. All set to start his life in a new world, Shuya is confused to discover that he is enveloped in darkness. As it turns out something went wrong when he was transported and instead of appearing where he was supposed to, he appeared in an underground cave. Shuya faces untold dangers, runs for his life, before finding his way out of the underground world. After escaping he meets his Shishou and begins to learn to fight with a spear. There is also a cute black cat named Rollo.

Associated Names
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Stranger & Black Cat
Yaritsukai to, Kuroneko
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DaDeDiDoDu rated it
November 5, 2019
Status: c141
So you want to know whether this novel is worth your time reading, right?

Just look at the summary of comments.
You will notice that there is a difference between those who've read past Volume 4 (which is Chapter 74 and above) and those who didn't. The things they talk about have diverged from those who haven't reached those latter chapters.

What I experienced is the same.

I mostly started reading this to pass the time while waiting for other series. The MC is OP and a lecher, you know, typical isekai stuff.... more>> Heck, the first few dozen chapters are translated so badly that it would probably deter most who have started the novel from continuing. But as the story progresses and the setting gradually unravels, I found myself hooked to it. Okay, I know. The novel is hardly the best isekai out there, but it's the kind of story that stands out from the masses, at least for me.

And my main point? I recommend reading until around Volume 6 or 7. At least, by then you probably got whole gist of the story. If at that point and you still don't like the novel, then that's it I guess? <<less
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GrumpyWerebear rated it
March 10, 2017
Status: c53
I'm giving this five stars because I am one of the editors (currently the only one) for Birdy translations and I love it. Although I just picked up the position I enjoyed it before I started. (Working on editing the older chapters 6-30 as we speak, sadly my edits ended up being deleted so I am starting over again.)

Remember this review is my opinion and it should be taken as such. Please read the web novel and see for yourself whether you like it or not.

The MC... more>> is level headed (not when to comes to woman) and calm plus the reason why he was reincarnated is unknown and I like that. He is not the hero or anything. Honestly his luck plays a decent part in why he is where he is for being in the right place as the right time. He then trains to become better over time after meeting his master. He is NOT instantly Overpowered and works his way up. (Still kind of overpowered)

The authors obsession with the female body, how beautiful the females are and that the MC wants to do them them (all the time) is slightly annoying even coming from the editor standpoint. I am hoping for them to use their brain more after getting in trouble at some point. The story is good and the action is nice. I will update that later if is still feel the same way. <<less
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xypha rated it
February 19, 2017
Status: c20
Kagari Shuuya found himself inside a white room where he was presented with a futuristic interface to assist in his reincarnation in a world of swords and magic. He chose extra skills and reincarnated as a brand new species that unites light and darkness, Seivalt. His destination was a very severe place that, even with his cheats, was not going to be easy to survive. He encounters a white giant winged beast, an apostle, which instantly overpowers him and starts consuming his flesh. They commence a life and death battle... more>> and amidst his flesh and blood, Shuuya meets a black cat. <<less
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January 22, 2019
Status: c115 part1
The writing style is actually quite unique, with an emphasis on world-building. It defies Chekhov's gun in an oddly refreshing way, mentioning events and characters in the world through the eyes of the protagonist, but he doesn't feel required to involve himself. Sometimes these events come back as plot-essential points, and sometimes they are simply setting the tone. Contrary to many novels on this site, you don't always know what is going to happen next due to flags and cliches, which is a major positive to me.
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DyingBreed rated it
April 11, 2018
Status: c379
Roller coaster ups and down. Only thinks that I dont like much about is probably the cat love to much screen time and the skip s*x scenes sometimes. AND ALMOST I FORGET to say I understand the author and tittle of the MC character be a martial muscle brain action type but c mon his race and type is most advantageus like a wizard, magus o spell AoG no chant badass but almost never use magic to sweep the floor of noobs and nobodyes. Also always you need to cut... more>> his magic and spirit stats to create new useless family or gadget I understand sometimes but after a dozen it become a hassle. Apart never try to buy except onetime spells books in one store. Apart for that is far better that most of the other japanese light novel that I have see it have a lot of other rip tiittles here and there of for example forgotten realms star gate etc fun read I guess-

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Poison_Ice_Blade rated it
February 5, 2018
Status: c28
it has an interesting concept that isn't well executed, even parts that should be interesting are just boring. In fact the more interesting parts of the story is when he interacts with monsters because it adds mystery to the world but for some reason once it starts to go into slice of life mod, it fails to hold my attention. The MC's personality isn't that great ether. Hes basically a gentleman pervert that won't r*pe you without permission but the fact that he obviously thirsty really freaks out all the... more>> female characters. As a female myself im also put off by the behavior. Oh and I forgot to mention the fact that he has no weaknesses, its like a cliche Mary Sue. Hes a vampire but he rarely needs blood and can eat normal human food without finding any wrong with it. Hes not weak to the sun nor does he feel a uncontrollable desire for human blood. In fact he able to store animal blood in water bottles without it going bad! Whats even the point of being a vampire if your just gonna negate all of its downsides?! <<less
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shiro rated it
August 28, 2017
Status: c30
I really want to like this novel but it is boring.

The pros :

The translation quality is good.

... more>> The adventure is here and the world building is full of good ideas.

Rollo (she is the most intersting character)

The chain ability is very cool (thought underused, it is cool).

The cons:

MC is really bland and boring. I just don't care about him. Beside completing his pact with Rollo and sleeping with every women he can find, he has no clear goal or desire and without that, there can't be character growth. He is so OP each time he fight there is zero tension. He is simply not interesting and for me the biggest drawback to this novel.

Side Characters are useless to the story. They aren't one dimentional and their interactions are sometimes interesting (mostly when they don't interact with MC) but the author spend a lot of time describing them and, in the end, they don't add much to the story. <<less
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Adastria Lillith
elhessan rated it
July 3, 2017
Status: c57
Nice story, quite perverted MC but at least he has balls to get what he wants. Detailed world, unfortunately the translation still has room for improvement, lots mistakes and sometimes I just skip some lines because they're too confusing, but despite everything I'd say good job for author and translator and also editor...
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Fast_sec rated it
March 5, 2020
Status: c158 part2
I enjoy reading this novel. I don't really care if the MC is OP as long as there are detailed explanations. Those that don't like the MC just doesn't understand or get him. I like it that the MC gets stuff done; isn't afraid to kill humans or any race, and think things through beforehand. If you can overlook that the MC is OP and hard to kill, and just focus on his adventures then you'll like this novel.
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Giperman rated it
January 23, 2020
Status: c459
Oh boy, here we go!

I really like this one, author manages to create world that never cease to be exciting. The world has inique atmosphere that's different from others isekai novels.

I'm in particular, didn't like certain characters behaviour, like Viine's total loyalty, or Eva's unquestionable friendliness, like they got no personalities themselves like paper sheet with word "Yes" written on it. Well later it's became less and less prominent.

What hook me up is this infinite development of story, of his strenght and his companions.... more>>

When they all became his kin, they also start to develop

Every time he get a new move, spell, skill, technique it looks sloppy and raw, but he continues to utilize and refine it, until it become more and more proper and powerful techniques. It's really cool that you see how he improves as stry progresses.

It was exciting when they already get to auction, where he made friends (and no only friends (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)). But after auction author like didn't know what he wanted, so he litteraly started to throw one story route after another. Shuya came back to mist forest with Misty (the one with golems, and sister of Sol, the dude that tried to kill Shuya and Yui), leave her with Henkai, which he befrended after auction, and Viine and goes to Heckatrail (or whatever was his first city called) f*cks Nora (vampire hunter) check some stuff and immediately leaves. That's where the sh*t happened. He goes to the Quiche's village, which she rebuilded, and that's where the most messy, orderless arc started, the f*cking Evil forest.

He hadn't achieved not a single of his goal inside of this forest without starting a new goal and fight with few new enemies, that every time stretches story for the good 10 new chapters. Save the village kids from vampires, while the f*cking village is under a siege of orc army - leave Helme, skeletons, and another onein village, while he goes to help the kids. On a way found a fight between Nora vampire and Silver wolf clan's Princess, helps defeat vampire, say goodbye to Nora, take the princess with you and go to vampires lair, where he found that it's under attack of two Butterfly-human (i didn't really get it, it's like they a made from butterfly or they can control it, the main feature is their wings). The two girls are insanely strong, one fighting with Hoffman - vampire of Valmask family, and another isekai protagonist, another started fight with Shuya. After fight with Butterfly Shuya helps a bunch of captured by vampires people including childer from village, while Hoffman fights with another Butterfly. On a way to the village he encounter giant, which is a Hoffman summoned, beat his ass, learn new technique, then unseal a witch that was sealed in weapon of giant, beat her ass, than she swears loyalty. Then help village of Quiche with it's siege. Than start bulding houses, than encouner bunch of ghosts of elfs, that lived in this village, take a quest from one of the ghosts, than f*cking treant/demons army start attacking, and an army of silver wolves clan helped them, etc.

It was explained that this forest was ancient battlefield of gods, and in some flashbacks they literally teared space, and detonate nuclear spells in this forest, so there is this much threats in the forest.
BUT THIS sh*t WAS SO STRETCHED, and that's not even a half of it, at least hundred more chapters until where I am, and he's still in the forest. Author just start throwing MC in one situation after another, of course every point in story than connected. That was mindblowing how such a mess of a story became one, I almost started shouting in monitor how cool was it. But I dropped two times, because when there is important story, Shuya's attention brings sh*t like some kid in the village eat a candy, than describe a candy, describe how cute Rolo is, describe a child, describe how Helme happily start splashing water from her tits, describe how somebody training on background, than back to the story. Author just pouring so called 'water' on reader to fill the gaps in chapter. There is his new goals, but auther still holds Shuya from going to them by creating ABSOLUTELY new situation, you could never predict what would pop up. Do you think they safely arrive in the village of the Silver wolf clan? Nah ah - here's fight which take ten chapters long. You think we go to the main event in the village (some ritual) ? Nah ah here another 30 chapters of events inside. His trip to this village was one of the first goals in this forest, and it take him more than 120 chapter to even start going here.

Despite being utterly annoying, all this adds considerable depth to the novel. The world-building is so massive, complicated, and interesting, that it's really hard to stop reading.

I don't want to rant any longer about how messy of a story it is. At least it really has it unique atmospehe to this world.

I read a lot of Japanese isekai, and that one is hardly comparable to any other. I can't say that it's the best one, no it isn't. But damn it's good read, it has a lot of cliches, but somehow auther managed to create them in that way, that they looks like totally new or unique.

All and all, I really enjoyed reading (I'm still reading this) this novel. Has a unique atmosphere and depth to the world, has hundreds of characters, with unique personalities, weapons, fighting styles, artifacts, spells. Never ending flow of imagination. There're so much of stuff that I lost a track of it already. Author has such a imagination to maintain a story with this much of characters, but has not enough capacity to tell the story with proper means, like not mixing ten arcs together.

Yeah. 8/10, not 10 becase I got burnt up few times reading this mess, but really enjoyed it afterwards. <<less
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Jasu321 rated it
November 24, 2019
Status: c149
Main Points

  • MC is perverted
  • MC is OP
  • Overall storyline is extremely slow
  • Detailed scenes and actions
So every review about the author describing the MC as a huge pervert is pretty spot on. However, I think I read somewhere in the beginning of the novel that he's like that because of his race traits. Not entirely sure as this would be a really small detail and one that isn't emphasized on. The action scenes are pretty detailed but also a little hard to follow. While the author puts a lot of little details and... more>> goes into detail about small things, I think the author forgets to put detail in the process of how the MC obtains his OP'ness. I'd also like to point out that the author puts extreme details to things like guilds and stuff, but ends up not mentioning them for more than 2 chapters or completely annihilates them in 1 chapter. When talking about the MC, he's completely overpowered and the author doesn't really explain or put emphasis on how he got his reincarnation chance or why he's able to learn things extremely quick. The author also basically gives the character extremely overpowered items that don't even make sense in my opinion. Another thing is the reincarnation method. I think it was really a unique way compared to most Isekai reincarnations. Although I forgot how the MC dies (the first time) or even if the author put that in but the systems that the author makes are really interesting. <<less
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ghendout rated it
April 2, 2019
Status: c62
theres nothing offensive about the novel... nothing remarkable either, i've read lot of "Isekai" trope LN/WN, but honestly, this is probably the first one that I feel extremely bored while read it....

dunno why tho, theres just something about it that keep me disinterested, probably because of how the MC complete pervert and can't go 5 paragraph without mentioning boobs or butts, or its also can be because how the author wrote it, theres tons of exposition and the author do nothing with it, "oh hey lets do exposition with how... more>> MC talking with himself while reading exposition book"...i meant c'mon...

theres also problem on translator part, while its not THAT bad, but still lot of paragraph feel disconected and doesn't make any sense. <<less
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Hasenpfote rated it
February 9, 2019
Status: c17
Too bad I read the reviews on the novel too late. The story can be summed up as infodump and I cant sleep and all of a sudden I can do it again. Oh no I have OP abilities, lets not use them because I m stupid.

Put your time into something else.
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bkwrm rated it
November 30, 2018
Status: c87
Has some interesting ideas, but in the end is pretty meh and I have no interest in reading further.

He's a vampire that has no downsides, especially after leaving the caves early on (the MONSTER being a virgin counted... really?). It also barely comes up other than being able to regenerate all damage instantly. So why even make him a freaking vampire? Basically he's so OP that he's never in any danger and can just brute force his way through everything. And it's not a fun crazy OP it's a boring... more>> zero tension OP.

MC is the upfront pervert type. Which is fair enough I guess, but his willingness to do anything and forgive anything for a cute girl gets old after awhile. And like others have said he has a tendency to half ass everything until everyone is dead or dying, even the ones important to him, and than he actually uses his skills.

Author has a serious case of ADD. Tons of minor plot/quest threads are constantly scattered around or encountered and than ignored. Or one is suddenly followed while the something important gets put on the back burner (usually due to a cute girl being involved) and time stops for the important thing somehow. This isn't as noticeable early on, but once he's going between cities it gets pretty bad. <<less
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Baabaablack rated it
March 11, 2018
Status: c35
This series starts out strong but starts getting structurally weak when the MC leaves the first village. What really did me in was the fog forest arc. What could have been an interesting story suffered from a bad case of in character exposition.
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Aho555 rated it
January 9, 2018
Status: --
I remember reading up to somewhere past the intro arc a long time ago, but I just wanted to write this before continuing to read this again. It's pretty much hard to fault this when it comes to the writing, technically. It's immersive and the beginning was pretty intense in terms of what the MC experiences in his first steps into a different world.

Outside of that, it's just a matter of whether the story and characters are to your liking, so it's definitely worth a read to get an idea... more>> of that. <<less
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joc693 rated it
September 7, 2019
Status: c101 part1
Honestly one of the best isekais I've read here, but the one drawback for me is the fact that the writing feels oversaturated. There's such a thing as too much depth and this is an example of it. We don't need every little detail of every event, but unfortunately that's what the author gives us and I often find myself skipping parts (not even skimming at this point) because he draws out the most menial things as though he's just trying to hit a word count.
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Aharlequin rated it
July 7, 2019
Status: --
The only words I want to describe about this novel is "disappoint". This novel has solid storyline and about magic and world is very interesting. That only things that make this novel worse is MC. MC is new race and use damm your new race power or you are perverted MC so try building Harem. Sh*t Harem. If assassin is Women, MC will definitely fall in love with that ones. May be MC is M. If you love solo adventuring, you should read this one. MC is so perverted that... more>> you guys gonna hate type. Other than MC, everything about this novel is first class and writing is very good. Translator and Editor made great job.

First, I thought I should rate 3 stars but author tries to fix MC characters little by little so I rated 4 stars. <<less
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pluspy1337 rated it
June 29, 2017
Status: --
Started out pretty good actually, but somewhere along the way it felt like the story/author ran out of steam a little bit. Also, the MC's weird but sometimes funny. I mean, the dude seems to have a fetish about cats pissing. Got a good laugh out of that one. I think 2 is a bit too harsh for this, since it's an okay novel, but I cannot give it more than 3 stars for various reasons. In other words, a story with some good elements and some bad elements... Of... more>> course, I'd rate much of the stuff they call novels on this website at 2 or 1 so giving this thing 3 is already a generous assessment for me I'd say. <<less
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