The Spearmaster and the Black Cat


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After a tear in reality pulls Kagari Shuya into a white room he discovers a futuristic interface for reincarnating in a different world. After looking through the different races and skills he unlocks a new race, Lucivault, a type of vampire with none of its characteristic weaknesses. All set to start his life in a new world, Shuya is confused to discover that he is enveloped in darkness. As it turns out something went wrong when he was transported and instead of appearing where he was supposed to, he appeared in an underground cave. Shuya faces untold dangers, runs for his life, before finding his way out of the underground world. After escaping he meets his Shishou and begins to learn to fight with a spear. There is also a cute black cat named Rollo.

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Stranger & Black Cat
Yaritsukai to, Kuroneko
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pentadrian rated it
February 27, 2017
Status: --
What could've been a good reincarnation novel ended up getting ruined by standard WN writing cliches. While this refreshingly did away with truck-sama and a mysterious God who manages reincarnated people, there was no rationale as to why the MC reincarnated, why he could literally choose OP cheats, how he was so calm after rinsing transmigration etc. I'm not sure if it's the original wiring or the translation, but most of the chapters are filled with useless onamatopoeic romanji that add nothing to the plot. I'm here to read a... more>> novel, not page after page of sound effects. The plot is hard enough to follow as it is. On top the race names are confusing as hell. But what really does the novel in is how the MC gets used to killing so easily and the rate at which he acquired absurd skills. <<less
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NoobaLoob rated it
March 29, 2017
Status: c53
- The Game Elements are done well, it isn't until much later that he gets an item that replicates an 'inventory'. It has been confirmed that there is an 'identify' skill, but the MC doesn't have it.

- A vast world filled with several types of unique magic and abilities. Various gods are well explained.. Makes me want to read more!

- Good mystery set up from the start. The story is told very naturally, the MC moves on his own devices but you feel like something is going on in the background.

- The 'black cat' is a misnomer, it's actually a super panther when it fights. The cat does not speak or control the MC with suggestions. The MC promised loose goals to it, but that's it (very loose goals with no timetables lol).

- The fighting scenes are really well done.

- MC is strong and his race is OP (literally Lucifer) but he isn't instant-OP, he needs to work for it and he can die if he's not careful.

- This is a small detail I liked, his race is 'Lucivault' and he has a tattoo of a cross of light that's covered in chains.. Idk.. Symbology or something.


- The first 24 chapters are terrible to read. The translator works super quickly but didn't get an editor until then, and it shows.. I know the editor said he's working on old chapters (to be fair, the editor is really.. Really good) but for now you will be pulling your hair out sometimes.

- There really is no rational for why him (or others) are able to transmigrate to this world. The world is set up explicitly to stop gods from entering it. Unless there is a major explanation in the future, this is simply convenience for easy plot sake. Especially when you consider the god/being that brought the MC to this world gave him the ability to choose any race+4 unique awesome powers regardless of how those powers worked with that race. (For example, he could have choose to be a water spirit with fire powers)

- Like all Japanese novels, the MC is super.. Super unrealistically friendly to women. I get that women have v*ginas but this MC literally tells a female assassin (aiming for him) that he loves her after knowing her for like 4 days with VERY limited interactions.

- With few exceptions, all notable characters are women (ALL notable humans/elves are women). I guess it's possible but how likely is that? I feel like this author is going to make the MC, who is reasonable is every-other aspect, someone to only have women companions or something.. It's annoying. (Oh, and there is the trope of western looking woman fawning over a self-admitted bland japanese dude)

- He is fixated on being an adventurer for no real reason other than "it's just the thing to do". The MC is not as strong as an Elder dragon or something, but he is strong as a S-Rank adventurer (at least s-rank maybe even s-rank+, he hasn't been pushed yet except by his master). The world is in turmoil and he is already Immortal (not invincible, he just wont die from aging) - I do not see what is stopping him from making a base already.. HE ALREADY CLAIMED THAT TO BE ONE OF HIS GOALS!

- The BIGGEST con for me is the name of his race. It is CLEARLY Lucivault but the translator is keeping it Rusivault. It should be Lucivault because although the MC is a good person, his power most resembles *Lucifer*. It just makes sense for his evolved form to be Lucivault, not Rusivault.

- For the last 10 chapters or so (chapters 43-53) the plot has become incredibly annoying with the women aspect. The MC can not meet a woman and not mention her breasts and that woman can not help but to immediately spread her legs for the MC (all while acknowledging his bland Japanese face - 'bland' is not my word.. It's in the novel). The author set up an incredibly intriguing world but HALF (at least) of the dialog since the MC has made it to human lands has been about women.
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DekuHero rated it
November 11, 2017
Status: --
I was reading through the reviews and in the middle of someones they say:

"I get that women have v*ginas but this MC literally tells a female assassin (aiming for him) that he loves her after knowing her for like 4 days with VERY limited interactions."

So perfect. Just let that be the review. Nothing more or less. It alone tells you everything you need to know about this before reading.
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Haruko rated it
April 28, 2017
Status: c50
Well... to describe my impression of this series after reading 50 chapters, I would say that I am disapointed.

Allthough reading this novel in its early chapters felt a bit boring but it got better later on and plot seemed interesting, however it suddenly chanced after Shuya got into contact whith women. Story itself started to circle around of b**bs and butts, missing the bigger plot.

So... yeah its not a novel to my taste anymore and I will drop it, because if I want to read about ero things I will... more>> read novel specified of them, not something that feels like some teenager horndog wrote it.

I am giving a thumbs up for the translator & editor though. Allthough the novel let me down plotwise, its guality is great and translator & editor comments are hilarious to read ^.^ <<less
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kensei001 rated it
July 16, 2016
Status: c4
I never really write a review, but because there was no one who reviewed this series with great potential I thought why not. (Sorry for the clumsy writhing in advance). This series seems pretty good. I don't really have anything to complain about. Well, the MC is transported to a room where he has a choice to be reincarnated or not. The prologue was done pretty unique with its description on how the process of the whole reincarnation is done. It has an interesting story thus far, hopefully it stays... more>> this way.
The MC also has a choice to choose his own race and 4 skills which are pretty interisting. At the moment it hasn't really gone indept to the world building because the MC is still somewhere lost. So no new characters introduced, so hopefully there will be some unique and interisting one.


It started good, but got downhill really fast. The only thing I liked was the process of his reincarnation. It just seemed so myterious compared to other isekai novels with the usual god needs his help or oops god made a mistake, so here new body, new world, enjoy. <<less
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Deadmilkmen rated it
May 23, 2020
Status: c320
This started out kinda okay. Then it got pretty awesome. Then it s**ked. This is a long rant, with lots of spoilers. Mainly because I really, really, liked this book! It had so much potential! So many of the typical cliches weren't there. It just seemed like an awesome adventure story with a grown up protagonist.

The authors weird fetishes leaked in way too much in the early chapters, that went away though. For the most part. It was a really, really awesome adventure story for quite a long time. After... more>> chapter 200 though there's not much point in reading.

EVERY SINGLE FIGHT that the MC gets into, it's the same thing. He has tons and tons of powerful abilities, weapons, and items. He never uses them. He just trains his spear while fighting strong opponents. Even if his friends, lovers, innocent bystanders, or even the people he's supposed to protect are in danger. This past fight was the straw that broke the camels back. Because he's holding back as always, a room of people just got slaughtered while he half assed things as usual.

The author keeps giving him awesome abilities and items, yeah. Don't expect to see 95% of those in use. He recently got the ability to use a third arm, like a robotic appendage. He already had a magical third arm. (Yeah, sounds lame) So now he can weild multiple spears at once! Cus that's not f*cking ridiculous at all. Seriously? Every time he writes about this triple-weilding spear nonsense I just can't get the image of some ret*rd flailing around with a buncha 8 foot long sticks. It just wouldn't work.

Why give him all the cool sh*t if in the end all his fights are gonna amount to 'MOAR SPEERZ!!"1!!'

His cat can turn huge, and fly. It breaks the f*cking sound barrier. The author decides to give him a flying hoverbike. Cus why not? He never uses it. It was a full chapter talking about the bike.

He has magical moveable teleport mirrors. He can teleport to any one of the mirrors he places, from anywhere any time he wants. He ditches his little harem to go adventure the world. Not a single one of his sobbing idiots say "hey, can't you just teleport home every night and leave one of the spare mirrors to teleport back to where you were?" Nope. They all just get heartbroken and cry.

So yeah. This went down the drain real fast. The author seemed like he was setting up an amazing world, with huge writing potential like the forgotten realms or Dragonlance. Just endless adventure stories. Then he started rushing shit. Even that, I could handle. If the woulda would get better in any way shape or form. <<less
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LordGrim102 rated it
November 14, 2018
Status: --
I lost faith/respect in reading this novel ლ (ಠ_ಠ) ლ see. The author adds too many unnecessary details like strange sounds and useless tsukkomi. If you could erase those then this novel of having chapter 400 can be condensed to 120 chapters at most. The first translator is exceptional at translating but they drop it cause I feel they are irritated by the foolish MC complaining about being a vampire but he chose it himself so why he complains and be over dramatic about it? Then the second translator comes,... more>> there's a saying that "A wise man learns from the mistake of others and a hard working man learns from his mistakes and a foolish man never learn from others and his own mistakes" this second translator never improves on translating, every chapter has missing letters, missing words, not knowing how to place 'deteminer' 'preposition' 'verb' 'past tense' 'future tense' 'present tense' properly. I mean its basic of the basics of english language and he writes english on his announcement so why he is always having multiple grammar/sentence errors?

Next one is the story - Like most japanese novels that has Isekai. It starts good but japanese authors have a weird disposition of not being flexible/versatile/open minded. They are always stick to one personality of MC and never develop or improve it. First of all there are too many unnecessary stuff put together which can be summed up with few sentences or can be omitted. The way the story telling goes is quite abrupt For example: The dark beetle is mentioned when the MC is almost complete at his training. His master mentioned the dark beetle and then after several sentences there the recently dark beetle that is nowhere to be found through out 1 year of his living there just abruptly/conveniently shows up for some unknown magical/b*llsh*t reason. The events are quite fast paced but you won't feel it cause there are too many fillers and weird sounds that put into words in this novel. It seems like the world is at a stop time until the MC appears and everything will magically appear and be there after being a brief mention of it. Kinda sickening way story telling.

MC - It seems okay at first but becomes overly pe*verted at 25+ chapters. I hope the author won't d*e from heart attack from his excitement writing this. It's almost all of his fetishes are laid bare for all readers to know and read. Kinda weird reading descriptions of all girls having small mouths, kinda pointless to me if they all have small mouths as description. Also thanks to MC's description of dwarf zaga which has "He has a short build just like a normal dwarf" thanks for the obvious pointless description I know that he is a dwarf. The MC fights half ass all the time. His abilities are under use, he didn't use it to end the fight quickly and every fight he seems to be cornered, even though he has superior abilities he didn't use it. When someone he knew dies he over reacts, though it is his fault cause he didn't use his abilities early and he knew the enemy is a superior dragon (what a s*upid fight scenes, maybe the author loves drama?). Also the MC has a tendency to watch the fight first and watch someone dies then act late so that he has the spotlight.

I kind of tolerate authors b*llsh*tting their way through the stories but please give a proper, logical and believable explanation. Even if the genre is fantasy it doesn't mean you can make up things which contradicts what you have explained earlier. <<less
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Orphiex rated it
March 31, 2017
Status: c51
This series started out with promise; the main character had an interesting quirk, and his starting point was good, but after he got done with training his new skills and headed into inhabited territory, the author turned him into a sex-crazed maniac and started spending more and more time describing the female characters' breasts, at which point it just started feeling like another wish-fulfillment story. This isn't a bad story by any means, but it's lost whatever it was that kept me reading. It's up to you whether to give... more>> it a try or not. <<less
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Victor DoUrden
Victor DoUrden rated it
June 5, 2018
Status: c55
Firstly the story is pretty s*upid and lame. Seeing a bunch of reviews I decided to finally add my own. This story is only for reading when waiting for an update. Lots of potential is instantly shat on by the author in the same chapter. Foremost example he is a vampire... immune to the sun and without weakness why the f*ck even bother then? Now lets go on a limb and say a vampire not in the cliche sense but just the literal parasite kind... NOT EVEN THAT he don't... more>> require things from others and can get by on normal food. He is literally not a vampire in any context. He is a pe*vert. He is not smart at all and just forces through problems. He never has any problems. His life is never in danger so no tension ever. The potential of the cat is never made use of in a interesting way. He is a thirsty pe*vert. The best parts when reading this are the tn/ed notes/comments. Too many skippable parts of no noteworthy note in any possible conceivable fashion (eg. sounds or useless over extended rambling)

Overall not the worst thing you can see on NU not by a long shot. It is an alright read. I recommend giving it a go if you are bored, taking a poop in the bathroom, waiting in line and so on that kind of thing <<less
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nightstick24 rated it
October 22, 2020
Status: c204
Absolutely love it, hands down one of my favorite novels. BUT I recommend reading it in bits and pieces when you reach the later chapters, if you binge it you'd probably want to repaint your walls with your brain...

The beginning is great, the world building is one of the best I've ever read - it actually feels vast and real, the problems and events that are monumental in one area are the faintest of whispers in other areas, places that we spend countless chapters reading about are places almost nobody... more>> even knows the name of in others, and there's a whole vibrant world both above and below the surface, that are entirely separate. Add to that the other realms that come up so often and it genuinely feels huge, as a WORLD should.


The problems I have with the novel come from when he starts interacting with other humans. Initially he doesn't stick with anyone, which was annoying, he meets people, saves people, falls in love with people, and he just completely leaves them behind every single time, very annoying. In the later chapters he finally settles down some and all those lose ends start to get tied up, the people he's met on his journey end up gathering up and he actually sticks with them. It's lovely to have all these loose pieces finally getting bundled up.

And then it gets s*upid.

Half of the story now is his female companions whining about how they want to sleep with him or turning into feral cats because he looked in the direction of or spoke to another female. I don't know what happened to the strong, cool women they once were, but every single one of them became whiny, needy, jealous, petty incarnations of sexist gender stereotypes. Like I'm no feminist but there are parts that hurt to read because they've become such sexist stereotypical things... I still absolutely love them, and they have their cool moments and are actually very strong, but it's mind numbing reading chapters and chapters of them fighting over who gets to hold his hands or how it's unfair he went out for business with one of them.

Additionally, because there are so many characters now, a gigantic portion of every chapter is just getting through all of them responding. Like MC asks if they're ready to go and it's nine lines of different people saying 'yes' or 'okay' in different ways. And combat, while being super cool, ends up being an entire chapter just explaining each of them doing their tiny part, it's several paragraphs to explain what happened in an instant because there are so many people.


Despite all the complaints, I still love the novel. It does a lot of things incredibly well.

Shuuya, the MC, stays true to himself, he doesn't bend or bow to anything. He's not some arrogant Chinese MC, but he does what he wants when he wants to; he respects those around him and listens to their opinions, but ultimately he makes his own decisions. He's also not a weak pushover errandboy, but neither is he heartless and uncaring. He helps those in front of him when he can afford it, and he doesn't pretend to be some saint to make himself feel better.

The MC's companions are genuinely strong. Unlike a lot of novels where the MC has to do everything themselves, the MC's companions can handle themselves quite well, MC is still unimaginably stronger than them but they can handle themselves against all but the genuine masters.

Combat is written in a very interesting sounding way, and there seems to always be new stuff evolving and changing it.

The world and story feels big and alive. MC is a powerful character, but it's not as if the story revolves only around the MC. The world and story move even when he isn't around, other big forces move behind the scenes, countries wage war and territory is won and lost, all without any connection to the MC. It's not as if time only advances in the presence of the MC, like it kind of seems to in some other novels.

It's got a huge story. There are bits and pieces of plotlines that were explored in the very beginning that are still being brought up and explored over a hundred chapters later. Just in the last dozen chapters something from the first dozen or so chapters came into play in a big way again, after not even touching on it for almost 200 chapters. Some of the stories feel kind of forgotten, in a frustrating way, but because there are so many stories going on in the background it really feels like the world is full and dynamic. It's not just whatever is in front of the MC, you can feel machinations in the background and shadowy forces at work behind the scenes, it feels like there's a ton of depth to the story.

Overall, it's absolutely worth the read, just take a break if all the petty jealousy starts making you want to end yourself. <<less
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jackslate rated it
March 3, 2017
Status: c30 part2
Shuya's an effin weirdo, but gets the romance (if you can call it that) going pretty quickly. But all of this is after what I'd call the prologue chapters, which takes a while to get through, since each chapter is pretty long, almost triple of what you'd usually see.

He might be OP, but he does work to get there, and his approach towards the world arround him is kinda refreshing.

The translation is pretty good, though there are some weird word replacements here and there.

The weapon of choice is rather unique... more>> for this type of story, but so is a lot of other things.

I hope this one doesn't start going downhill any time soon, though it probably will. <<less
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2Girls1Cupcake rated it
December 10, 2018
Status: c261
My first impression of this novel after reading the translated 108 chapters was quite favourable, sadly that changed after reading ahead. The romance, harem, character development and much more started out great, then became half-assed. There will be plenty of spoilers ahead, read at your own discretion.

... more>>

The MC is "reincarnated" into a sword and magic world by going through a character selection-ish event, where he, of course, chooses to become a vampire, since it's the most boring and overused trope ever. Yet the MC is able to choose skills that remove the disadvantages of the race, resulting in some new super race with both light and darkness elements, which of course shouldn't coexist. It's the standard "I was playing a mmo, found a hidden race or developed a special spell/skill that broke the game" bullshit. This is the first instance of the author's chuuni shining through, but rest assure, we will see plenty of that later.

The MC is supposed to be "born" into some plain somewhere close to human habitation, yet he ends up underground, in what is most likely a dungeon of sorts, and what does our genius MC do? He of course travels downwards, like it's the most logical thing in the world. Be that as it may, the underground arc seems frustrating at first since a desire for him to return to civilization is born, but this actually makes the eventual resolution all the more sweet. After getting the cat follower, learning the spear and a generally pleasant arc the MC sets off for a human town, but on the way he by chance learns about the kidnapping of a princess and gets hunted by an assassin, all of this is there to give the impression that the MC is laid back and care free and that he won't just play the hero, he'll do what he can do while following his own desires, it also gives us the start of a great love story.

We get a couple of decent arcs and a quite enjoyable story while we wish for the reunion of the love-ones, shuuya and yui, we also see the death of a side character, it's one that's fairly new, but still done in a way that it should affect the reader, this is usually done to shift the tempo of a novel and turn it in a more serious direction, or to make the MC face the fact that it's a real world, not a game, but it's just there, with no purpose. And unfortunately we soon arrive at the labyrinth city where we meet Rebecca, the start is fine, yet she's quite the shallow standard elf side character, she feels out of place in general, Eva, on the other hand, who comes later on is a great love interest that's also fairly interesting. We have a rapid introduction of different characters that seems forced and just thrown in there for the fan service, beastmen, lamia and more.

Veene and yui come back and is done in a way where yui is made to be truly missed, mentioned several times over the previous arcs, while veene/vene/vine w/e is seen several times before to build up anticipation. Yet now we're hit with the fact that he spend months underground and then a year training, yet he's lived in 3 cities and done uncountable things in just a month, while dangling the underground auction bait in front of us the entire time to keep us reading despite the introduction of random side characters with paper thin romantic development, the MC putting off things again and again, chapters where half of it is about flirting with his cat, which to be honest, isn't really cute nor heartwarming, you have to be a cat lady to enjoy it and a MC that in general has shown less personality than in the first 30 chapters, everything just becomes hollow. The MC is able to hunt on the 5th floor of the labyrinth, yet he chooses to jump straight to the 20th floor without thinking at all, still a great genius.

The pace of the story is strangely slow in some parts and then shifts to super fast forward at times for no reason what so ever. Then we're hit with the author's annoying chuuni again, the MC is proud of his spearmanship, yet every battle is resolved not by technique but by brute force skills, the author clearly realized that it's insanely boring to just hear about the MC turning on his toes or swinging his spear around in the figure "∞ ", the author clearly lacks skill in describing fighting scenes, and it just becomes about throwing OP skills in, while for some reason that's beyond me, making the MC use 2 or even 3-4 spears at a time, all chuuni, no relation to reality, it's not swords, it's god damn spears, it's supposed to be used with 2 hands for a reason, otherwise it's just a sword on a stick that's slower to swing and you can't guard anymore.

The worst thing is how all the lovers are turned into vampires too, making them worship him, they are not only clingy, but he's a God to them later, it's creepy and kills the romance completely. While we also have an other new follower thrown in for no reason what so ever, it just happens, there's no rules to the skills in this world, making everything feel like it's just deus ex machina, especially how they distribute loot before having it appraised and it funnily turns out that they got and picked items that are perfect for each of them every single time.


To finish off with something I really like about this novel then it's the fact that the author is able to keep the world in general interesting and filled with mysteries even after so long. There always seems to be adventures out there for the taking. <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
September 22, 2017
Status: c72
This story starts off slowly, but it focuses on training and becoming friendly with the family the Shuya encounters. It makes sense that he trains to become stronger before setting out in the world. The pace picks up after that, and the story has some nice, creative fantasy elements. I love all of the adventure and gore.

However, there are a few critical weaknesses here...

  1. b**bS. What is with the MC and b**bS? He literally identifies several of the female characters by their breasts and doesn't pay any attention to the men. If the translation team didn't leave editorial comments in there making jokes about how completely fixated the MC is on b**bS, I think I would've dropped it long ago. Shuya literally spends several chapters in a row mentioning b**bS or feeling up women before a chapter shows up where he doesn't.
  2. Shuya himself isn't very smart. Several different events have happened so far where he just OPs his way through them. It doesn't require any clever strategy. He even lets the humans take advantage of him without trying to do anything in retaliation. When women try to kill him, all he does is flirt with and feel them up (this is not always consensual) and possibly have s*x with them.
  3. The start of the story is weak in how it abruptly makes him this OP creature without challenging him to develop on his own or anything. The greatest character development I've seen so far is when he stops trying to have s*x with everyone hot woman he encounters. Although there is a central plot, it comes across as weak and unfocused most of the time. Shuya is taking his time very leisurely.
The highlights of this series would be the cat and some of the side characters. I like how the writer brings attention to Rollo frequently and seriously treats her as... more>> a leading character instead of some kind of pet or minor character. <<less
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korneliswicaksono rated it
September 8, 2019
Status: c74
Good story with detailed world-building. However the translation is complete sh*t until chapter 74. I URGED YOU TO BEAR WITH IT AS YOUR PATIENCE WILL BE REWARDED BY A GOOD TRANSLATOR LATER.


-the MC had to struggle at the beginning against even weak monster. But after a very detailed training regime and life-death encounter the MC turned to somewhat strong adventurer

-detailed story, such as MC training regimes

-detailed world description

-MC is a normal man who have s*xual desire and isn't shy in asking/doing in


-Terrible translation. But it's not the author fault!
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TUSF rated it
March 28, 2017
Status: c9
Honestly, the story sounds interesting. The chapters are a decent length and the story at least seems to flow nicely. I normally don't review stories and just leave a rating, unless I feel the current reviews are inadequate. And you know what? The translation quality is bad. No one seems to be talking about it, but the translation is just irksome.

It doesn't melt brain cells like a machine translations, but it feels like none of the sentences have any feeling, and they're all so monotonous. On top of that, there... more>> are a lot of weird sentences with broken grammar and such. It feels like a chore to read this translation. This story is in serious need of an editor. <<less
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slimeholder rated it
May 22, 2019
Status: v8
Hands down one of the best novels I've ever read. Amazing world and world building, superb overall atmosphere, great MC, great and well-developed side characters... I have literally 0 complaints. Like cmon, we are 8 volumes in and I still feel like this is just the beginning of an epic adventure. I mean, I am even considering this to rival Slime (which is my favourite novel ever), but it is just hard to compare these two.

p.s. Do not freak out about the translation. It is a bit bad at first... more>> (but not to the point of being annoying to read), but it gradually gets better, and from chpater 50 onwards, it gets picked up by another translator who is way better. Plus, if you are reading this in the future, chances are that it has been properly translated overall. <<less
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Deadrule rated it
November 1, 2018
Status: c103
This is a really good story with, acceptable world building and character growth or development.

Though first 25 chapters are very boring, his time in cave is kinda readable but the training arc is really slow paced, and even later on sometimes the author really outdid with the random infodumps and all. But despite all that if u preseve to read from when the story really starts (when protag leaves his master to journey on his own) Things get really interesting, some characters are really fun, but others are bland... more>> like a brick, MC himself is quite decent, sometimes a perv other times a cool guy. The plot is really intresting albiet some filler like chapters in between. Pacing of the story moves from slow to decent to some times a fast paced one. Other aspects are quite good, almost all harem are likeable and an additional star for Rollo the cat, she is so cute !!

But the above mentioned drawbacks are tolerable enough.

Only major problem I have with this novel that MC is like almost every time called "plain" by almost every love interest, one night stand or even some remotely inresting female character, so the author while focus on that MC is very plain looking, however I see that there are countless harem members and one night stand girls and they fall for him too easily, yeah for the person. Whom author repetedly shows with very "plain" looks mostly said by said love interests, eg in a place

Girl (smitten by mc) A: you look plain but u are cool

Girl (smitten by MC) B: your looks are very plain but your muscles are good

I mean wut?, Then author himself explain in later paragraph that he looks plain cause he is japanese, and the world is western like and yeah this occurs a lot of times in almost every arcs, so my main problem is that even if he looks plain but if the girl (love interest) remaind him of that many times then that person should be too rude. And at least that's kind of rude thing one cannot say to one she has a crush on by common sense. <<less
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Not0nline rated it
November 16, 2022
Status: c12
The story would probably be good, but the translation is horrible. I don't know how people can critique a story when you can't read half of what's written. I'm not nitpicking, I have read better translations from Google translate (and we know how bad those are). Here are a couple examples that I copied and pasted:

Raguren-san begins heartily swinging his broadaxe into the tree, chopping it grandly. Something about the blows being strong, enough to say blow three times with only two other words.

As the big tree is chopped in... more>> no time, is this a ? I stared unintentionally.

With the returned clothes I received, I return back to the hut with the leather clothes and fabric. In order to put away the things, I was holding on the lined up shelves I went to the shelves.

There’s various shelves, but a small wood chip gets into my eye.

Is the stick of the tree? This, must be what it is.

These aren't the worst ones either. <<less
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CockyBrat rated it
September 21, 2020
Status: c25
The Novel started really good.

It had good world building, a nice lore and a good premise. The characters were all interesting like for example Achilles or the cat. The MC seemed to be interesting. No beta or edgy guy at least. And the training in the mountain arc was fun as well.

It wasn't outstanding but at least decent. The only thing that bugged me were the unnecessary long and detailed explanations. Chapter long description of how a cave, a house or some random person looks like also the writing can... more>> be monotonous and a little distant at times.

But it all becomes worse the moment the MC meets humans. No more fleshed out characters, no lore and no interesting MC. Somehow the MCs charcter is reduced to being a strong pe*vert, other men are just evil villians and women are just big breasts, which the MC likes to grope quite forcefully.

Quite sad as this had potential. I don't know why this is happening so often with novels. After showing that the autor can be a good writer they always screw it up on purpose like they did here.

Good job for wasting your work! <<less
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DaDeDiDoDu rated it
November 5, 2019
Status: c141
So you want to know whether this novel is worth your time reading, right?

Just look at the summary of comments.
You will notice that there is a difference between those who've read past Volume 4 (which is Chapter 74 and above) and those who didn't. The things they talk about have diverged from those who haven't reached those latter chapters.

What I experienced is the same.

I mostly started reading this to pass the time while waiting for other series. The MC is OP and a lecher, you know, typical isekai stuff. Heck, the first few dozen chapters are translated so badly that it would probably deter most who have started the novel from continuing. But as the story progresses and the setting gradually unravels, I found myself hooked to it. Okay, I know. The novel is hardly the best isekai out there, but it's the kind of story that stands out from the masses, at least for me.

And my main point? I recommend reading until around Volume 6 or 7. At least, by then you probably got whole gist of the story. If at that point and you still don't like the novel, then that's it I guess?

Edit:Chapter 224

What do I say... it's like "the things I feared to happen has come at last". Yeah, that kind of dramatic line.

Main point? The Harem aspect ruined the story these last few chapters. That's it, period. No need for me to expound on why.

Oh well, I'm still reading the story. The world has been mapped out properly with details. For every place the MC goes, the little connections and lore gives you an idea for the bigger world that is Sera. At least the author nailed this part right, right? Hehe.

I will continue to read, just with less expectations next time. It's not as great as before, but still good enough for my reading list.

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