The Slothful Villainous Noble


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Luc Hugaro Deskustos is a villainous noble in a romance strategy simulation game for adults.

Although he has a talent for magic, he lets it go to waste. He’s slothful and always gorges himself with food and ends up growing as an ‘ugly fat toad’.

Reincarnated as him, our main character follows his slothful ways, except he doesn’t want to grow as an ‘ugly fat toad’. He seeks to become a handsome man while still spending his days in comfort and happiness.

Watch as he takes the villainous route while carving out a future for his ideal sloth life.

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Akuma de Taida na Akuyaku Kizoku
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KA2094 rated it
June 1, 2023
Status: c33
Honestly the more the story goes on the more the deification of the MC (Luc) by everyone becomes so uncomfortable it feels disgusting. (Most of all just braindead)

I wanted to give this 1 star, but given the fact that it is pretty readable I won't.

Let's talk about Luc first.

This story follows the "the MC is more imaginative, therefore, is better-at/can-create magic" trope. It is not explained why the f*ck he can. Just accept it. Luc is also handsome/beautiful thanks to his constant effort in beautification techniques. Once again, why the f*ck he knows them is not explained. Expect it to come up A LOT.

Luc is also physically strong but in almost the most lame way possible. {Spoiler 1}. It honestly doesn't feel "earned" since there is no drawback AT ALL and he somehow keeps his physique exactly to his beauty standards, which I guess it's fiction so I will ignore the logistics of that.

{Spoiler 1}


He has a unique magic that can control him (and others) to move for him, which then does all the exercise and learns fighting techniques for him


He is "kind" and "charitable". Every-time this is said/implied I want to just punch Luc and whoever said it. Luc is lazy, the best he does is giving money and going along with his fiancée to orphanages. It is the most laziest (appropriate I guess) way of doing things. Yet, the reaction he gets for this are overblown.

Mentioning his fiancée, it is honestly the most pathetic way of getting one.


He saw that she could cook and was like "That would be useful" and proposed.


But Luc isn't actually the bad part of the novel, no, that is the ABSOLUTELY f*ckING BRAINDEAD everyone-else.

Note: There are some people (like his sister) that are purposefully vain and one-note/dimensional. The problem comes when the people who are meant to be reasonable start doing the following.

Some are just absolutely enthralled and creaming themselves with Luc's beauty that it feels disgusting.

Some act like he is some saint and creaming themselves because he "helped" their orphanage ("helped" being: {Spoiler 2})

{Spoiler 2}


His fiancée gives food out when he recommends that instead of gaining weight from eating she could start a restaurant or give to others for charity, Luc just tags along and gives money


A heroine wanting to marry him because he is strong, which is okay, but it doesn't feel earned (see above about Luc in spoiler)

And more.

On the note of heroines, of all of them, they are the most unlikeable and braindead. Seriously, if I had to pick a favourite it would be the heroine of the original story that is with the original story's MC and likes him.

In fact, when I realised that I REALLY wanted her to keep liking the original story's MC and keep hating Luc, this story was bad enough to write a review.

Some notable points:



Once again, why the f*ck is he able to just create a basically f*cking sentient mana-thing with BASIC magic.


Magic girl is a b*tch:


One of the heroine's is the daughter of a magician who measured and contacts Luc. She generally acts insufferable, but in c33 when the original MC asks "How is he (Luc) normally" (he currently thinks he is like the average noble from his family, who are shit) she refuses to answer because he is Luc's enemy? Bit*h think about it logically, if you tell him and he realises that Luc isn't like the rest of his family wouldn't that help Luc, and remove an "enemy"


The f*cking helping an orphanage:


Once again, a girl is like "ooo~ I wanna marry Luc because he helped our orphanage" and it is literally "oh he gave money and visited". Imagine if some rich dude just gave money to charity and now everyone acts like they are the best person alive and are creaming themselves for him. It's disgusting.


Talking about marrying Luc:


The class is put into groups for group projects and they literally start talking about how they want to marry Luc and it is the most cringe sh*t I have read in a while. Especially when there reasons seem so f*cking superficial that they just seem unlikeable. The merchant girl is okay though, at least she is honest.

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Foeman111 rated it
March 30, 2023
Status: c36
edit: this one has gotten on my nerves. It's been 30 chapters since my last review and frankly I'm dropping the series. This thing went from good potential to deification of the protagonist. If you read it you will understand exactly what I mean. Dropping to 2 stars, and not reading again

it looked like it could be good when I reviewed it at c7. That hope never came true.
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TimeVoid rated it
July 12, 2023
Status: c47
MC is uninteresting. His special ability was the usual among the 7 deadly sins. The MC was op, lazy, chick magnet.

forget the story, forget the plot. This novel doesn't offer much on those aspect.
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Akuray D.Carcalho
Akuray D.Carcalho rated it
May 16, 2023
Status: c26
It's a good work, typical story that MC remembers his past life with a shitty family.
Good points :
°MC has a lot of interaction with characters outside the original line, and shows well the relationship between them without anything forced. Even though he is described with him being 'extremely handsome' (he has an androgenic appearance') it shows that the two women he loves didn't fall in love with him for that, but for who he is (so harem won't be great, something appreciated. For now he has 2 his fiancée and the servant girl who takes care of him). And he doesn't even care about the original heronies (only one who is the daughter of a friend of his (but she is very cute, so go ahead)
°MC is strong but not competitive and is obsessed with being the greatest.

°He doesn't give a damn about the original line, nor does he want to be involved with it. But that doesn't mean that he will bow his head to anyone. The protagonist challenges the MC to a fight and gets beaten up mercilessly. The heroine friend of the protagonist will defend him, and MC puts her in her place and so on.
(In short, MC will crush him mercilessly if they mess with him.)
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Novel Casanova
Novel Casanova rated it
April 21, 2023
Status: c35
Oh would you look at the time, looks like it is 'villain novel review.' o clock. This time on the chopping block is "The Slothful Villainous Noble". A quite readable 7 out of 10 novel. The review itself will be quite short (by my standards) so I won't be providing a TLDR here but one is there on the rec. List.

So anyways, onto the specifics-

  • The good parts, It is entertaining wish-fulfilment. The MC isn't some ultra competitive fighter but he isn't some idiot either. He 'awakens' memories from previous life. But is compelled to stay slothful by his nature and manages to find ways around it.
  • He's good looking cause he puts effort into it (not just because he was just born with it) which is a nice thing. He is hilariously overpowered because of the way his power works. He already has a harem but seems the main girl is one that he motivated himself and worked with her to make her go from ugly duckling to a swan which is another really good message to send. But thats all on the surface level.
Now, the criticisms,

  • the world setting- almost as generic as they come. Magic isnt well explained. The distinctions of 'attribute' and 'attributeless' are nonexistent. His signature power isn't well-thought out but rather a plot mcguffin capable of doing everything.
  • Characters are mostly one dimensional. Hell, his own family is a group of caricatures of the seven deadly sins tropes and that is all they have for personality. (This actually includes the MC, embodiment of sloth)
  • The POV shifts are standard. Most of the time you will not be reading from the MC's side. This would still have been fine but. Each chapter and each POV switch basically is 20-30% a recap of the previous chapter. Details and dialogue get repeated constantly. This did not happen much near the beginning of the novel but the later parts chap 15 onwards are practically all 20-30% recaps.
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Mr. White Tower
Mr. White Tower rated it
April 9, 2023
Status: --
I want to like this novel but I just can't seem to. On one hand, I love the author's writing style which is very pleasant to read, like reading a fairytale. However, on the other hand, I'm not a big fan of the multiple POVs that are so overwhelming. These details are repeated over and over again, which makes me feel bored.
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