The Skill Maker


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Trying to earn a living everyday kept Hyun-Soo busy. However, one day when he was doing a side job of threading beads, he realized something.


[Bead threading skill has been created] The truth was that he was the Skill Maker.

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스킬 메이커
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New Moroha rated it
November 26, 2019
Status: c125
I dont understand how could people have the audacity to leave review after reading only the prologue. It is understandable that u might not like WN/LN from this genre or this kind of them. So dont leave a misleading review and pulling down the overall rating. (Those are also the people that says, "Don't judge a book by its cover ". Lol)

I love this kind of books or them. If u plan to read than take some time read some chapter and see if it is ur cup of... more>> tea or not. If like it welcome aboard, If not there are plenty of ships to hop on, in this sea of novels.

P.s. I really hope that this novel gets picked up again for Translation, I know for sure there are plenty fo loyal fans/readers who are eagerly waiting for years like me. <<less
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TheJudge rated it
September 20, 2017
Status: c37
MC obtains this amazing ability that will hopefully get him out of his current shitty life or perhaps he'll get kidnapped and forced to create op skills for rich players by how shady and stupid he handled the his ability. While reading this, you'll find out how smart (not) the MC is and how stupid the rest of the people are in this world. The MC will be the first to create scrolls, potions and many other things, which I find pretty stupid as korean's are considered to be pretty... more>> smart in rl, so why hasn't anyone ever try to create a potion, or pick up the various herbs and loot lying around in the dungeons?

When MC created his first skill to sell, he decided it was the best idea to sell it on the forums where he has no reputation, but you see scrolls are very rare and difficult to obtain, so they are usually kept privately for guild use or sold discreetly. I can think of 10 much better alternatives he could of handled this matter, and 10 other things that could go wrong for what he did. He's a nobody selling this rare/expensive scroll, and could of gotten robbed easily, but since the characters are nothing but mindless drones I guess no one ever thought of that. Why hasn't anyone wondered how he was able to obtain such "rare" scrolls numerous times and had him followed, or investigated. The way he trades the scrolls is even out of the ordinary.

Characters are boring and predictable, all of them are there to either, worship the MC, harem, or stomp on MC only later to get beaten later on. While reading you'll find many typical cliches such as how MC saves high ranked heroines family/sister and she falls for him and so on;repeat 10x.

Overall nothing really special here. <<less
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June 23, 2018
Status: c4.5
If you like an MC that is denser than the mass a black hole shits, this MC might be for you!

TL:DR at bottom >_>

Alright, ill roll with the summary to reduce spoilers, okay? good? lets go. Adding Spoiler tag here just to be safe...>_> *looks at profanity... sighs* gonna edit that out too.

... more>>

Prologue (LOL) - We get minimal info from the summary here, so moving on.

Chapter 1 - MC is working part time jobs and doing little handicraft work (threading beads) for some side $$ during breaks and the like, woo!

Chapter 2 - Stupider learns his first skill and we get a bit of backstory, though not much, its vague. Stupid then freaks out for reasons you have to read to know! Suffice to say, hes stupid as ****.

Chapter 3 - Stupid keeps freaking out and gets even stupider! though theres some more backstory though still vague.

Chapter 4 - Stupid cant seem to recall how he made his first skill (Thread Bead, or if we want to call it as its action.. Bead Threading) which magically appeared while he was working hard THREADING ****ING BEADS! and trying to figure out better ways to do it more efficiently. So in an attempt to make new skills, he thinks (dunno why, hes clearly brain damaged) and thinks and thinks, and something happens!! OH NOES!, then he gets his 2nd new skill! ZOMG NEW SKILLZ!!! HOWD I GET IT?!?! I WAS ONLY DOING WHAT THE SKILL IS ***ING NAMED!


He was working cashier at a crap mart and lost some register $$ during his shift and was running the numbers on a calculator (and the author likes to repeatedly state hes barely a HS grad for some reason) when he magically learns!!! DUNDUNDDDDUUUNNNNN Fast Calculations skill! WOWZERS GOLLY GEE WIZZ *******MAN I WONDER WHY?!?


Chapter 5 - Hes mysteriously baffled why he learned said skill in chapter 4 and cannot comprehend it.

And thats when I gave the **** up reading this. Look, I see it says "Dense Protagonist" up there, alright? But thats for EQ, not IQ. We need a tag for "Brain Dead Protagonist"... maybe "Protagonist is slow witted" or "MC HurDurs - Used when the MC is so stupid you wonder how the author ever managed to write a book!"


Iunno, you have opinions, I have opinions, and my opinion is if the MC is so damnably dumb that my stupid ass feels like a Higher Being reading this garbage, the book wont be going anywhere I care to follow. So im not going to give a Star rating because I honestly couldnt submit myself to the punishment of reading from a stupid asses prospective long enough to rate the book in any other way except negatively and thats only because of one thing so wouldnt be an accurate judgement and/or rating.


The MC is hopelessly pathetically stupid for atleast 4 chapters and the first bit of the 5th chapter. So stupid I just give up. Shocked he didnt forget to breathe. <<less
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Jeff091 rated it
August 20, 2017
Status: c22
The MC is just thinking the same thought over and over again. I don't know what is more annoying,

  • The MC not getting the obvious solution.
  • The MC repeating the same thought and expecting a different result. (That is one definition of insanity)
By the end of ch.4 I read about 3-5 sentences story, and the rest was filler.

Edit: I decided to give it a second chance

prologue to ch.5 = filler

  • the MC droped out of a hunter training programm, because his family (younger sister, mother, father) has monetary problems and he has to earn money
  • He has a lot of parttime jobs
  • The MC awakens to his abilety (interface SS, Skill maker D [can make E&F-rank Skills]), and makes 2-3 skills
  • 5*The MC is too fuc**** stupid to understaind that the windows he sees are "interface".
  • 80* The MC is too fuc**** stupid to understaind what it takes to use "skill maker"

ch.6 = Start of the story

ok, the "filler" ended, the only remaining problem is the average character IQ, which equals the IQ of a doornail

Edit: there are still a lot of problems, but the further I read the better it gets
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Okuri Ookami
Okuri Ookami rated it
May 24, 2016
Status: c5
So far the story is quite attractive. A down on there luck family is pushed to the extremes and is no longer to pay for the formal training of the oldest child in becoming a hunter. He is something similar to Weed from LMS which at this point I think is a standard of what Korea thinks is an ideal MC. He's hardworking, determined, dedicates everything towards making money to support his sister and wants the best for her even to the extent of giving up his dreams.

At this... more>> point I'm only incensed by how long it takes for the MC to figure out his ability. I know its only been 5 chapters at the time of this reviewing but he gets it in chapter 1 and it was fairly obvious as to what he was doing when he got it. Not only that he focuses on everything else but the potential of both his skills and just worries about fighting potential. I hope this isn't a constant in the MC's personality, don't like one track minded individuals for my story leads.

This is just an early review meant to garner some attraction towards the series as I really think its unique. While the release frequency isn't high right now I bet once people start to read it they'll be clamoring for more and the TL might cave in and give us 2 whole chapters a week!

This might seem spoiler-ish but I'll list the real spoilers down below.

Starter skills


his skill is actually very surprising, he originally has 2 skills. 1 allows him to view everything like you would in a JRPG (yeah that very basic themed skill isn't standard in that world no wonder its a SS class in an S class world) while the other allows him to make skills (rated a F class right now) but has a growth potential


I'll give this series a 5/5 right now because it seems to be setting up the world while still building up the character at a stead pace. In this regard it reminds me of ETH. The stories are very similar in many regards and I would suggest reading that novel if you like the 1st 5 of this one.

Family situation


Not much of the family has been shown at this point. The parents are shown as hardworking and busy on all occasions and hasn't made 1 appearance other than the prologue. The sister at this point is really eye catching. She is very similar to Weeds little sister. But the two siblings are slightly different in that the MC in this story is the one that rebelled at a young age (but now is responsible and upright) and that his younger sister is the one who never had the chance to go through that all to familiar teenage phase.

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OldManGu rated it
March 13, 2018
Status: c9
This novel is straight up trash! It should have a mountain of 1 star reviews. The MC is super stupid. I dont understand his way of thinking. I can only guess that he takes after the author. The MC wants to hide his power for no good reason. Its just because the author thought it would be cool. The problem is there is 1000 reasons to reveal it and none not to. He has a SS grade skill called interface. It lets him see his and other peoples status screens.... more>> The MC doesn't even think its a good skill! Thats how dumb the MC is. He is also scared to tell the Hunter Organization, that hes a hunter now. He said they may think he's lying and arrest him! Why cant he just show them his skills! He has a op bead skill. It takes 5 minutes to put these beads together and he can do it in 1 second! He can also tell them other peoples skills with interface. I dont mind mc's hiding their skills if they have a reason. There is no reason in this novel though! His family needs money and he doesn't try to get a loan? Why cant a hunter with a SS skill get a loan? He also has his D rank Skill Maker. He can make F and E rank skills. Im guessing it will get stronger. People can level up in this novel. The level up system is super dumb. The villians feel super random and stupid. I could not read anymore if you paid me. The worst part is the filler in every chapter. The author likes to drag out pointless stuff and repeat the MC's thoughts. I almost forgot another dumb thing. F and E rank hunters only make 500 USD a day! Who would risk their life for 500 USD! I wonder what the hospital bill will be after getting their arm cut off will be? I hope the government pays for that. The government doesn't seem like much in this novel though. The MC had A rank hunter potential and they let him drop out because of money problems! The world is being invaded by aliens and they care about a little money! Lets just give the finger to the future hope of humanity! This author is a complete idiot! <<less
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jacobpaige rated it
January 19, 2018
Status: c63
There's really nothing special about this series. The story is one you've probably read before, and that version was likely better written. I won't say it's terrible, but it's certainly not interesting. Combine that with the slow and erratic release speeds and it's difficult to maintain an interest in this mediocre series.
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TerraEarth rated it
October 27, 2017
Status: prologue
Really not worth mentioning. Main character has no personality and nothing makes sense whether it be the game elements or the plot. The progression is all over the place and the unique aspect of the novel (his skill-making ability) is so incredibly down-played that it's as if it doesn't even exist - this was probably the most disappointing thing about the novel.
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ptbptb rated it
October 4, 2017
Status: c35
This is a decent story. To be honest, more of a 4 star than a 5 star, but I'm being generous because I consider some of the other reviews to be unfairly low. :P

Yes, the MC has an awesome skill. Two awesome skills near the start, actually, and increasing. However it's only by the end fo chapter 35 that he can actually stand up physically to the D-rank bullies. He's powerless as a kitten against the B and A rank elite. Moreover he realises from the start that the biggest... more>> threat is that he will gain the attention of the wrong organisations. He is at great risk of being enslaved for his skills, or eliminated as competition.

I think the author does a good job of making us feel this tension while he struggles to get the strength to protect himself and support his family. <<less
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pomoli rated it
September 2, 2018
Status: c119
Better than I thought in the beginning.


  • MC is naive and kinda dumb at first, making rookie mistakes, then becomes better as time passes.
  • World seems interesting. Same for the system MC uses.
  • Characters feel alive, even if they should be developed more.

  • Kinda slow, and even if I like slow stories, I wish for more things going on in the story.
  • Difficult beginning, with MC too dumb for my tastes, but he gets better.
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DannyOC rated it
June 20, 2018
Status: c25
Not my cup of tea, the MC basically realizes he can create low level skills then pass it on to people, so he does.

He manages to sell a few and blahblahblah dropped.

For me it is really boring, no tension, no romance, no action, no powerups, no op moments, of course, this is till were I've read (chapter 25), and it may change later on, but I do not have the patience to wait
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GoGoInTheA55 rated it
October 19, 2018
Status: c110
This novel's MC while trying to play safe has made this novel boring. After his 2nd awakening and his first mission he got into a children scuffle with a stupid unrealistic asshole. And unrealistically the world made MC the bad guy just to create some useless drama that doesn't had anything of worth in this story. It is just boring, too boring to even care about.
MC's journey is too safe. The adventure and wonder are absent in each chapter. The potential of his skills is totally abandoned, while huge... more>> focus is given to the filler chapter.

The World-

The world is really plain and boring, the dungeon systems don't seem to follow any rule and the stakes in these dungeons are not high. For all we know that this world is made up of bad programming by some indie world maker. It all feels empty and with no lore or background. No description of areas are given nor are there any rules defined. Its just bland.


What can we say?... it is as generic as it gets, unrealistically stupid characters becoming captain of the most skilled teams in the world, while the smart characters are all weak and seemed to be used as goons so that the MC can step over their dead body. Not a single character was memorable, nor did the author had given anything to care about these boring stupid characters.


The worst thing about this novel is action.... its the worse, you won't notice any difference in power levels of character through their action if not for the author telling you that the other person is "A rated hunter",.... This author has not even fleshed out an abilities of characters other than the MC nor does he bothers to write any engaging fighting scenes... then again, this whole story is bland.


Seriously! beading a necklace in that day and age, and not some expensive necklaces, they are all cheap ones you would found in the market. This author is stupid, so stupid that I am speechless. The author tells us that the MC is intelligent but did not have any college degree due to his special circumstances. And for part time this man does beading the necklaces.
His power can create any skills if he practices enough and does something with his heart, though he has limits on the amount f skills he can carry (5 initial), he just keeps shitting out same skills making him more noticeable instead of other skills.

Tl;Dr... this novel is stupidly bland... don't read it.
I gave 2 stars as the the translator has done a good job but the author is shitty. <<less
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IsekaiJake rated it
March 15, 2018
Status: c85
This novel is not boring but it has nothing intresting as well.

The novel is called "The Skill Maker" but aside from the very beggining when he sells (trashy) skills, he barely creates more. The MC could be considered an idiot in most cases. He lowers his guard waaay too much and if he didn't have his SS skill, then he wouldn't have been able to do anything at all and would have died since the very beggining.

I give this novel a 2.5 but as it is not good enough to... more>> be a 3, I'll leave it at 2. <<less
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shylight rated it
March 15, 2018
Status: c85
This one is pretty hard to describe... Overall I can agree with many other reviewers, in the beginning MC feels brain-dead and the plot is riddled with badly inserted clichés for a while. It gradually gets better, but, of course, don't go in expecting a masterpiece.
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algfq rated it
December 5, 2017
Status: c42
Typical posts apocalypse world, but with maximum-effort-without-much-thinking MC. Interesting concept but without much development. Typical 2d villian. Have so much potential, but wasted by MC way of think.

Everytime I read the MC monologue there's something cringe that I can't explain. Not sure if the plot is not developed enough (read: bad) or I just don't like fullpower-brainless-effort kind MC. Or maybe I just don't like the way author put this Korean novel to more have chinesy feeling (you know, struggling against injustice early game, the OP-but-not-yet ability, meet op helper... more>> early game, cannon-fodder villain that doesn't learn). I should just rate it 2 but because of the theme I'll give it extra point. <<less
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Zyst rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: c22
I didn't like it that much.

The writing isn't particularly good, it feels like the author has a general good idea of where he wants to take the plot, which is a plus, but the writing feels inorganic and does not flow well.

The concept of the ability itself is interesting, but the entire world seems to be against the main character. Even when stuff is finally coming around for him you can feel the cosmos trying to screw him over in some convoluted way. As a plus the author clearly thought... more>> about how to make his ability relatively balanced, and that benefits the story greatly.

All in all I feel the main idea behind the story is well interesting, but the world building, and character development is weak at best. I would give this a read if you find the concept of creating skills to be highly compelling, but otherwise give it a pass. <<less
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Celest rated it
September 7, 2019
Status: c125
Good to idle away some time but definetly not a gem in my bookshelf. Very basic storyline, with some slowass protagonist that gets op powers through sheer luck and is too dumb to use the full potential, but considers himself the most clever person, while laughing about 'petty people that have too big an ego'

Thing I disliked the most: this portal-apocalypse never been properly explained and how portals work; the MC decides 100 times to create some skill and ends up having other things to do or its... more>> results being omitted and never was spoken about again; when one thing just been the most important to the MC its just being dropped some time later <<less
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Antares rated it
August 19, 2018
Status: c118
It's called The Skill Maker, but the MC only creates skills at the beginning. He didn't make anything new for about 50-60 chapters so far.

For now the plot is moving along and it doesn't feel like reading a filler, which saves it from a lower rating.

Translation is mostly fine with occasional minor issues, for example "Strengthen Visibility" sounds like something that makes you easier to be noticed, as opposed to something that improves your vision (Strengthen Vision or Improve Sight would in my opinion be a better translation in this... more>> example). <<less
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Mz rated it
March 20, 2018
Status: c92
I think this novel has an interesting concept (Creating skills and etc). Saddly it was extremely baddly written so If you want to read it I recommend reading until chapter 28 or 30 and then skipping to chapter 72. I'll tell you why in the spoiler below.

... more>>

For some reason the author decided to write 40 chapters that won't add anything to the history. He barely used his SS rank skill and he didn't use Skill maker not even once!. I got depply frustated reading those chapters and I bet it'll be the same for the next readers because they sincerely suck.


Well the novel seems to be getting back on track now but I need to read a bit more to be able to tell for sure if this novel is worth reading or not. Despite the 40 filler chapters I for some reason really enjoyed the normal ones. <<less
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criticalmind rated it
March 12, 2018
Status: c85
I like this novel a lot. That probably has something to do with the slightly introverted MC coming into his stride and becoming OP. It seems to be a feature in a lot of novels I read. The Koreans in general, do that well, balanced between the megalomaniac Chinese and the loosey-goosey Japanese types in novels. But often, Korean MCs turn into these paranoid dark loners with few actual connections and too many secrets. It's depressing.

So, obviously, this novel is not like those. It's about a guy who awakens his... more>> hidden talents, finds people he can trust, endures hardships, works hard and isn't a complete dick. <<less
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apaulose rated it
August 21, 2016
Status: c5
Great Story. Likable Characters for the most part. Interesting ability that seems and is OP but has enough of a learning curve that it doesn't ruin the power balance. MC feels and reacts like a normal person.
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