The Skeleton Magician’s Play Diary


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In a future where fully immersive VR (virtual reality) devices have become widespread, permeating every aspect of society, including the gaming industry, people now have the incredible opportunity to immerse themselves in alternate worlds and even glimpse into the future. Consequently, VR games of all genres have skyrocketed in popularity, captivating audiences from every part of the world.

Within this thriving VR game market, a remarkable new title emerges, known as “Free Species World,” boasting a captivating slogan, “Embark on a fantastical journey as any species you desire.” Whether players choose to inhabit the form of a human, a beast, or even a monster, the game offers a variety of forms other than the normal humanoids. The mere mention of this groundbreaking feature led to an overwhelming response, with the beta test lottery receiving thousands of times more applications than anticipated and the pre-orders for the full release selling out in mere seconds.

This is the play diary of a certain working adult who delved into this VR game, which later became a social phenomenon, role playing as a villain and gaining fame by conquering a whole continent.

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The Skeleton Mage's Play Diary
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3 Reviews

Aug 25, 2023
Status: c59
The thing you should note the most before going into this the novel is that the “slice of life” tag shouldn’t be taken lightly. The essence of this novel is following along with the Protagonist and his group of friends as they go on various adventures, it’s a light hearted read that’s enjoyable as long as you don’t take it too seriously. The biggest strengths of the novel are it’s characters and atmosphere.

There are, however, some things you should note before getting started reading: First, as is common for VRMMO... more>> novels, the actual game portrayed doesn’t follow conventional game design, it’s unbalanced and would likely have a bunch of people getting upset about poor game design, if that’s something you can’t tolerate, I wouldn’t recommend reading this novel, although it’s not the worst in terms of VRMMO novels. Second, it has hints of the “status screen” problem, wherein they tend to have loads of status screens, which can detract from your immersion. Keep in mind that the protagonist’s status is only really shown in early chapters, before being moved to the end of each chapter and finally being set at the end of each volume, so the MC’s status isn’t the problem, but the enemy statuses and every single skill/character level up is still displayed, which can get a bit exhausting. The final issue, is that the MC gets a large variety of skills making it difficult to keep track of even for the author, so oftentimes it feels as though the MC isn’t using as many options as he could.

I’ve tried to been as objective as possible, but I’am only human, so I must apologize if some of this is inaccurate. Although the negative aspects seem to outweigh the positive I feel as though the negative stuff is fairly common as far as WNs go, especially those which use VRMMO as a setting, and I would definitely recommend giving this a try if you like slice of life. <<less
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Jul 20, 2023
Status: c28
This novel have a very unusual writing and quality compared to majority of JP light novel out there.

The story and the plot are enjoyable, simple and easy to follow.

The side characters also feel much livelier than usual JP light novel. They have their own personality, not just the MC. So, you can easily imagine the situation everytime they talk to each other.

So far (up to chapter 28), MC and his gang rarely interact with the majority of the players (Human side) so the actions are still pretty limited to his... more>> gang vs the monsters around them, but I think the story would be more interesting later when their side (Monster) meets with the majority of the players (Human) in more direct and major conflict. <<less
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Jul 23, 2023
Status: c36
It is good. But im just sad that there are so few steong players for now :C. I would really appreciate more monster players and generally more good players. I mean it is impossible that only 3 people are good fighters irl... please. I am praying for some challenge for our battle maniac character and knight character. If it goes on maybe only strong people left will be main characters and some npcs. Maybe after second batch players there will be more strong characters? I doubt it thou : (.... more>> But well still it is fun to read. And we gotta remember that MC is playing for fun after work so maybe it is a good thing that he has it chill? Bu well not for me heh... Gimme. More. Chaos. Pls... 🥺. So if you are looking for something chill go and read it it is enjoyable! <<less
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