The Sinchon Station Wizard is a Musical Instrument Maker


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After spending a century in another world, a magician named Jang Dojin, returned home. Undeterred by the familiar yet unfamiliar surroundings, Dojin decided to establish a workshop in Sinchon, where he could share his magical talents with the world.

As if guided by fate, individuals drawn to his workshop began to find their way to his doorstep. Watch the music of the elves resonate throughout the world as the magician heals the world with music.

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The Magician at Sinchon Station is a Musical Instrument Maker
The Sinchon Station Magician is a Musical Instrument Maker
The Wizard at Sinchon Station is a Musical Instrument Maker
신촌역 마법사는 악기제작자
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06/15/24 The Sylphidian c3
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05/28/24 The Sylphidian c1
05/28/24 The Sylphidian prologue
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New theeeargonauts rated it
May 28, 2024
Status: c100
Read this a while back. No one was translating it so I decided to do it. TBH this is just a Korean munchkin WN. If you've read TOTCF, you'd know what that means. It was honestly an easy fun read.


We get crafting and construction, idols, music, and business management.


OP knows how to live a peaceful life but he also lets them have it when needed be. Overall, chill story!
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