The Simple-Looking Sword Saint is Nevertheless the Strongest


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A Japanese student named Shirokuro Sansui died because of God’s mistake and was teleported to a different world.

He claimed that he wishes to become ‘the Strongest’, so he received a referral letter for a Sage from God and received 500 years of training.

When he reached a stage where he could be called as ‘the Strongest’ in the common people’s standard, he picked up a baby near his training grounds, and there, he finally starts his isekai adventure.

His training is simple, his techniques are simple, he’s ‘the Strongest’ but he looks simple.

With an ordinary wooden sword in hand, the fight of the simple-looking Sword Saint has just begun.

Associated Names
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Jimi na Kensei wa Soredemo Saikyou desu
The World's Least Interesting Master Swordsman
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Cyan_Snake rated it
May 13, 2018
Status: c2
As this is only at chapter 2 I will not be putting any spoiler tag.

He gets called a barbarian and a monkey, is told that he is only alive/left with both arms is because of the child he is carrying, then say they will test him and hire him to work for them. The MC proceeds to be extremely grateful and think they are really nice people. This coming from 'the strongest' person in the world who admits that he may not be faster than a royal guard.

Without going any... more>> further we know that the MC is 100% dense/ an idiot who HAS TO RAISE A CHILD. Sure he says he may not fit in to Japanese society after the 500 years of training... but really author? Did he forget language and what an insult is? What humiliation is? <<less
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Original Red
Original Red
November 4, 2019
Status: --
Don't waste your time with this series. It's completely generic, unoriginal, and a downright snooze fest after the first dozen or so chapters.

The worst aspect of this story is undoubtedly how utterly passive the MC is despite being a 500 year old "Sage". He acts and thinks like some beta japanese kid, per every isekai story, and spends the entire series being bossed around by pretty much everyone in the series. He has no real ambitions or dreams of his own, even something simple as exploring the new world he's... more>> been summoned to never crosses this idiot's mind as he spends the whole series serving under some s*upid noble house because he has to raise some kid he found on the ground, who of course is someone related to royalty like that wasn't the most obvious thing in the world. Don't even get me started on his marriage to the female butler as that entire "romance" was just pure cringe and he goes along with it for pretty much no reason other than "sure why not?" despite clearly having no romantic feelings for the girl.

I don't understand how this story became popular enough to get a manga adaption or whatever but it's just sad how stories like these are getting attention when there are hundreds of better ones that will never get the same amount of attention. <<less
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RandomComment rated it
May 23, 2018
Status: v1c3
All I can really say 3 chapters in is, "Poor".

The series starts off awkwardly and bizarrely, tho its interesting to see the author trying to be original and subverting tropes. Unlike many series, the god quite literally doesnt feel a shred of remorse for killing MC by mistake and is quite lackadaisical. "Meh, I messed up, you get 1 wish kid". Also, no blessing. MC had to work hard, for 500 years, for his strength.

However, this very quickly goes downhill with how the series continues to progress from chapter 2... more>> onwards. This isn't someone that was hardened through training for 500 years. He acts humbly and submissively as a normal japanese teenager would. Even if hes not going through 500 years of direct combat experience or anything, you'd think 500 years of sage training would at least let him develop his mental maturity a bit but nope. No such thing. He just accepts the sh*t they say to his face and takes all this haughty nonsense from these nobles face on. Like... come on. They decided to give you a chance for employment sure but... you're not gonna react at all to some overprotective dad and brother literally, explicitly trying to kill you? When you're the strongest? And this brother's attack would have been enough to kill you? What happened to "strongest"?

Not sure if that'll be retconned later with him tanking a lot and finding out hes more durable than he thought or what, but... to be quite frank, the series is a let down. I only read it cause Paichun is translating it and I'm desperately searching for one of these sort of simple series to read atm. But this is much much worse than paichun's other major project, kuchibiku. Meh.

I'll give it until chapter 10 I'd think but the start has been quite appallingly poor. <<less
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Remaaake rated it
September 20, 2021
Status: v7
Let me start of by saying that this novel has zero focus on the MC. MC already starts of being OP at the start and throughout the story he only grows once. I'd like to think his enlightened but his too dull. The romance is weak too, and I kinda don't like the Lady Douve x Prince Tahlan ship because Blois x Sansui is so weak in comparison. I'm far more interested in the 5 year gap then the actual story were seeing. How did Blois fall in love, how... more>> did Rain grow up?why does Lady Douve have a crush on him? Honestly the author could've just made a slice of life and I'll be fine with that but somehow the story just ends up being a waste with tinge of the author just being an ass. The story just goes on and on but 70% of the story revolves around other characters and the MC just being emotionless but inside he keeps saying "good thing I have my training or else I would've shown a reaction on my face" type of deal. Like who f*cking cares about the other OP Harem MC-like side character when we could have more lovey dovey moments with Blois. I especially can't help but dislike the fact that MC is already having a lid with Blois when they only just had like at minimum, 4-5 romance moments throughout 7 volumes. Infact Lady Douve is considered more FMC/FML than Blois and the author just pulling out the "i know you treated me like your own little sister" with no foresight or warning was surprising and I kinda accepted that she won't have a chance with the MC anymore but I still think she's more developed than Blois at this point. <<less
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Aaronisnothere123 rated it
July 13, 2019
Status: --
I'm really trying to be open with my choices on what to read, but some are just so idiotic, you couldn't imagine what the writer was thinking of.

I've read the manga variant and the novel to see any comparison and boy, do they suck.

The MC is a...... social justice warrior. I've no qualms on how to describe him. He's tough but his mental fortitude is weak, even after 500 years of tempering. Characters around him boss him around, snobby and arrogant and he goes through with it. This makes no... more>> sense whatsoever. I hate this novel due to the progression of the MC in his mindset. He became dumb just after becoming a step-parent. <<less
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kariage rated it
May 23, 2018
Status: c3
As far as chapter 3, I like what I read.

MC didn't instantly became OP by receiving unique skill from God without any effort, but he has to work hard to be strong instead (fortunately author skip the whole 500 years of MC's training so we don't have to wait for the story to progress only to read a lot of chapter of him training to be strong)

and so far no level, status, appraisal & inventory skill to make it look like MC is in a game world.
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NoLongerTheSame rated it
February 7, 2023
Status: --
Don't read this. It's an utter waste of time. The protagonist falls into the escort trope where a strong MC guards a naive and, in this novel, insufferable, noble lady. Forget about being beta, he is the ultimate pushover. I read this coz I was looking for staff-using MCs and was gonna recommend it to others if it was at least half decent but... It's been a while since I failed to understand how crap like this could warrant a manga adaptation.
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gateo rated it
January 2, 2023
Status: c1
The author isn't utilizing the tropes properly. That's my biggest complaint.

... more>>

Basically, a side character has a harem and readers are obviously made to feel jealous, but MC if fine. You know why? Because he doesn't seem to care about worldly desires. That point is made, yet the girls really want to hone in on the fact that they are never going to show him any love. It gets worse with every girl that is introduced as they fall in love with this side character and follow the same ritual as the rest of the girls. There's the princess, dark skinned warrior, mage, sword girl and they all really, really love the side character who's just a normal person came from earth with cheat abilities.

He really is the least interesting MC I've ever seen, but that's okay. There's always something to everyone, but no. This guy is just fine, as only the readers has to suffer from this story. Worst part is, the author thinks it's funny. It's not relatable at all. Maybe boys who have no lust and girls can enjoy the rest of the story.

One way to fix this issue is for main character to suffer from the situation, like any healthy boy would. He has to suffer, understand and move on. Get a life.

Both the plot and characters have the same purpose; to make readers feel dissatisfaction.

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Odorico rated it
December 8, 2022
Status: --
It's bizarre how such a bad novel has so many upvotes, the MC has the personality of a potato, seems to have masochistic tendencies due to his decision to become a servant of this disgusting "ojou-sama", after a while his presence literally becomes lower than that of the secondary characters, I do not recommend this soap opera to anyone, I think it was one of the soap operas that made me the most angry
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fmma4 rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: --
This is just torture nothing more I try to be you know positive but nope god says nope I say nope author says yes sadly.

... more>>

İmagine that you are 500 years old op person you can do anything but guess what MC want ? Lol nothing just nothing pick a baby to raise thats cool then runs fast then meets with some bit*h noble lady so called ojousama who thirst over other males while she exist because of MC lol then author pushes some random knight girl become MC wife adds bunch of morons and s*upid enemies to story then boom this is story of plain boring sage.


Romance is like written by seven years old fights not that bad but meaningless I dont wanna even talk about so called evil guys or so called rival to MC lol they bunch of edgy teens nothing more they exist because of some op weapons etc not only they cringe their masters so called noble houses cringe too they exist because of being master of cheat guys nothing more its sad believe me I really liked start of this novel manga but then boom some s*upid time skip then pairing like why even that moronic so called master of MC exist ? Just to make suffer us more ? She have adds nothing if she in you know harem of MC thats ok but nope she gonna need some other dude D lol.

So I give three star for this believe me 3 max for this novel sadly I wish this is gets remake but nope thats not gonna happen.


Most importantly thing is why the hell you add dozen of girls if none of them joins to MC harem just why ? And this novels manga feels like shoujo ai style so this is why I feel pain when I read it manga and novel because I am not fan of shoujo ai man this is confusing.


My real vote for this novel: 10 out 10 with Despair and Cringe is over 9000 if you like your time and brain dont read it. <<less
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yuzen rated it
March 4, 2020
Status: C33
This Story is bit fast-paced, a typical Isekai theme with a magical buff in its world setting but if you put the plot aside, the interaction between the characters is dry and sloppy, Our MC that got a chance to train in becoming the strongest by God for 500 years is a huge joke cause our s*upid MC is severely lacking in ambition, motivation and drive. Just why did our MC undergone 500 hundreds of sword play training, he is brainless and unclear,..? Next, our MC becomes a underdog then... more>> gets toyed around by a noble's daughter who is a selfish bi*ch, it's shows how ignorant and pushover MC is, with mild beta personality ! When it comes to romance this will definitely dash your hopes, the author is absolutely unreliable when it comes to romance, seriously it could have been great, if there is no element of romance in the novel.

The Novel's true setback is MC personality who needs to change slowly with plot.. As red said it's truly saddening that some good novels are not getting much attention what they deserve.

Adios guys, ~~ <<less
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ollerus rated it
September 25, 2019
Status: --
İf you ask me story really interesting you know MC plain but strong so when I start novel I think okay

... more>>

he gonna do something cool god really care about humans so asking MC what he want and MC chooses what he want thats good there no s*upid start here but then boom 500 pass like nothing MC found baby and his master go raise this baby and MC like okay bruh he goes meet most annoying character in the novel aka know as ojousama MC accept for raising baby then boom again time skip like nothing and believe me thats makes no sense I know this is fiction not real but come on you cant do that and after that MC goes away with child or without nope he stay becomes s*ave of moronic ojousama who thinks she's so smarth but s*upid enough to not choose MC as husband you see that lol MC op and mc's genes too op but nope she want other guys yeah we know japans love ntr but come on then other girl loves MC servant knight girl then MC somewhat accepts that lol there no story or something make you say wow s*upid character and story makes no sense I know I am hars here but come on why MC after 500 stay s*upid ? He become sage okay but why he still act like child ? I know he babyfaced sage but thats makes no sense other hero have a harem and he's weak MC owns so hard many times that hero but nope MC need stick with one girl and ojousama need choose someone diffirent I dont know but this novel feels shoujou manga style weird s*upid believe me story makes no sense even you read manga but still not below 3 star and I didnt read all so I dont know thats why for now 3 stars maybe later something good happens then I give more.

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