The Sick Villain Just Want to Live


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Zhu Tong was born in a wealthy family, but the pampered young master suffered from a serious cleanliness addiction, and there were so many things that even God can’t stand it, so he was given a sickness and even coughed three mouthfuls of blood.

The day before his death, he was inexplicably bound to a system.

The system told him that he was actually a cannon fodder villain in a danmei novel who humiliated the heartthrob protagonist and suffered the consequences. If he wanted to survive, he had to find the only one in the novel, the white moonlight, who was not attracted to the protagonist and get full favorability from him.

In order to find him, Zhu Tong changed schools.

The new school was located in a remote small county with eight-person dormitories, a canteen for big pot meals, and only one public toilet in a teaching building.

Zhu Tong: In order to survive, he will endure!

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New Ecirteab rated it
August 12, 2022
Status: c110
Cute and well written sickly MC X slightly two faced ML.

MC: sick since young and because of that has a cleanliness obsession. Not your typical young master type like the summary says. Actually wants to experience life but never had a chance to, is squeamish out of habit and circumstances.

ML: appears somewhat amiable but keeps everything very close to his heart. Rough past but isn't a bad person.

Romance: super cute. Avoids the pit of the system driving the romance. While ML is key to keeping MC alive, I never felt... more>> he was trying to take advantage. I like how the favouribility system was used in both showing how ML viewed people and a way for MC to understand ML later on once they're together. It's a reason but only one part of the whole.

ML pampers and takes care of MC before and after they're together. MC is shy but still proactive in his own way.

Plot: romance and system driven with little pockets to better understand MC and ML past. The system and other system plot elements (protag halo) is actually explained.

Side characters: not super deep but not too paper thin. Some characters like MC's sister and grandpa were more interesting than the classmate bunch. There's a side CP but only really in the epilogue.

Villain: several small villains but they're all pretty one-note.


Xia Yang or the 'protagonist heartthrob' was kind of interesting at the end when everything was revealed but boring otherwise

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