The Shy Beauty and Me


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Saiki Souta is just a normal highschool student, who wants to become a light novelist.

Katsumi Megumi is the school beauty who is very shy towards others.

At Souta’s 16th birthday, he was confessed to by Megumi.

But due to him thinking that he’s not good enough, Souta tried to block his feelings towards her and treated her as a sister.

Despite this, he keeps on questioning himself this question everyday, ‘Is this want I want? I’m not good enough for her! Do I really want to block my romantic feelings for her?’

Associated Names
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Shaibyūtī to boku
Shy Beauty to Boku
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Date Group Release
08/28/18 Kami no honyakusha c1 part4
08/22/18 Kami no honyakusha c1 part3
08/16/18 Kami no honyakusha c1 part2
08/10/18 Kami no honyakusha c1 part1
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