The Secret Life of a Certain Count’s Lady


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“Lilian, forces of evil are disturbing the world. We need a warrior to defeat the coming evil spirit. A righteous, strong warrior! And that warrior is you, Lilian.”
Oh, that’s ridiculous.

I wanted to live a normal life. I dreamt of marrying a handsome man, I wanted to enjoy my life as an ordinary (Count’s) lady. Carrying out justice and world peace, such thoughts have never crossed my mind, nor have I ever dreamt of it! Yet God chose me.
Strong power? Cool sword? Why are you giving them to me? Why me!

“Lili, will you accompany me to the capital? Wouldn’t it be more entertaining to be with a handsome man than to go alone?
“Uh… What I said earlier was a joke. Accompanying people whose identity is unknown to me is a bit…”
“Hmm, that makes sense. Very well then, I am Ajeros Arman, the third prince of the Kingdom of Arman.”
“A, a prince!?”

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어느 백작 영애의 이중생활
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