The Second Coming of Gluttony


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From the author of MEMORIZE:

“The son of god Gula has returned.”

I was lost in the world of gambling.

I turned my back on my family and even betrayed my lover.

I wasted every day of my life.

It was a life of tr*sh.

The reality told me thus:

That I would amount to nothing no matter what I did.

In order to change my pathetic life, I chose fantasy, instead.

Even then, it was the same story.

I wondered if salvation would come at the end of the long road.

But, I was forced to kneel down in defeat in front of a powerful entity.

The tower I built up with my own hands crumbled into nothingness.

Just for once, I dearly wished to know the truth about myself.

“Come closer, my child…”

I will not hold back this time.

Associated Names
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The Second Coming of Avarice
탐식의 재림
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Julveury rated it
September 5, 2018
Status: c56
Edit: 11/29/2018
The pace of the story is a bit slow. But I think it's the Author's way of laying down the foundations properly which really helps and keeps you on wanting to read the next chapter. Chapters are also long and details are pretty clear.
... more>>

Also in this universe, people who contributed largely can be granted a wish by a God. Therefore, even though MC is a scum at first round, for some reason he contributed greatly before he died to be given a second chance at life. And yes, this story is about how he changes and rise once again.


Old review: 9/5/2018
MC is unique from the start due to his ability of kinda like All-seeing-eyes but lost its functionality when he abused its power.

The novel started with an event in the future where MC died in another world. The princess of that place acknowledged his wish and let the God of that world grant it. It's kinda offed me a little when MC got such cheats like the Gold stamp but thinking about it, if he didn't try to negotiate with the woman that woman wouldn't acknowledge him as worthy to get that invitation. We can't say for sure how these stamps were given in each individual. One thing is for sure,

the s*ave contracts got their compensation in some form (money, etc.) and some invited must have approached someone who knows what is in the new world, had the privilege of having a companion and some other bonuses.

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April 27, 2020
Status: c301
I can't believe some people giving an angry review about how this novel is sh*t because they weren't expecting a harem when literally one of the tags is "harem", like are you retarded? I'd give it a 4 star on just writing alone then probably a like a 3 star on story. It started off as a 4 star but kinda degraded as the story went on he started ass pulling quite abit when he got items he coincidentally needed for the story to progress overall a 3.5 star maybe... more>> 4 at a push if it got better but for me the training arcs and the fights are really explained well unlike some novels. <<less
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yoga1102 rated it
April 14, 2020
Status: c549
Finished reading the novel.
I read it in raw two times from middle chapter around 200 ish both using Google Translate and Papago Naver Translator and they complimenting each other well. It's like reading 2 score below a manually translated, except that WuxiaWorld and translator team had done a 10 score job so MTL I use doing a 7-8 score. It is that good.

Anyway on the review.....
Plot : In my opinion it is the biggest strength and also it is weakness. Story was well done up until the ... more>>

MC investigating the Earthling who cooperate with the Parasite/Alien. Why he is not using his eye power more I do not understand, it is false drama created and kind of cheap when things could be done better when he is using his eye as a guide or a pointer if you will. This one is

Epilogue/sidestories too is mediocre with things dragged on for some quite chapter. The conclusion for the FMC to decide things could be done much earlier and Seol indecision to man up when when he already knew the answer. The Ending itself are good you know, it is just that the execution of it are rather lacking and kind of make you feel less satisfied and hoping there's more to it than just what is presented.


Character : Each character is superb and done well. They act like a human, talk like a human, and not one dimension at all. They had depth but for some reason at the leading up to the final act they are kind of underutilized.

It falls to MC to save the day and the other cast kind of do not had enough action that make them seem like doing their part too.


Writing : Author had done a good job and also the Translator team doing a super good job to deliver the author line to foreign languange. The style of languange in Translation it is used flowing really good and not making thing cheesy, make you rolled eyes, and god forbid "cringy" (god I hate that word). The ammount of word in each chapter is massive and yet it did not feel kind of padded to make them longer and did not feel like reading an essay. It is honestly quite fun reading them.

So, it is an easily 5 stars. I really liked this that make me want to write the only real review I had done, even though I read probably more than one hundred things in novel and manga. :) <<less
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Bakayaroo rated it
April 10, 2020
Status: c81
I don't know how anyone can like this hocus bogus, bare with me here

... more>>

Let's take the start of the novel when his life is shitty he is a gambler, an addict and a leecher now when he receives well you cant say receive per se but dreams his life ahead he sees it all the shittyness his life brought him till the end and then he strives to become better now the issue starts he just had thought of quitting gambling now enter Kim Hannah which presents him a lavish reward and quality life just sign a contract with her which she obviously doesn't mention is a s*ave contract he os tempted to sign then remembers his dream and just says four words and boom Kim Hannah is so astonished but still then instead of the contract she has to begrudgingly give him the best of the best mark the gold mark which doesnt make sense she could have given him bronze or silver but gives him the best mark and he has no idea whatsoever how important that is because he just saw a fleeting dream where he selects contract and doesnt know about invitees at that point but he remembers after the contract his life was like a s*ave and he had no life after signing it so even after knowing what kim hannah did to him he is still chummy with her trusting her and what I dont understand how can a person change its still the same Kim hannah it's not like we had an alternate reality or something it was the past but he had dream memories of what happend to him due to her even then he is trusting of her


The upper spoiler was what I felt was the problem in the start now after his screening and everything in the neutral zone which is honestly a great arc he sets foot in the lost paradise


after staring his adventure or expeditions his every action going into what is possibly impossible for even rankers to clear he clears them the reason for his action was his emotions were acting out what kind of sh*t is that, then comes his idiocy in jumping into every situation where there doesn't even make sense for him to possibly comes back alive from but he still does.

Oh and he sees dangers based on colors so one time he a party to clear a mission he knew there was really dangerous ahead it was crimson red color but he can't convince his party members because he can't disclose his abilities and yeah you guessed it others regret not listening to him earlier and he just waves it off when just escapes his situation due to sheer plot armor the problem is instead of leaving when he can't convince his party members instead he follows them into the impossible knowing full well he cant survive that but he survives and some of the party members die. Well as I said plot armor

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LoreCarN rated it
April 5, 2020
Status: c260
Wow!.... Just... Wow! Another great KRN...

Hmm~ well....i will talk about MC first...

●So~ about the MC......

... more>>

like other reviewer say, 'one of the most human MC'... why? Bc well~ he start by being sonuvab*tch, idiot, fcker, bleak, hopless, etc, etc... then he get the second chance... From his memories and emotions of his future, but not detailed like other secondchance MC.... In fact, its only in the form of a dream that vague and easily forgotten..... slowly but surely he transform himself,...... new start by lose his confidence (especially in earth), bcm naive crybaby, short tempered, weak (many complain about this), to bcm badass demon that learn from his mistake.... but 2 things that I dont like it.

1. how he protected by woman (damm he suddenly have many mother) he is a rabbit.. that for sure... only just for rest time ofc. A Titty lover

2. how he bcm a jpn MC dense type (have high luck with woman without face retribution, still dense despite all the hint).... (i know the reason, but still...)


●Then for story.......a great one I say,..... how author make a good time for serious moment, a comedy, a tearful one, its just amazing..... and even if its tagged as tragedy this one not make me despair and feel frustations at all... but, well~ every chap feels like cliffhanger. XD

●About other chara?? They have a life..... side chara not left in dust, they have their role, main chara other than MC are likeable, villain have brain and their moment (i hate their tr*sh talk) albeit not that much, still better than other novel at least.....

●As for the world?? Its good, still have many mystery, many places to explore.

well~ another things.... its female that have superiority in this world (from seven sins (gods), strongest earthlings ally, strongest enemy (parasite queen), royalty, local king, etc.... so many female chara that important (as u expect from harem novel)...

●Then Romance????? It exsist..... well slow and late ofc, MC have many love interest... but (but what?? Are this a fake harem or real one???).... fortunately this a real harem.... so~

okay~.... he will have 8 wifey......i get this info from..... user NU Thousandswords (thank you)... from final chap of final epilogue...

1. Seo Yuhui (BIG Onee-san)

2. Chung Chohong

3. Phi Sora

4. Teresa (princess haramark)

5. Charlotte Aria (queen eva)

6. Kim Hannah (miss foxy)

7. Eun Yoo-ri (another goldmark holder)

8. Yoo Seohwa (Sacred Empress/Baek Haeju) //she comes to paradise earlier than MC...


..... so thats it....i recomend to read it first if u still hesitant.... always read first before dive to ocean of reviews.... <<less
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kedar080340119014 rated it
February 12, 2020
Status: c210
Impressions @ Chap 210

Generally speaking I like reading novels where writing style, the plot and characters are such that readers sub-consciously hang on to each word in the novel. However, generally speaking, I always feel something off about Korean translations (its because each conversation/dialogue is followed by minute and most of times useless description of small actions from characters which simply do not make any sense or add no value to the substance of the content).

Anyways, for the review here goes:

  1. Story: The story is kind of similar to jp novels where 'players' are summoned to another world to fend of 'demon king'. Its the same here, where periodically bunch of people are secretly 'invited' to a different world called 'Paradise or Lost Paradise' to fend off against invasion of Parasite race (which is also apparently from a different planet/plane). The story is run of the mill, however, the author has cleverly inserted a few interesting twists which makes the novel very interesting. For instance, the author makes it a point to explicitly point out that most of the summoned humans considering paradise as a game (with game elements and leveling up) and explores its impact on the world. In addition, the humans actually have freedom to go back to earth to rest/relax whenever they want (albeit paying a small fee) and come back and farm/level up in the paradise. This aspect is also explored from a interesting angle where many people (including our MC) suffers from dissociative identity crisis (where he gradually starts dissociating from earth, his home and starts considering Paradise as his home). Overall there is definitely an interesting story to be had here.
  2. Level System: The progression in the novel is simple - between level 1 and level 9 (i suppose, there may be level 10 as well, only time will tell). I would definitely call this a fast cultivation novel and this makes the reading more interesting as MC cultivation is fast paced but does not feel too fast paced.
  3. Characters: This is one of the aspects where the novel does shine a bit. There are several interesting characters introduced through the course of 200 chaps I have read and author has gone to some lengths atleast to provide some back story to key side characters and love interests of the MC.
  4. MC : This is one of the aspects, where I think there are some incongruities in the novel. The MC's love for paradise is fine. But a lot of his actions just seem contrary to his character trait that MC himself emphasizes again and again (I am no saint.... then proceeds to save some person whom he does not know at all and this happens quite often). This over righteousness tendencies are bit too much sometimes and break the immersion and this breaks my perception of what kind of a person the MC is.
  5. Pacing: Pacing of the novel is fast paced (atleast as compared to chinese LNs)
Opinion: If you like a fast paced novel then go ahead. Overall, it is a decent novel. Nothing really stands out overall, but author has at-least gone to some lengths to separate it from usual tropes to some extent.
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Rosaleen Volinstien
Rosaleen Volinstien rated it
January 14, 2020
Status: c304
I am fully caught up with this novel. I’ve loved multiple novels even with there cliches and predictable events but this novel keeps track of what abilities the MC (Seol) gains and put all to use to make these ‘cliches’ realistic. Characters reflect back to previous missions and learn. Side characters aren’t based on stereotypes. Some might complain about the lv system but it’s a really simple system. The only thing I could complain is the op ability he has but doesn’t put to full use yet (not much of... more>> a complaint as in one chapter it gives a satisfying answer/choice). The translation for this novel is also fantastic. Big thanks to the translator.^^
since I’ve caught up I’ve decided on stacking the chapters. Let’s not forget the heated debates in comment sections, I suggest reading it on wuxia xD <<less
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Gymgym rated it
January 10, 2020
Status: c200
Scog is a novel where the MC is a prick at first. You will feel disgusted and hate the MC. After he goes to another world, slowly he begin to have character development. You will feel that the character slowly change as he learned from his mistakes and try to change for the better.

The novel also has a good pace and no unnecessary prolonged drama. The relationship is written really well (could be reflected in real life) and good humors.
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zacolamp rated it
January 8, 2020
Status: c198
It deserves 5 star rating.

How many years since I read a good novel ? May be 2 or 3 I guess. I read the manhwa / Manga version which picked my interest in this story. It was really good.

Why read it?
    • It is really good story and world description is good too, Not too big and not too small either.
    • It might sound like a isekai / transmigration / rebirth type but not fully. He got powers but there are good restrictions on them.
    • The MC was average in everything except his eyes. After he realized that he is weak, he became a training maniac. Not like other overpowered MCs you find in the typical novels.
    • Story build up was good with mysteries all over to be discovered.
    • Quite good harem potential (if you are into it)
Why not to read?
    • No particular reason not to read it. (Good novel to read)
    • Very long chapters (takes around 5 - 10 min to read one and understand it).
    • Sometimes you will mix up dialogues but reading few sentence below you will get the idea who suppose to tell those dialogues. (I often mix up them, you will understand once you read it)
[Edited :It actually ends with in 500 chapters not like typical Chinese novels as long as 5000 chapters with out any proper stories ]
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BioBlueZ rated it
December 19, 2019
Status: c179
This is my first time writing a review, do not expect much from me. All I can say is this great novel caused an impulse in me to rate it, and lord behold, here I am expressing my thoughts.

The fact that each of the character have their own pros and cons is lovable in my opinion. The bonds between each of them reminds me of the characters from the fire emblems series (which I love).

Seol Jihu the main character is not generic and I like that. The problems he have... more>> can stir the emotions inside of him to the point where he cries. Thus, he is a normal human brimming with emotions if you were to discard his powers. I can find it relatable if I were in his position facing similar issues and react similar.

The concept between two worlds gives me the vibes of 'the world above and the underground world' which I found it appetizing. I do not have other way to explain it (because of my limited of vocabulary) so, bear with me.

The comedy is good and not annoying. The jokes are related to the characters which is like us making jokes about our friends in front of them... or at their backs.

The actions are the real deal and the writings are good. Tragedies are above average BUT what makes the level goes higher is which character that dies. More than that will be a spoiler, nuff said.

In conclusion (5/5), have a nice day. <<less
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Ryuugen rated it
September 19, 2019
Status: c160
This is a novel that perfectly blends the best elements from different genres into a work that will undoubtedly give you a fresh feeling. While overall tone reminds me of a western dystopia, its world setting is actually an mmo isekai. Not only that, but the training concepts are taken from wuxia where hard work and comprehension is the key to standing out from the rest. You can easily see that the author had a lot of different ideas when he began writing.

However, 'fresh' is not the main strength of... more>> this novel. It's actually character building that makes me pay attention to the most. MC is introduced as a complete scumbag that is addicted to gambling. He barely manages to pull himself together after making a huge mistake thanks to his future self sending back in time feelings of regret. But that's only the start. Throughout the entire novel we see him go through different stages of growth. From a bum relying on others, to a naive kid, to someone who wants to desperately change, and finally an impressive leader. His pain, happiness, self-doubt, overconfidence, addiction, fear, and ever expanding mindset are explored every bit as much as the world. You don't have to love Seol, but his actions are always understandable.

The side characters get just as much love. Although they are initially based on archetypes you might find elsewhere, there is a certain third dimension to make them feel more human. An honorable man can turn greedy, or a vicious character will become useful depending on the situation. Mary sue's do not exist in Paradise. Instead, we slowly come to like the characters as MC comes to trust them, and of course, from their hilarious antics.

Overall, I'd definitely give this novel a 5/5. While it does have your standard lucky MC shtick where opportunities fall into his lap, they never feel forced since he puts the work in for them. He also has his share of bad luck. In fact, those parts are what gives the story its unique tangibility.

If you are looking for a novel that stands out from the rest, The Second Coming of Gluttony is my first recommendation. <<less
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hikocinaw rated it
September 9, 2019
Status: c145
The novel is great.

With every arc so far, follows a tangible growth in the alter-ego beta wimp protagonist and the author is doing a good job at conveying the protagonist's thoughts and emotions at each of those turning points. I am glad that none of these growth were sudden either, preceding chapters effectively gives hints at how the protagonist would develop which actually made re reading this novel very enjoyable for me. Despite the protagonist insistence and his past being unarguably despicable, he does not at all suddenly becomes cold-blooded... more>> (where I find such developments to be pointlessly edgy) so 👍 for the caring protagonist and character growth tags. They haven't lied at all.

I am glad to see that the majority female characters has not been immediately ruined by common tropes forced by plot reasons, nor been overly strengthened to seem out of place in the Nobel's setting. I dislike how some have been placed in near r*pe situations, but the author does not forcibly make our protagonist becomes the white knight in shining shining to save the day. They are strong willed and can/have overcome crisis themselves. In my opinion, the author has done a good job at handling these r*pe situations which has become a staple for many novels with a similar setting. Well, you can trust in the absence of the R-15 and r*pe tag. I am thankful that the tags has not lied about the novel yet at all.

I'm repeating myself but hurray for no cold-blooded/ruthless protagonist or revenge tag. People who thinks this novel is all about and say they read the tags just tickle my brains.

Really, my favourite point about this novel is how the protagonist has a steady, yet strong, growth. Simple things like his stats being increased after training montage or his temperament / disposition changing in his status screen (which thank god is only shown occasionally to not break immersion in the story) just makes me weirdly happy. The story is not slow and the progagonsit, even though admittedly has been spoon-fed quite a bit, shows strong achievements before the first 100 chapters and continues to do so up to this point, making this novel not feel slow to me at all.

I do admittedly have several points I dislike about this novel, however like many other good points of this novel that I haven't mentioned yet, I would be simply be listing them so I think it be better if you go read the novel to see for yourself :). Not rushing the novel is better, the translation quality is very good so you shouldn't be skimming through small details which would otherwise start you getting confuse!

P.s - retired old man instructor is a blessing for giving us another training montage. He fills in some of the settings colour and his being touched by the protagonist kindness (cough cough caring protagonist tag) is reasonable and makes him non one dimensional

Yes this review was done rather our of childishness. <<less
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danish341 rated it
September 2, 2019
Status: c300+
There is something I wanna talk about first that I didn't had many expectations from this novel from the very start I stumbled upon it coincidentally (as I am not a fan of novels in the first place). But after reading a few chapters, it just blew my mind away...... of course in a positive way.

The start is a bit slow and tr*shy (I am not talking about the novel but the loser MC) but when you cross a handful of chapters it will become just too good to... more>> be ignored. Another thing is that the individual chapter's length is too long but one can never get bored just by reading the epic story.

I don't have enough words to describe this masterpiece of a novel.

One last thing or should I say an advice to the reader who wanna read this that the MC's development is what piqued my interest in it.

A 10/10 score and highly recommended.

I didn't mentioned it earlier but the translation's group had many capable individuals and the quality of translations is another factor that added to it's epicness. <<less
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clanaaf rated it
August 17, 2019
Status: c114
This novel has top-notch dialogues, and exceeded all my expectations. During fighting and dangerous scenes, I felt like I was watching a action thiller movie. Then emotional scenes brought tears to my eyes. The interactions between characters felt so realistic and enjoyable to read. So............ it good

And I need more chapters!!!!
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winehear rated it
July 27, 2019
Status: c98
This novel is head and shoulders above many of the others on this site. The dialogue is well written, the characters aren't just one dimensional tropes, and the arcs are well paced and engaging. Character development is very well done for both the main character and the side characters.

My only gripes are that some of the parts that are supposed to be funny can come across as beating a dead horse sometimes. The author also relies a bit much on chance encounters and deus ex machina to save the protagonist... more>> from danger, though it's still well executed and it's nice to have a protagonist isn't perfect; plans go awry and the protagonist must learn and adapt to the new developments.

The translator is also doing a great job, with daily releases of good sized chapters. <<less
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JLive99 rated it
July 14, 2019
Status: c90
I was initially debating whether to try this book or not. For months I had it on my reading list and I finally said hey why not, there must be a reason almost 1000 people gave it a 5. I wholeheartedly agree that this novel is a 5, the author has some of the best dialouge and plot progression I have seen in a long time. If I were to describe the book in one word it would be smooth. Everything flows into each other and nothing feels choppy or... more>> forced when I read. The chapters flow into each other in such a way that I can retrace the entire story so far and not get confused or lost. I also heard that the quality does not drop even into the 500 chapter mark. If you are looking whether or not to read this I would tell you yes. <<less
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ziki rated it
February 17, 2019
Status: c3
It seems like a lot of people like this novel a lot seeing the rating and reviews. As for me though, I can't bring myself to read pass 3rd chapter. MC one of most important elements for any novel. Here, the author went out of his way to describe him as an absolute scumbag, probably for the sake of giving him a redemption plotline later on... But, screw that, I don't want to see this guy get redeemed at all, I definitely don't want to follow him on his isekai... more>> journey either.

The author is really good, making me despise someone with just 2 chapters but to me at least, it backfired enough that the whole novel puts me off.


Returning to this novel once again, remembering how it turned out after chapter 3, I started over and completely skipped over chapter 3... the result, well I did read all the chapters in 2 days. I wouldn't call this fantastic novel worthy of 4.7 average score which would make it one of best novels on this websites, but it's rather alright overall.

If there is one thing that I would truly appreciate in this novel then it would be MC's ability to somewhat see the future... because of this ability, rather than simply getting lucky like most MCs, or some BS gut feeling or simply wanting to be the good guy, MC here makes choices based on this ability that mostly leads him to the best outcome. There are still some BS luck here and there and worse of all, MC seems to be capable of irregularly summon his overpowered future self for whatever reason whenever author messes up and puts him in the inescapable situation but hey overall it's rather good.

The world building is rather solid as well and this is an isekai with multiple people being able to go back and forth between the earth and "the isekai world" which makes the world building aspect so much deeper. The isekai world needs saving but the people aren't going there to save it but rather to simply profit from it, the moment it's beyond saving they can simply go back to earth and cut losses this fact alone makes it so much better than typical isekai where everyone who goes there has to save the world no matter what as even if they are scum they still need that world to continue existing, here it's all about the profit. <<less
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Arkeus rated it
January 19, 2019
Status: c12
I had to give up on this. The writing is kind of really damn awful, but beyond this the characterisation is just taking the readers for idiots.

It's the usual thing where you get a character that starts at rock bottom and then get a minimum character development that's actually pretty much nothing but is just enough for the reader to 'feel he has earned progress' and then it goes all the way to the other sideinto pure wish fulfilment.

The combination of this wanking of a pretty atrocious main character and... more>> just a really bad way to write (constant slow down of action where it tries to get into people's mind but instead just make everyone look dumb) means this is a firm derec for me. <<less
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Occulus rated it
December 27, 2018
Status: c56
I heavily suggest reading to at least chapter 20 (prologue arc) before making any decisions. The main character makes a deal with a god to send his feelings back into the past. Unfortunately, the past him was a rather large scumbag which took years (in the past life) for him to change. So before you get turned off by the main character's initial behavior, know that it only lasts for a couple of chapters.

And without ado here's the actual review: This is a story of somebody who... more>> has obtained the feelings and fragments of memories from his future. As such, although he's not a perfect superhuman who finds all of the lucky events and sweeps up all rewards (Ex: Reincarnator, King of the Battlefield), he has enough experience to do rather well in comparison to his peers. As for how the story, it follow one of the general Korean mass summoning to another world (King of the Battlefield, Reincarnator, Arena, etc.) tropes with a larger focus on character interaction and a character that only has enough future knowledge to have better than average combat skills and some slight intuition during turning points in his life.

All in all, a pretty good read. <<less
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June 27, 2020
Status: c361
Why is this novel sooo good. I was just ignoring this novel at first, just thought it won't be good because of the weird description. But one day, I had nothing to read so I started reading this one and it blew my mind. It's my favourite novel now, it's the best, so great. I curse my past self for not reading this earlier, but I love my past self for not reading it back then cause it would have made me feel horrible waiting for the translation. Thank you... more>> for the great story.

now I hope I can get to read M.E.M.O.R.I.Z.E, just translate it already. <<less
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