The Saintess Wants To Runaway


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The praised Saint Julia.

But when she became a saint, nothing good came out of it.

A harsh working environment, and not even a young man of her taste! I would rather have demons appear and kidnap me. If possible, a handsome demon.

Then one day, Heath, the demon king who was sealed a hundred years ago, attacks the temple. The opportunity is now.

Julia pretends she’s been kidnapped by the Demon King, and decides to run away from the temple.

And having s*x with the handsome Demon King is a bonus!

“I will take responsibility.”


But after a satisfying time, Heath brings out his unexpected words.

“Let’s get married, Julia.”


Will Julia be able to enjoy a leisurely runaway life as she wants?

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성녀는 도망치고 싶다
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