The Sabbath


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Author’s introduction on JJWXC:
Taking off the heavy and magnificent crown and robe, he met him in Paradise thereafter.

Translator’s note:
It’s a thrilling adventure of two little robots who were not actually robots, with slow-burn romance.

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New rerere27 rated it
November 16, 2021
Status: --
I have read 'There is no afterlife' and decided to read this. It did not disappoint me. The author has a unique way of telling her story, and I hope more of her stories can be translated later on.
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edhelsindar rated it
May 1, 2021
Status: Completed
From translator:

What is happiness? What constitute one's "self"? How to regain hope in the abyss of misery? How to judge the value of different objects, traits, lives, and humans?

The Sabbath doesn't directly give answers to these questions. Rather, it guides the readers to think over every possible solution by putting them on a thrilling ride together with our two protagonists - Xiao Mei and A Gui. Following His Majesty the omnipotent INTJ (possibly) Asheville Methentahl and Rong Gui the not-so-smart yet narcissistic chatterbox, one is able to explore every corner... more>> of this fantastic world created by the strong imagination of the author.

The "Sabbath" is the day God rested from creation. Likewise, Methentahl, the bored, aloof, noble, almighty workaholic in his countless previous lives, was able to take a break when he chose differently in this life. As a result, he met a young man, or rather, a robot, completely different from himself. Rong Gui or A Gui, was naive, passionate, optimistic, sometimes even to the point of annoying. The story begins with both of them being trapped in robotic shells, and Methentahl the majestic being totally flustered by his companion that he eventually fell from grace, and became a mere "Xiao Mei" in A Gui's eyes. Unlike Xiao Mei, who's fine with a robotic body, A Gui treasured his human body so much that he's determined to get back into it, so their quest started from there.

Perhaps because we are reading from the perspective of two little robots, or perhaps because A Gui is such an optimistic and naive young man, the story's narrative is light, lively, and funny, with a fairy tale vibe. However, one simply could not neglect the dark undertone in many parts of the novel - it will constantly remind the readers that, despite the alluring facade, this world, like our own world, had many unpleasant stories hidden beneath. They are immoral, bleak, bloody, and savage. When these stories collide with the story of Xiao Mei and A Gui, and even the goal of their quest, how will they react? Methentahl in his previous lives had formed a pattern of making choices. But now he was Xiao Mei, and the choice maker was no longer him alone. A Gui would make his choice, too, and his choice would have influence on his companion.

Yue Xia Sang is an author known for her genius creativity and imagination, but what I love more about her novels is that she writes with a compassionate heart, which renders her stories a tinge of innocence and softness. She won't shun away from the flaws and disturbing nature of the world, but she will lead her readers to focus on the redeeming qualities, the brighter side, the existing hopes. In this novel, we will see the two protagonists continued to form bonds with others throughout the journey, whether they are friendships, kinships, enemies, business partners, and it's in this process that they also formed close bonds with each other. Some may find the romance in the novel slow or secondary. Yet I enjoyed the gradual relationship development between Xiao Mei and A Gui, their daily interactions, their bickering and nonsenses. It's not a downright enlightenment, but like that undetectable process of a seed turning into the tree - you are unaware of it until you go far and look back, then suddenly you realize that it's already there for a long time. Like they say, "love is everywhere". <<less
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Amaruna Myu
Amaruna Myu rated it
October 30, 2021
Status: Completed
I am a fan of the author after reading There is no afterlife~

this is a long novel where the protagonist influences the male lead to look towards the brighter side of life~

our protagonist is a very silly character (what some may call a flower vase), but is extremely talented in certain aspects. However, his talents aren't showcased flamboyantly. For the most of the novel, our MC is acting as the sunshine in our ML's life, and influences our ML to make decisions he would never do in the past.

it's a... more>> novel about the 2 people exploring and "climbing a tower", as well as meeting fantastic and kind people.

the romance is slow but I find it really sweet and beautiful as their relationship progresses~ ^o^ <<less
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Lunaix rated it
October 22, 2021
Status: Completed
I don't know what to say. It's great :)

The only nitpick I have is that I think the Prison Tower arc was a bit too long. It was still super duper hooper good though :)
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