The Royal Princess Fox


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All her life, just because she fell too deep in love, she met with a tragic end, poisoned to death by the person she loved.

Then, came along another chance, your mother, I don’t want to love anymore, can’t I?

Feelings and whatnot were tossed far away.

The body feels light without the burden of feelings.

Carefree, fooling around in Jiang Hu, doing anything to her heart’s content.

There’s nothing in the world more beautiful than this.

She doesn’t care anymore, so why can’t they let go of her?

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06/15/17 Asian Hobbyist c21
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Tachi Works
Biah_belle rated it
December 12, 2016
Status: c6
Feels a little rushed and forceful so far. The pacing didn't give me enough time to empathize with anyone, so right now I just feel like I am a stranger observing some random angry woman beating up her ex who she seems to lowkey not be over with.

I feel like the author has the ideas and facts of what she wants her "reincarnation" "revenge" romance to be like, but the execution and layout of the story is just meh.

Not bad but as of chapter 6, nothing good either.
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MissQ rated it
January 11, 2017
Status: c37
I read ahead using the raws.

It's a cute novel. Kinda draggy, but I only read to chapter 37 so I can't make any harsh judgements yet. I mean after reading the raws, it kinda made more sense as to why this novel was named [公主御狐].
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