The Royal Deal


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It’s been 11 years since I’ve lived for others and not for me.

The moment I cried out wanting to get away from my exhausting life, I opened my eyes in the body of some Count’s 20-year-old daughter.

Since this happened, I decided to live my life freely as a single woman.


“I need a lady to act as my fake wife for a certain period of time.”

“A contract marriage?”

“The term is one year. When the time is up, I’ll give you divorce with no strings attached.”

The Duke of the Empire whom I had happened to meet at a ball was hitting on me.

Turns out he’s no other than the Emperor’s beloved brother, Duke Scade!

Hold on, it’s just going to end in a clean divorce with no strings attached?

“You should also give me alimony. Give me one of the best lands of the Ducal household with 10 years’ worth of profit.”


“If you don’t want to do that, then we cannot get married.”

This time I’m going to live a life taking care of the things I need first!


“I’ll escort you since it’s late.”

Where to? My bedroom is just around the corner.

“Tonight, I’ll do my best.”

No, I don’t need you to do that.

“Did you just look at that man?”

Excuse me, Duke, you said it’s for a limited time only, so why do you keep obsessing over me?

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I'll Take Care of My Heart First
내 마음부터 챙길게요
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29 Reviews

New stephhiny
Jun 30, 2022
Status: c85
I love love love loveeee this series!

I love the FL, really. Amethyst you're officially my fav FL now ;A;

The FL character is not the typical overpowered type, but she's funny and kind and she's strong in her own way. She is a good leader type of FL. I love her character. As for ML, well he's actually looks cold sometimes but he's sweet. Anyway I love seeing them together and I'm looking forward on how the story and relationships will develops later~
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Su Jin
New Su Jin
Jun 21, 2022
Status: c240
about the story... I liked it.

    • FL
basically the story is of a woman in her thirties sexually frustrated and socially oppressed without comfort and understanding in her own home. (from the initial description I also thought they were a poorly matched couple). one day she wakes up in another world and there she decides to live fully.

I was very surprised by the strength she showed, her intelligence in situations and her composure. showing once again that oppression, and low esteem changes how we see ourselves. The protagonist is undoubtedly strong, but in the original world heavily and for a long time injured to the point of surrender.

    • ML
our protagonist has everything to be an ice cube, but the truth is...

he's hot, passionate and super attentive to the love he's found. what a charm is Duke Skad I laughed every time he surrendered to the protagonist

. And their romance reminded me so much of Hugh and Lucia in Lucia.

Despite his cruelty and decisiveness, he is also fragile and lacking in affection, lacking in consideration as a human being and an individual. He has the greatest possible power and authority in his hands, but bound and submissive by the concept of being a bad omen for the person closest to him. he denied himself.

    • CP
Honestly the couple irritated me, I can't understand how difficult it is to be honest with yourself and your partner. I read in another story that we shouldn't mince words when it comes to relationships, we should be clear, avoid misunderstandings and know the limits.


She wanted to protect her heart, but she didn't give room for growth or chance, instead she attacked to protect herself.

He feared losing the preciousness he discovered, and as incredible as I found it, he gave freedom when selfishness might change things for the better.


    • others
the story of the twins I stayed on the Duke's side, the empress didn't suit me well at any time. she condemned and repelled him when he fought for her and now in the current chapter she practically destroyed him and didn't even give a reason to do so!!!. he did everything for her. but what did she do?? I felt ingratitude.

    • complaint

Seriously, why did she use magic?? if at least it was an order from the goddess everything would be pointless but nothing -- hey, author, give a better explanation of why the empress screwed up everything...


  • correction
the story is good, about the couple mainly, they are two adults hurt and afraid. It's not easy to be an adult and it's not easy to be mature. nor does being an adult mean being mature.

I agree with some reviews that the Empress is a little... s*upid? (for lack of a better word, it seems very strong) but she should have done better, of course after all as our third and fourth book villain mentions she is after all human, has errors and fallible.

a relationship where they argue is not necessarily toxic. toxic was her married life before. he, even though he wants to limit her, never does so because she is not worthy, because he is incompetent or diminishes her or prevents her from being herself. - there are several ways to have a relationship, not always a passive is beautiful as you think, not always a relationship like theirs, a little heated, it's violent as you think.
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Jun 23, 2021
Status: v1c36
This story doesn't have much story in it. It's the lightest of light reads. It's fine. But there's no real point to the story, either...

Amethyst, the FL, transmigrated and has basically zero interest in adulting anymore. Her fiancé is super busy and always working, and she doesn't care at all. She doesn't care much about anything and acts like nothing is HER problem. There's no antagonist, there's no conflict, there's no actual character growth - if anything, she devolved from her previous life.

And it kind of bothers me a lot... more>> that she gives zero shits about her own children she left behind in her previous life - she doesn't care about them at all, it seems like. She only had a vague passing wonder if they missed her, before being like "ehhhh, those little leeches and my shitty husband just used me. Whatever, moving on!" Yeah, no matter how awful someone's mother is, having her up and disappear suddenly would be extremely traumatizing. They were HER children, if she wasn't happy with her relationship with them, it is on HER to fix it! She just blamed everything on her husband and her literal children as if she had no agency to change her own dang relationships in life.

She just... doesn't really care about anything. She has no passions, except for not being tied down. I get that, but when she doesn't care about anything, I can't really care about this story, either. <<less
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Sep 07, 2020
Status: c1
On the outside, this looks like a typical contract marriage where our leads fall in love. I've read quite a lot of light and visual novels with this premise, so while I'm partial to them, admittedly I was getting weary of them and approached this cautiously. Am I so glad that I didn't take a break on this genre before then, because this blew my expectations out of the water - and that's only from one translated chapter!

If the majority of the novel's tone follows the first chapter, this seems... more>> like it'll be a humorous read - which is what I adore, so if that's not your thing and you're looking for something serious and historically accurate, take heed. My next words reference events in the first chapter although vaguely, but I put a spoiler tag just in case:


From the way FL approaches this contract marriage, she seems to be hilariously genre-savvy to the point where she's almost breaking the fourth wall - which makes sense as she's been transmigrated into this world, so she knows how these stories go. HOWEVER, unlike the 'transmigration into a European ambience world'-type novels I've seen, far as I can tell, this world is not based on any novel or game she's read or played. Also, unlike the protagonists from other contract marriage stories I've read, she pretty much covers all bases (you know, the sort of things you'd think about as a reader when you're reading this type of story - thoughts like: girl, why didn't you bring that point up?!) The ML seems to be just as hilarious as her. In fact, I'm getting Callisto (ML from Death Is the Only Ending for the Villain) levels of snark.


So basically, to summarize the stuff in the spoiler tag without spoilers: If you want a break from super angsty stories, and you like a FL who seems to be hilariously genre-savvy and an ML with a snarky sense of humor, check this out! <<less
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Jul 26, 2021
Status: c66
At first I like the FMC character... but at the chapter goes, I fine her to be extremly annoying!!! She was given a second chance to live but doesn't do the responsibility that she's suppose to do in her second life. I freaking hate the desicion that she made. She ain't smart and I find her really dumb. So much potential wasted. She started fierce but still cant do anything. If you see her from other perpective, I find her acting as those female who are righteous and all talk... more>> but cant do anything her self. Still needs the ML for help. I feel like she doesn't deserve to be a main character. <<less
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Aug 08, 2021
Status: prologue
I'm really enjoying this novel. I read all the reviews and most were negatively against the FL but I found her to be the of the one of the most believable FL I've read about so far. Most of the reviews complain about her being useless but it was stated from the beginning that she wanted a life where she had time to focus on her own happiness for once and the reasons. She was an underappreciated housewife who lived her entire for others so her selfishness is understandable. It's... more>> like that part is ignored, and as per the agreement with the ML there contract is only supposed to be for one year. So her decision to have as little impact on the decisions in the "temporary" household where she resides is understandable. Don't know how far the other reviews read but this does change in later chapters due to events in said household where the FL feels she has to step up and be the lady of the house.

The relationship between the couple is adorable. They bicker like and old married couple even before the marry. Some of their interactions are hilarious. The growing relationship is fun to watch. The ML is somewhat cliche as far as MLs go but he has enough originality to make him interesting. So don't let the negative reviews stop you from reading and form your own opinion.

And lastly, the translation is pretty great. So to the translator Good JOB! And thanks for translating. <<less
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Jan 19, 2022
Status: c153
In the beginning, even though there were obvious logical errors in this novel like nobody questioning her being oblivious to that world's knowledge or history... (She's supposed to be 20 and educated in an academy.)... I shut my brain off and enjoyed their bickering and protective love. Then it turned out complete bullsh*t of a story:

-FL always apologizes when ML does the unforgivable. We can say he almost changed characters through the novel, he started as this sweet considered protective hard worker but he turned out abusive. He supposedly loves... more>> her and does the opposite and straight out disrespects her. He knows a corrupt worker assaults, r*pes, and steals in his damn house and he ignores that fact for years for the purpose of money laundering to his own shady bank then he victim blames the poor maids. His loved one nearly got r*ped by the same man and his first reaction? Being in extreme anger. Scaring her even more. f*cking her in the same night.

-FL? Same absurd character writing. I don't want to even start to that.

-I should point out misunderstandings too... I LOVE misunderstandings in romance novels. But in this one, they straight out don't talk to each other. It was annoying, illogical and went nowhere.

-There are chapters that you can skim read in 10 seconds and nothing will change. It doesn't add to the story or give you sweet moments. Just empty.

-I've got some spoilers about how the rest went on and it seems to be more ridiculous than the parts I've read.

Rant over. That one whole star goes to translation. Dropped at 153. <<less
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Vroom vroom
Vroom vroom
Sep 10, 2021
Status: c76
At first then I started reading this, I thought, , o damm its so good" but...

At first I liked how FL didn't wanted get married and all that.. but then she became ml's wife... idk she's naive s*upid and annoying.

1. Like girl, you are f*cking princess!!!! You don't need to chose between two dresses, you can have the all shop to yourself!!!

2. At first the author said that she was nothing special in her old company, but now she's like the biggest boss??? Whattt, its just doesn't make sense, how... more>> can you go from being absolutely nothing in the company and she even said that she doesn't want to or knows how to manage the all mansion, lol wtf..

3. Okey this one was the last drop why I didn't wanted to read anymore: so ML knew all along that one of his workers (idk that fat ugly guy) was sexually assaulting maids for quite a few years and then FL find out she got angry, but AT THE SAME f*ckING EVENING SHE SAID OKEY LEST HAVE s*x BC YOU ARE f*ckING HANDSOME AAAAAANDJDJFJDJDJJDJDJ

And the next day she had the audacity to go and say anyone who will assault another person (in sexual way) will be punished. Like yea I get it she did a good job here but pleasee your husband doesn't care!!! Like he knew and he didn't care like at all!! So what can you do if the prince PRINCE DOESNT CARE HIMSELF!! Yea you are his wife but... wtfff you know that his word are the last one... just bc he is handsome FL will forgive him, even if he maybe one day take her by force, , o I'm angry but he's handsome✋✋✋" please... Imagine you could have been reincarnated in one of those maids, and your so called husband wouldn't give a dam so yea I just fell like he didn't understand why she got angry in the first place and why its wrong, so idk make him understand?? If you were really so against it you wouldn't have slept with a man who doesn't give a dam 🙂!

And ab her being the maid (for the investigation??), yea it would be smart in our times not in those. Like kings can just cut somebody's head of just bc he didn't liked how that person looked like! They dont need a reason or proof, that was just dumb for her to do. Girl you have the power, use it???

Yea so if it doesn't brother you then go ahead and read it. Translation btw is really good so. And please forgive me for my poor grammar! <<less
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Aug 05, 2021
Status: c50
The FL Amethyst has no character development at all. Instead she degrades. Who tf wears nightgown in the mornings and roams around in it, with it being semi-transparent. It is said that she married and had kids too in her previous life. I BET the kids had better IQ than her.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 03, 2021
Status: --
Its a light read and the scenes of MC and ML are great but when some "issues" started popping up I guess for the sake of plot or to showcase MC's personality.. Honestly it just made her look more dumb?? Like she literally has power bc she's married to a Grand Duke and yet she blow things out of proportion and overthinks things when she can literally just say one word to punish and remove the person she wants to expose??

And then ofc there's also how she treats her family... more>> and only remembers them when she needs something. The only one she has a proper talk to would be her father and only went to see her mom for the so called "issue" she wants to expose.

Now that I'm laying it on here, it's a good 2 bc I realize the MC literally has no redeeming quality and the ML's just good looking and powerful ig.. This is me coming back from reading all the latest chapter <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 05, 2021
Status: v1c66
wow im on chap 25 and the pacing is real fast for me lol Although its still really smooth and the translations are fantastic and easy to read!

This Novel really makes me laugh with the ML and FL low-key mocking each other in front of the people they need to convince they have a loving relationship by passing it of as flirting lol. Also if your looking for an ML falls first (at least that's what I'm thinking from what iv read so far and the description) and... more>> kinda sorta enimes to friends to lovers type trope I THINK YOU'LL ENJOY THIS!

Now I do like the FL, her go by my way or go away kind attidue is hilarious at times..... but if I had to say smth negative about her it would be her outlook on her past like and how she treats her new family.

About FL past life


So she has kids I think like two and a husband for 11 years and seems like it was an arranged marriage from her parents and that sucks.... she definitely has depression and starts to feel that she is not really WANTED in her family.... but I really hate that she kinda blames her kids (I'm not certain but the way she describes them they seem really young) for not appreciating her, like I know motherhood is difficult to say the least but blaming kids for smth you didn't do anything about to change is a little low for me. But she does express concern for them once in a chapter after coming to the new world, but then quickly has an attitude of welp not like I can go back to them now so lets not think about this.


About FL attitude for new family.


So I do like when MCs don't worry that much on how they got to this new world and just decide skrew it this is my life now I'll do what I want...... but I don't like how she disregards Ashes family and makes them worry a lot, like shes practically married by this point and she hasn't even had a decent conversation with here younger siblings or mother ?


So like chaotic FL, ML questioning his so-called "I belive in celibacy" claim lmao and fantastic new world where its not necessary to have women only in charge of the household.

Update: I'm on chap 36


lol this is an incredible story my gosh 10/10 I low key thought this was just gonna be a fluff story with a lot of teasing but pfft nope when you think its gonna happen IT MIGHT ACTULLY so this is great <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 29, 2021
Status: c109
if you're looking for a story with content and complications, you're in the wrong place.

I love it, and it's light and humorous, and just so cute. The protagonist is very smart, but just lazy, she just wants to enjoy and think of herself to compensate How much you suffered in your previous life. It bothers me a little how she just got over it and forgot about her kids after so much sacrifice, but I think I understand, she was just very traumatized and Chose to block the bad memories.

in... more>> general, it's a nice and fun read. Highly recommend <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 13, 2022
Status: c167
So below my honest (subjective) opinion:

  • FL - if I didn't know she transmigrated as adult woman from first chapters then I would think that she is really teenager (her POVs, behavior, IQ) - she's not thinking like adult woman. She acts so s*upid for example she says she doesn't marry and after few minutes she agrees to marry (cos ML is good looking). He forgives him cos he is handsome and she falls in love in instant. In all chapters she makes bad decisions, she doesn't have her own mind or have self respect (ML is arrogant jerk who do whatever he likes and don't respect her opinion and she is okay with that). In all the chapters I read so far she acts like a victim. I know she wasn't happy with her marriage but she didn't do anything to make a change. In her second life she didn't think ab her children from first life like how are they doing without her (she only treat them like mental baggage - that is not how real mother think) and now in her second life she treat her new family not even better (they say they miss her and what she do? She say she love them too but she only visit them when she need something from them). I'm afraid that after more chapters her IQ will drop to zero ;/
  • ML - his only good trait is his appearance. He is calculative, arrogant and jerk. He is not a good person (when he knew that his maids were abused, r*ped he didn't do anything and didn't care). The worst part is that when his wife was almost r*ed the SAME NIGHT he was having s*x with her. He doesn't respect hie wife at all (he literally humiliates her in presence of his relatives and employees). She tells him that his bad sides but he just nods, agrees and then doesn't change.
After 167 chapters I decided to drop this novel.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 24, 2021
Status: v5
I kinda regretting ever get into this series, even thought at first it was so good. But I still force myself to finish it, just so you know. For me what irks me the most is the ML actually. I think because im used to a typical flawless ML who chase after the FL. On this novel, it serve not only ML sweet side but also him in his worst attitude too.

Part that I really hate:

... more>>

- The FL was trying hard to gather evident of corrupt in annex of duke resident. Its irks me so much, when we know that dukes know about that corruption and let him be. And he also know about the sexual harrasment. (I was utterly disgust with him, even I know how realistic it was wrote). And the bank where money laundering, corruption, and stuff usually used is owned by him. HE KNOW ALL! But let it be.

- the arc with the countess. There is this event that gather all vassal of the duke. FL accidentally make the countess room next to the duke's, bcs she use last year arrangement. There use to be rumor they are lover. The duke purposely not come to FL room during that time. And the duke know that the countess is trying to mess with FL because she think duchess position should be her. I hated the duke attitude so much here, its like he is testing fl. When at that point, we all know he already fall for ml, but act like that! He let the countess be, and at one time play along with it. (This is why I dont hate the fl, because she handle it well, and im satisfied with her attitude.)

- still on this event, there is hunting event at the end. ML forbid FL for joining, but she didnt listen (bcs during this event ML has to show his cruel self, he didnt want FL to see). He didnt explain much, but instead yell at FL to go home. FL the one who apologize first later, but I still hate him for yelling like that instead of explaining stuff.

- there is event, where ML forced to kill FL because he was the empire sword and had to protect her sister. (At this point I kinda feel like ML having sibling as a flaw. Because that mean FL is not his only priority) He didnt tho and let her leave.


If you ask me my favorite part, would be:


That time, ML was punished, and deprived of his power. As he has different appearance, somehow he and FL (who dont know it was him) living together and lead a really simple life. I like that moment, I thought they woulde be like that for a couple of years rather than month.


About FL, and everyone said she abandoned her kids. She's not.

Rather there a lot of time when that fact make her hesitate so much about living in that world. She feel like she cant love ML nor stay here, because she think that she need to comeback to her kid, as its her responsibility. It bother her so much. When she see a maid with her kids, she remember them. And when she find out the one who send her soul to that world in the last volume. She ask about herself in another wordl first and foremost.


But I'm totally not going to reread this. It irks me and frustrate me. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 20, 2021
Status: c153
So, I'm dropping it. I hoped it would be about MC getting stronger, but it's not. Not at all. Abusive relationship, light version, it's something like that. The story goes down the drain somewhere around 140+ chap, and there's no turning back, so if you are not into this, you better save your time for something less frustrating.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 16, 2021
Status: --
I edited my review. I recommended this novel for people who are interested in interesting dynamic couples and good smut. BUT.

The only flaw of this novel is the MC's personality and her IQ. If you're in her shoes you probably got it why she acted like that, but the reader who has a basic common sense will disdain what she's doing. No matter how miserable and underappreciated yourself in the past, free-spirited you wanna be in real life, you need to at least a fcking common sense to act. A... more>> proper ethic in social life. Yes, this MC lacks that and is pretty much dumb and naive. Just like how she admired handsome people and want her childhood dream in a big grand wedding. Nothing wrong with admiring handsome people. But if you just forgive someone just because they're handsome then what she lacks is integrity. Plus, responsibility. After she gained another life, she just want to throw all of her responsibility? Like bish, life is not easy as you think it is. I know you know a wife of the duke, but at least act like that role until you finally-Indeed-fcking free from him. In the first place, I'm laughing at this series right now, why did I like this at first? Right she was fearless and quick-witted, but in the end, she is the same as those MC in Korean josei novels who can't do basic common sense without ML's help. Like, at least avoiding simple problems, like how can you wear a servant outfit just because it looks simply like in the modern world, and go out shopping in a high-class shopping center and you expect people not looking down at you. At least realized that she already become a duke's wife, so at least not making more embarrassment along the way. Did she even try to understand the feudal society in this new world? Right, no, she can't understand anything, because she only read the botanic book, just because it has a picture in it. She's not even trying, and the duke was sometimes got surprised by her smarta33ness (even though he knows she's not that smart).

Ok, did I say that she's making a lot of embarrassing choices? I did? Yes.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 14, 2021
Status: v1c57
Finally something good and fun to read that doesn’t make me cringe at the seggs scenes. Author clearly knows how biology works, and doesn’t describe crazy things happening that aren’t actually pleasurable 😂 excellent translation. Only point of criticism I have which I’m not taking a point off for in case the author gets into it later is the isekai part of it all. The author kinda glosses over it and I’m wondering if we’ll get any background into the OG FL. That aside, I adore the interactions between the... more>> ML and FL. <<less
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La vie est.....
La vie est..
May 11, 2022
Status: c226
I noticed a lot of negative reviews, and I hesitated at first read the novel, but after a year, the novel has a 226 chapter and decided to read it, and yes I stayed two consecutive days in bed, I could not stop. First Let us begin a review of the first volume, all readers develop no understanding of the story they will not know if the FL is weak personal or need time to develop and I'm there say she need time for the development. The first volume... more>> full of fluffy and sweetness, but the second volume and little of the third will see the jealous of the parties and no safety claimed leads to the idea that they will not leave the second party away from them, and here approaching the deadline of the contract, our FL had a fear that if she still with the ML he will hurt or dead (for some reasons, of course) , the problem is not here I think the plot begins in the middle of the third volume when we know a secret abour the empress and the FL is of course participant key in secret, and the priest is the discoverer of the secret, here claimed to be point of no return in the claimed story. I will not spoil you the events, but be sure that the FL 's personnalité will devlops and becomes more tragic 🤣🤣 I apologize for my weak English it is really hard to write a review by English 🤣😌 <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 11, 2022
Status: c162
I lasted a while longer than the other bad reviewers, because sometimes authors do redeem themselves.

I thought: "Hey, since the first part of the story was kinda good maybe the author could write something good later again." But nah.

So, what to say. I might repeat everyone else's words but i'll make it in a creative way. So what does this story brings us? I'll make a rundown for potential readers so you won't lose your time.

MC is a transmigrator ... more>>

(either that or someone who has magic and has possessed the original amethyst's body with her soul and destroyed the original soul :D - the empress has this magic, I wouldn't be surprised)

anyway, she somehows comes to this world with no memories and the family who's supposedly very close to each other and loving don't even question their eldest sudden change of character and amnesia, even her tutor doesn't skip kindergarden explanations (it's a way to make some world construction to the readers, but its not very fitting). Her personality is weird because although she tries all the time to imply that most of who she is, is due to her past life abuse (of her hubby, in laws and parents... I won't include the children cuz they aren't mentioned that much. Not important I guess?) she doesn't have much personality. And refuses to marry.

Well, even so I decided to stick with it, cuz the prologue was kinda good.

So we meet ML Mr. eight packs (from the cover picture, cuz koreans aren't chinese, describing the ML goodness at every turn), a heroe from the battlefield with wounds from his kinda broken family relationship (but he and his sister are true broes, so no worries) and who is somewhat too afraid of getting close to someone else emotionally and refuses to marry.

Both come to an agreement to wed for an year. And we all know that this ending in them falling for each other. As for why? Plot convenience. (later on the story ML tries to justify his liking for her as she is 'Different from your common young lady' - his words, not mine. But I don't buy it) - It looks a bit like the much worse distant cousin of 'Lucia' (which is a great read, I recommend)

In the first arc + start of the second: I was mostly upset by the Duke's total indiference towards other people. There's an episode where he lets an clearly evil and disturbing man roam free in his mansion for no reason (really, this guy didn't really contribute to the overall plot) and when MC questioned him he was like: "Knew he was sxlly harassing ppl and takin bribes, so wat?" and MC forgave him after a day. Yeah, so keen on justice.

The next arc whe get the jealousy arc: And I found myself rooting for Count Glacia. Cuz MC just goes around trying to seduce back her fake husband (girl. Please, the second hand embarrassment. Why debase yourself) anyway... and it ends up with some passionate bedscenes (that I didn't read cuz I was too disturbed for that). But we do conclude from this chapter that MC might actually have 10 years old of mental age and the duke's own brain's development also came into question.

The third arc: I stopped in the beginning, cuz there was signs of a new jealousy arc. Maybe a pregnancy (but I hope not. No child deserves this mother)... but I can't.

WHY, WHY. Everytime there's a chance for chara development.... why put some flinsy jealousy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I quit :D

Good luck for those who (forewarned) decided to stay. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 30, 2022
Status: c173
I like it. It's not an intense battle ridden drama. It just a romance novel about 2 people learning what it means to be in a relationship. Also the story isn't done yet, so don't expect all the plot holes or concern about her past life to be left floating in the air with your questions. It gets touched on here and there. Also neither the male or female lead are perfect, she can be a brat and negligent and he can be a jerk. Even the ML is afraid... more>> the FL will see him as a monster. He's not a saint and he knows it. I recommend reading it, it's not finished, but it's not a long read. And if you like a spicy read... it's got some spice. Have fun reading! <<less
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Dec 20, 2021
Status: v1c37
The story seemed promising at first but I soon lost interest with it.

The romance was way too fast for me that it kinda didn't make any sense.

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Their interactions were cute as they not so subtly mock each other but after 2-3 meetings, the ML suddenly laughs out loud more?? The effect of the FL on the ML just didn't made sense for me. Also, FL said she "isn't satisfied with one man" because she liked kpop idols in her previous world but suddenly her heart is beating fast because he's so handsome. For someone who said she wouldn't fall in love, she seems to have fallen quite fast. "Being with him makes me feel comfortable" girl you knew him for less than a month.


Also, FL character is written as a mother of 2 kids before transmigration yet she didn't give her kids a second thought. She's like they're ungrateful anyway. Man, no matter how much you hate your marriage there's no mother like that. FL felt like she was written by someone who have absolutely no knowledge about mothers.


There was a part were the FL eats in her bed and gets crumbs and stuff everywhere. Like???? That doesn't sound like a woman who had been slaving away in her marriage to me. That's more like how a teenager would act. No mother likes making a mess because they know how annoying it is to clean up after their kids.

She gets a whole new chance in life and she chooses to act like a teenager. There are things that she should know better because she was an adult. Doesn't matter if her current self is now 10 years younger than her past self. The wisdom she gained from her previous life should have been carried over to her current life not left behind.

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Nov 30, 2021
Status: c143
I love this power couple! They lack a bit in the clear communication department but it's by far better than other novel couples I have read.

The FL is one of my favorites. She is such a troublemaker but means well and it makes me laugh. She's neither the saint nor the villain which is refreshing.

The ML is also becoming one of my favorites. He's such a simp but still the typical proud royal.

... more>>

Not exaclty a spoiler but still... The way this man craves his wife and ultimately always tries to have her back (unless he's personally trying to get a reaction from her) is just goals. Tbh, they are couple goals.

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