The Rotten Girl


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An Editorial Department’s editorial assistant called Bai Ning is a standard Rotten Girl (fujoshi).

For work purpose and in real life, Bai Ning has maintained an image of a pure and cute little rabbit.

However, on a certain day in a certain month of a certain year, during a certain company meeting, when Bai Ning plugged her USB into the big BOSS’s computer, no one could have predicted there was spyware on it, and her hidden folder “GV” unexpectedly popped up and the Big Boss accidentally went to click on it during in a meeting and everything …… became very different.

Now a certain rogue boss tries to use the folder to blackmail her.

When a “white rabbit” encounters a rogue boss, a hilarious love story unfolds………

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March 1, 2018
Status: c2.1
Why would she would have that hidden file on her work computer???

Makes no sense to me.

And why would it be there if she was so ashamed of liking BL that blackmail is even a possibility?

... more>> Do Chinese people really view fujoshi as "freaks?" but.... there are a ton of fujoshi in China. I see them all the time on YT at BL series/ movie fan-meetings and book signings and the like. none of them seem very ashamed.

So many questions and no answers. no humor yet, either, despite the summery saying the story would be hilarious. guess I'll have to let the chapters build up and then give it another try later (off to find something that actually makes me laugh). <<less
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quireyuyue rated it
March 8, 2019
Status: c10
Whatever the MC feel, I can totally relate to it. Eventhough I'm not fully a fujoshi, it's not something u can announce to the world.

It might not make sense for some ppl who is not in MC situation but it does make alot of sense to me.

So far, this story is definitely very funny. Looking forward to read more chapters.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Suranchan rated it
October 2, 2019
Status: 32
This is really a cute fluffy story. Love it.

Sososo good. My fault for reading this without checking

if this has been completely translated, wuhuhu.

Now, suffering, wuhuhu.

Please Translators, don't drop this please...

Thank you

Edit - 1st April 20

Thanks Translator for picking this up again.🙏 Still here.
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