The Ring That Defies The Heavens


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A heaven-defying ring that allows objects to be brought back from games into reality!

Before ‘Dawn’ was released, it already obtained the status as the ‘second earth’. Jiang Fei, a young teen who loves games came into the world and quickly rose up in power, status and fame. With his unmatched skills, he decimated all foes that oppose him. However, such rise would attract the attention of many, even as he tried to play everything off as low-key, something just don’t work out as plan…

“If trying to keep myself away from the spotlight no longer works, then come! Let the world know of my existence!” – Jiang Fei

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MMORPG: The Almighty Ring
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New DarkPresent rated it
March 10, 2019
Status: c59
I love VR MMORPG novels but even then this is just too much for me. Game design does not make any sense- it would loose all players few days after release, plot holes everywhere and worse of all protagonist have everything handed to him without ANY hard work or actual talent/skill. He just becomes op entirely due to plot armor. In other novels I tried at least there was something that MC was doing differently than other characters, he was either having different approach to quests and tried to befriend... more>> NPCs, was working harder than other players, had some original ideas to use his skills differently etc. Here we have nothing, MC is strongest player ever coz author said so, no other reason. <<less
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New ResidentialPsycho rated it
March 1, 2019
Status: c10
Kudos to the translation team for being able to focus long enough on translating such a poorly written novel. As far as translation issues go, the only odd thing I've noticed is that "Orc" might be "Beastman" in the beginning, but the author doesn't give us any information to clarify it.

The story is so badly written, it's easier to read it as a satire, but it's still really bad. The MC has no depth whatsoever and is like a kid with ADHD who has no goals or biological needs or... more>> anything. He's overpowered in only the first few chapters. Plot holes are everywhere, even just in the first ten chapters. There are barely an explanations about anything that's going on. There are many moments which will leave you wondering what exactly the creator of this series was thinking.

Although there is a game setting, very few details and descriptions are given about it. The dialogue with NPCs is absent. There is no action or adventure described. The story just says the MC does things or kills something. If you are here because you like action, adventure, gaming, or comedy series, this is definitely not for you.

I don't know what strong points this series has, but I don't have the patience to try reading it any longer. <<less
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BobTheBuilder18 rated it
February 28, 2019
Status: v1c10
Self-masturbatory novel. Good concept, terrible execution.

"With his unmatched skills, he decimated all foes that oppose him." What unmatched skills? Dude just has unfair advantage over the rest, both in the game and the world.

"However, such rise would attract the attention of many, even as he tried to play everything off as low-key, something just don't work out as plan... " Low key? Right because suddenly becoming the best basketball player in his school and defeating the best team is low key, and this is just up to chapter 10, who... more>> knows what other "low key" events await in the 3000+ chapters that I didn't bother to read. <<less
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Mindless rated it
July 3, 2017
Status: c4
I love the fact that it is supernatural while it doesn't feel forced as SW and Evil Dragon, the other vrmmo theme novels with supernatural, of course it is just my view but I like the fact that MC is just a normal LUCKY guy and the only thing special is the ring

It seem the translation is officially dropped so I hope someone would pick it up soon🐀🔚
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novaes rated it
February 27, 2019
Status: c24
I expected it to be good based upon the ratings but it's really just another one of those weird self-insert gary-stu VRMMO novels written by what appears to be a 14yo boy who loves World of Warcraft, but wishes he was good at sport and popular with girls. You really don't have to read the rest of the review, that is everything important.... more>>

Oh well, you asked for it. There's a cringe inducing, overly long game of basketball early to display the whole "game items to IRL" thing that makes no sense and I felt like dying while reading it. You have been warned!

Story so far: MC wants to to be a cool MMO baller but his dad (literally) won't let him, so he finds a ring lying around and what do you know? He can play the game now... somehow. So things aren't explained well, neither in real life nor the game and the MC's personality is total dogsh*t and pretty much what you'd expect from a stupid teenage boy with an undeserved sense of self-worth who almost constantly yells stupid things out loud.

He meets many cute girls, gets everything delivered to him without much effort and sort of struts around being a jackass. The game's rules also suck, btw

like supposedly being in prison for 3 whole days if you get arrested by NPCs. 72 actual hours of prison? Author please, I hope that's not true.

and there are a bunch of room temperature IQ bad guys pecking around who really give off no sense of danger because you just know they all exist as cannon fodder for the MC. So just read this for brainless self-insert and not for the engaging story. <<less
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a7davidz rated it
August 6, 2017
Status: c1435
um I give it a 4 star,

i at first gave it a 3.5 star, but read spoiler 1435 & you know why I gave it a 4 for improvement of why I say it 4 star now,

Reason is,
Spoiler so I keep out some information,

... more>>

The author pulling the novel as long as it gets, in a awkward way, I understand the fact the author adding information to the story & plots, but
MC native, stubborn, kind, hot blooded,
no common sense like brain leaking of water,
this is like saying a super native high schooler who don't know how the world works,
(I feel like banging my head into the wall for what he does in some parts of story, like described below,

He native & hot blooded - when he get potion made by system - he saves Han Tian Yu a rich kid who drives a Lamborghini & crash into concrete & nearly dying, rich kids trying to become his friend & also in business way & get him military contract, military tells him to sell them some, he later say him master has some, to earn money he say low price supply to sell to military, due to military say it to save country of their soldiers going oversea & etc, (My opinion is are you stupid, what if they find out about your ring, will you keep your family safe, what bluff of so called master, ok I understand that part of system will help you upgrade to supernatural, but what about a bunch of supply, why the heck you selling it cheap as hell, you know a bottle of potion that can save your life of incurable - rich will pay you millions just to get 1 bottle, why he heck would you sacrifice yourself of your secrets to help, what if they take control of it, you be wiped out,

He native & kind due to he military creating robots to threaten you & the association of supernatural kinds like you, & even plotted against you, he not only not destroy or take over the alien technology but leaves to a volcanic island, (I like come on they threat you, you not only not destroying their technology when they up to level 4 supernatural robots, I was kinda pissed due to if this was another novel of a decisive MC = first MC will either steal the alien equipments & kill those who a threat to their family or threat to him, instead of willingly leaving them to develop more,

He native & stubborn is - level 5 supernatural tell him to help him keep 7 days, & he be thankful to him, he stubbornly keeps his promise, results in chase due to if they eat this egg they reach level 5 supernatural, he and his lovers fight just to let him hatch, system tells warns him it be extremely dangerous & tells him to sacrifice it so MC can get more cyborg human like level 5 supernatural, but repeatedly refused, he even go to Antarctica to hatch it due to it energy cover half the globe, later other level 5 supernatural chasing them led to injury & nearly died for all, eventually to cure to save Isabella he sacrifice egg, & even think him being not able to keep his promise & feeling bad for himself, (My opinion is are you idiot MC, you don't even know this guy & why should you keep that promise to unknown, if he saved, what happens, will he kill you in your injured state,

He Native - he tells Han Tian Yu his secret after thinking he trust him of the ring of storage ring & learning alien language, he left out the system, even tell him he doesn't have secret master (i like are you stupid, even thou you trust him if sells you out you are dead, & even if you can escape will your family,

Bur overall I say is sometimes you think he going to change & become less& less native & kind, but his emotion mostly drop back to the starting point again



The story mainly about him recovery alien stuff for the system, & it half virtural game & half supernatural in real world of mc


2nd post of till 1435,


As past I posted above finally MC changes from his native to a person if you don't proke me I won't either, but if you do I get rid of u, also MC under some black evil substance after battling & killing an alien with 3 eyes, = a more personaility change of sometimes MC not remmebering why he was so agrresive to enemies or stuff he used to ignore of others, it also states in story it prob have female attracting effect, but who know since it just MC theory until MC finds out,

So read at peace now not worrying of MC being too kind, since this author made MC mature later than other novel MC,

And as of now aliens of the universe,

Hints are starting to show of parallel world or higher world, hints virtual world game starting to show, but it just a bunch of mystery for me too since I only up this part,

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TheGamingNerd rated it
February 18, 2018
Status: --
Really good has immense potential but the only flaw is that the novel focuses alot in one thing aka grinding and appears to have many flaws in some areas nonetheless it is pretty good I would recommend it to anyone that likes Virtual reality with weapons that are real like shura's wrath or legend of the asura that is even better ! I hope a translator actually picks this gem up, I mean it is pretty freaking good currently reading the MTL :D
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