The Reward For Keeping Quiet Was S*x With Girls Dressed As Men


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Kay Brennan is a hero, no doubt about that. He’s the strongest person in their school in terms of combat strength and magical power. Compared to Kay, Dino Turner – the eternal 2nd place – might as well be nothing, and as such Dino has declared Kay to be his archrival. However, Kay has a secret: she’s actually a girl crossdressing as a boy. And Dino is the only one who knows her true nature.

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Kuchidome no Gohoubi wa Dansou Otome To Ichaero Desu!
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07/26/22 AM23 MTL epilogue
07/26/22 AM23 MTL c4 part3
07/25/22 AM23 MTL c4 part2
07/24/22 AM23 MTL c4 part1
07/23/22 AM23 MTL c3 part3
07/22/22 AM23 MTL c3 part2
07/21/22 AM23 MTL c3 part1
07/20/22 AM23 MTL c2 part6
07/19/22 AM23 MTL c2 part5
07/18/22 AM23 MTL c2 part4
07/17/22 AM23 MTL c2 part3
07/16/22 AM23 MTL c2 part2
07/15/22 AM23 MTL c2 part1
07/14/22 AM23 MTL c1 part3
07/13/22 AM23 MTL c1 part2
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Soren59 rated it
July 26, 2022
Status: Completed
Short but sweet.

The action (real action, not bedroom action) is fairly lacklustre, but let's be real that's not what you're reading this for. It's good for what it is, which is a short ero harem novel with a fun premise.

PS: I don't know what dolla is complaining about. My issue with beta protagonists is when they actively c*ckblock themselves to the point you wonder if they're trying to become a wizard (30 y.o. Virgin), or when they refuse to kill obviously evil people because of a loose sense of morals... more>> or pacifism. Although it's mainly thanks to the girls being proactive, this MC still gets plenty of action, and there are no antagonists so the second point is moot. <<less
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Zones rated it
July 21, 2022
Status: c3 part1
I don't really understand how the MC is a beta cuck, he's a little dense but it's a Japanese novel so that is to be expected. He's not submissive, because I know stories where the MC is submissive really go into kinks I don't hold. Dude is getting his d*ck wet and the scenes have him being the top. I don't really have much more to ask for.
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Krazyguy75 rated it
August 30, 2022
Status: illustrations
It’s fine but boy is it rushed. It’s got enough plot threads to fill 100 chapters that exist in the background, yet most of them get resolved almost instantly and mostly offscreen. It’s disappointing TBH because I like the characters and would have enjoyed more of them outside of the ero bits (which admittedly are and should remain the focus).

But for example, we get a main character who is always second to the main heroine, so one would expect you get a moment when he overcomes that late in the... more>> story. Nope, doesn’t happen.

You get a demon attack, so you’d think he’d go and fight them and you’d get some scenes related to that. Nope, resolved offscreen.

You have some discussion of the heroines’ families... but nope, you never meet them.

And then out of nowhere they are just like “timeskip; everything went well and all the conflicts are resolved and the story is over” in the epilogue.

It just feels like they sabotaged an interesting world and interesting characters by only doing the ero parts, when it could have had world building and character development on top of them. <<less
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