The Returner


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This story is centered around the man named Yi Ji-Hyuk, who has spent 1000 years in a Medieval Western fantasy-like world before returning back to the modern-day Earth. When he returns, he finds that his home is facing monster threats, and that humans with superpowers have appeared to protect the innocent people of Earth.

The thing is, Yi Ji-Hyuk himself lived like a true, bona fide Demon King in that fantasy world, and the only reason(s) why he returned home is to find some peace and easy going life. So, what will a man like that do?

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더 리터너
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drollawake rated it
June 18, 2018
Status: c29
You know the friend that everyone avoids because he keeps on complaining about the same thing in a hundred different ways? That's this novel.

The main character is a brat and he knows it. He's determined to live as a shut-in gamer and not get roped in to defend Earth from otherworldly threats. His reluctance to use his powers may frustrate some readers but I find his shamelessness refreshing. In contrast, the stereotypical beta Japanese MC would easily cave in to others' demands.

Though the characters' thoughts and interactions do a good... more>> job of giving the comedy and showing their colourful personalities, these parts are often dragged out too long. Not only do they get old, stuff like his repeated successes in dodging responsibility also start becoming less believable. The pacing suffers too from things dragging out. Plot-wise, the immediate thing that draws readers in now is anticipating how he's gonna get forced into helping out. In the longer run, there's a bigger mystery of how Earth and the other world are linked, and implicitly, what that might mean for Earth and our MC. <<less
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landon9560 rated it
January 29, 2019
Status: c90
In the beginning you're introduced to a person who has been alive over 1000 years, growing stronger and stronger as he goes, with an undying body. Sadly this man takes after typical Japanese protagonists.

Long story short, the potentially most powerful man on earth (oh, by the way, he went to another world for 1000-ish years, came back to earth where only a couple years had passed) comes back to Korea after being a demon lord of sorts, the most powerful entity in another world, so much so that every race... more>> in existence that was smart enough to sh*t and eat in different places came together to fight him (for some reason that is actually not that well explained), and still lost. After he gets back to Korea, what does he do? Nothing. Now if it was a nothing, slice of life novel of someone ridiculously powerful, I would have given it a higher score, or just not rated it at all. But this is the kind of nothing that is suppose to annoy you.

What does the main character do with his life? Nothing. While this isn't bad by itself, this "nothing" is described as basically sucking at MOBAs, eating lots of potato chips, and being forced into doing things by his mother. He (not so) quickly is forced into a job at Korea's x-men special forces at his mother's will. The story quickly starts revolving around him being lazy, scared into doing something by his mother, going to work and demanding extreme amounts of cash from his agency so the author can show how badass he is, and how edgy little he cares for anyone besides his family.

This story line is kinda annoying, seeing as he was once the lord of pretty much everything in hell (what he didn't command he would kill), and the most powerful existence of an entire world, where although they were afraid of him, the respected him and his power. Now after 1000 years he has gone crazy after having gone through the hell that he had to, to become strong, and all but forgetting what his family looks like, he is treated like a criminal mere minutes after coming back to earth.

The king of evil, lord of demons, immortal dark (?) magician was mere minutes after appearing back on earth apprehended for basically no good reason, and threatened. Multiple times (until he joins them) by the same government agency, and doesn't care?

I think they are giving too much credit on one crazy, old, and immensely powerful man's patience of people, especially seeing how he basically committed genocide on humans in another world for getting in his way. <<less
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crazykat rated it
June 2, 2018
Status: c11
So far this novel is like a better version of Seoul station necro. The MC for this novel is very likable and the interactions between the character are really fun to read. As only 11 chapters have been released I cant really say how its going to be in the future but as of now its a very interesting story.

For now:


World (not much has been introduced) : 7

Translation quality: 10

After 50-100 chapters I will update again.
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Mahiro9 rated it
May 27, 2018
Status: c7
I know I should not put a review when I there's only 7 translated chapters when this review was written. But those 7 chapters were enough to get me hooked to this novel and see its potential from its strong points that surfaced quite early.

- Proper execution that is enough to get you hooked with just a few chapters.

- Conversations between characters that doesn't seem stiff, flows well, and will also make you laugh.
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GoodLoser rated it
February 10, 2019
Status: c166
It's alright as a novel to kill time with. Doesn't compare to EER at all nor any others I've read till now.

The MC's personality is sh*t and I do agree with other reviews that his family is also crap. But I have to admit that were it not for his family's sh*tty personality and the weird females he has around him I'd have gotten tired of his personality and dropped this already.

I also can't understand if he does or does not have mental damage from the previous world.
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marids rated it
December 10, 2018
Status: c131
I liked this novel in the start due to the sheer shock factor of how the MC is like, and really wanted to get to know his history by reading more chapters. Then it got fun due to the reactions from when he actually did things with other people. But throughout the entire thing the amount of family drama crap just kept egging on and on, and it's not really telling anything solid on his past at all even at this point. Thus, I currently find the novel too boring... more>> to keep reading if it's going to waste words on the same crap over and over again with no real significant plot advancement, if there even is one at this point other than; monsters come, they're too strong, then they get killed by the MC who is stronger than everyone else.

Honestly though, I'm just disappointed the author has nothing solid to use for the story other than demonstrating how strong the MC is and how women keeps getting jealous over him in the most annoying ways that I didn't know existed. <<less
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Bolsonaro rated it
November 27, 2018
Status: c1
Cant stand a pushover MC talking sh*t and being unreasonable all the time. The author try to be funny all the time, but this doesn't work for me. This is a Lazy MC, parody, "comedy" novel, but the author fail even in this, because he want to build complexity and a background, what break the "all comedy point", but when he add comedy even with this 'dark background', the novel start to look really annoying, because you dont know how to see the novel. So:

-If you are the type of... more>> person who cant stand someone forcing comedy in a unreasonable ways, RUN, DONT READ THIS NOVEL!
-If you are the type of person who cant stand someone forcing dark background trying to add complexity to a novel that not works good with it, SO RUN TOO!


annoying MC, unreasonable MC, missplaced comedy. <<less
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passingthunder rated it
October 16, 2018
Status: c100
A long time ago, I read a book called Grendel. Grendel was a story with a man eating monster as the MC, Grendel. Grendel went around killing and eating humans. The reader is compelled to view the world from Grendel stand point, relating to Grendel and viewing humans as one would a chicken.

This story has a similar MC. The whole story starts off with the MC killing a world. The MC cares nothing for others and will not hesitate to murder anyone who is an obstacle or beat down anyone... more>> because he thinks its funny.

That said, the novel is fairly humorous. The plot line is non-standard and the MC's motivations are straight forward. I especially like the portions involving the MC's family as I feel those are the only times in the novel the MC is human and their written very humorously.

The main characters in the novel are very different from each other but, as the author keeps introducing characters, they have begun to blend together. Also, the side characters might as well not have names as they are not relevant to the plot nor do they have personalities.

Overall, I would rate this novel as a 4.5 based on its merits. However, every now and again the fact that the MC is a mass murderer digs into my enjoyment of the Novel. Consequently, I a rate it as a 4. I think its a fairly good. <<less
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hasula rated it
October 6, 2018
Status: c40
I tried but it isnt worth reading at all and I have extremely low standarfs that I even let the logical problems of the first few chapters (immortal time) pass but it its not bearable at all. Its trying to be funny by placing alot of jokes filling most of the chapters of it but its not even close to being funny and with that said it means most od the chapters are kust fillers compsed of unfunny jokes making reading painful. So no choice but to drop it.
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BigBadBoi rated it
September 14, 2018
Status: c79
I understand why people rate this lowly, but there are also people I don't understand why they rate it lowly.

The people who rate it lowly that is understandable is the fact that they don't like the MC, they find him annoying and is not their cup of tea. The people I don't understand why they rate it so lowly is that they think he is retarded, which is confusing at the very least.

The story is basically a slice of life action comedy with good humor (considering the fact that I... more>> read sh*t humor that makes me cringe and I basically skim and this is actually moderately funny) and you can understand why the MC is a lazy cunt (emphasized cunt since some of you will think he is one) who reluctantly does sh*t that he thinks is a pain considering the fact that he would've lost his sanity in Berafe if his body didn't heal everything including mental damage. <<less
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Monster rated it
September 9, 2018
Status: --
Heh. Reading these negative reviews makes me feel sad for those who can't pick up on the minor details and understand the true greatness of the MC. This story is a gem hidden behind the stale and aggravating comedy. Honestly, the comedy is what makes it a top tier novel. Whether intentional or not, the comedy creates a veil around the true nature of the characters and their thoughts, whether or not the reader can see the true emotions and feelings of the characters is up to the reader. Being... more>> able to see passed the veil and understand the characters on an intimate level. It's truly satisfying. <<less
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ththth12 rated it
August 2, 2018
Status: c53
The plot is similar to Seoul station's necromancer, but it has different feel to it. Characters feel more real, and comedy is a lot funnier. This has been mostly comedy so far, with some action now and then. It might change in the future.

Some people complain that MC should use his abilities to help other people. I guess they missed it when he destroyed whole world so that he could go home. He simply does not care about whether some strangers live or die. He lived 1000 years in the... more>> other world, died and resurrected hundreds of times, and killed millions of people. He has very little compassion left for other. He is not some hero ready to save the day. He was not called the demon king for nothing. <<less
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Centrophy rated it
February 14, 2019
Status: c51
Funny at first but it's the same joke over and over again. I don't care who you are or what joke it is you'll eventually get tired of reading the same tired payoff to the joke.
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Scholar Occult Cauldron
Scholar Occult Cauldron rated it
December 6, 2018
Status: c124

Honestly, I got tired of this novel. The MC is supposedly a being of immense power, destroying worlds, frightening both gods and devils. This story does nothing to show that.


MC comes back from alternate world and immediately becomes trash that bosses people around while acting like sh*t. Only person able to stop him?

His Mom


What's worse is how the author just throws idiotic "beauties"

(if that's what you wanna call a stalker, legal loli that cries too much, and a useless "lizard woman")


This novel has been a disappointment and when I finally thought the MC would take an active role on the changing world around him, he just does a tsundere act with his country, protecting Korea (south, of course) and

watching America and the UK get destroyed since he couldn't care unless he gets benefits worth it


Over 100 chapters and this is the crap we deal with, especially since the MC keeps switching between powerful and weak but does nothing to retain strength. This has been a mess.... ptui.
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puppytoe rated it
November 29, 2018
Status: c105
This is not a bad novel, but its definitely not what I believe some people were expecting. The prologue gives a dark vibe where a man becomes a villain whose willing to do anything to go home.

Upon returning, the plot takes a major turn when the MC will literally do anything to avoid working, no matter how frustrating. I think a lot of the issues early chapter reviewers had was with this major turn in genre from dark brooding fantasy to lazy protag comedy instead of something like "Seoul Station... more>> Necromancer".

The jump in genre wasn't the best transition due to the MC immediately becoming a frustrating hikkikomori. While at first, it seems fine, the plot begins dragging and the initial first arc could be called :


"The SDF's sorry attempts to recruit the MC". A very frustrating arc where the MC only ever uses his experience from the otherworld to avoid working for the main organization that defends Korea and to play them.


A positive factor is that the MC never acts out of character. Unfortunately, his personal character is sooooo unreasonable & selfish; its one thats been destroyed by his time in the other world and it takes almost 40 chapters before the MC gets any sort of character development (in his defense, he had thousands of years of character development in the other world).

The story also takes a while to get going, which is covered up by the MC's selfish actions and leaves you with this "where is this gonna go" sort of feeling that doesnt get addressed until muuuuuuch later (and not very well).

MC has a good excuse for why he is the way he is, but its not good enough to wait for the story to get better. Read if you have free time or need something to kill time for your other novels to update <<less
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Evil_Ginger rated it
August 22, 2018
Status: c65
Hmm... annoying... funny at times... but mostly annoying. However, I think the interactions are all interesting, if a little preposterous.

Rather than spoil the actual things, I guess a similarity will suffice.

[MC goes off to college for many years, doesn't contact his family. After finally graduating, which seemed like the school was actively against him doing so, he came back home, much to his family's shock and surprise.]

[He has gathered a wide set of skills from his time at college, but he would rather just play games and relax. However, his... more>> mom tells him to get a job.]

[Things have changed in the world, and while his family adjusted, MC is still trying to adapt. However, he gets a salaried job as his first job.]

Watch as MC performs many weird and possibly illegal things as he grows up... hopefully into a mature adult. <<less
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Loggar rated it
August 14, 2018
Status: c60
So, let's get this straight.

Let's understand that we have a hero who literally lived more than a thousand years in another plane, on that plane he lived several lives befriended and made enemies with a lot of persons BEFORE becoming like the final boss.

I get it. Most people don't understand that he came back to "enjoy" his life and thr stuff he does usually have underlying meaning. Don't hate it because the MC isn't reasonable, that is his quirk. One should be pretty apathic living in a plane where he... more>> don't remember fully everything that happens to him.

He himself had the epithany that he is too apathic. It is a great history. And most people don't understand that that's it. A history. We can't judge it with "normal" status. That is really silly.

If the problem is about plot holes, denseness or stuff like that I can relate.

But seriously guys this is not the problem here. If someone thinks the history is unreasonable you can opt to (tada) don't read it.

I still think is a great history and I am looking forward to more releases. <<less
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yellowcrusader rated it
August 10, 2018
Status: c58
I wasn't completely sold on the story as I felt like the call to action phase of the protagonist was getting a little dragged out. The humour, however, was pretty funny to me. The way the MC manages to get under the other character's skin is hilarious. I think if you get pass the call to action arc of the novel it gets pretty good. The characters introduced are quirky and entertaining.

I hope the novel continues being entertaining and shows more abilities of the MC.
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charioles rated it
August 7, 2018
Status: c56
Try to read up to chapter 10.

If you liked this sort of comedy-action genre, then you'll enjoy the novel.

imo this is 80% comedy, 20% action.

... more>> +) pros:

Funny and refreshing comedy/gag style.

Badass action.

No crybaby MC.

No s*x maniac and harem-pursuing type of MC *cough* chinese novels *cough*.

-) cons:

The website/translator often put a synopsis of their other works on the beginning of every chapter without a warning or a divider, so it can be confusing to find where the chapter's content actually starts at.

Low amount of action scene compared to the comedy skits. Not suitable for action-hungry readers. <<less
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NovelDevourer K
NovelDevourer K rated it
August 6, 2018
Status: c10
i love this scene:

There had been an increase of many somewhat ‘insane’ fools with the similar sort of ‘settings’ after the world went to hell in a handbasket several years ago. They all wanted to possess amazing powers, but since they didn’t, the only place they could were within their own delusions.

As the guy kept on saying “ah, ah, ah”, was he trying to shout out “Asmodeus”? Or “Astaroth”?

... more>> Not as common as “Diablo” or “Beelzebub” but still appropriate enough.

It seemed that this young man had come up with a pretty unique ‘setting’ for himself.

Which was unfortunate, because Choi Jung-Hoon’s expectations were completely off the mark.

“Ah... Ah, ah!! Asphalttttttttt!!!!”

The strange young man rubbed the ground nonstop, and then, proceeded to plant his face on the ground and began rubbing it passionately. <<less
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