The Returner


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This story is centered around the man named Yi Ji-Hyuk, who has spent 1000 years in a Medieval Western fantasy-like world before returning back to the modern-day Earth. When he returns, he finds that his home is facing monster threats, and that humans with superpowers have appeared to protect the innocent people of Earth.

The thing is, Yi Ji-Hyuk himself lived like a true, bona fide Demon King in that fantasy world, and the only reason(s) why he returned home is to find some peace and easy going life. So, what will a man like that do?

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Lazybuns rated it
July 21, 2018
Status: c46
I've been seeing a lot of bad reviews, so I decided to just put my two cents in:

1) If you're a reader who NEEDS the personality of the MC to have some shred of moral integrity or maturity, just. Stop. Right there. This is this not the novel for you. If you were expecting the MC to have a turn around, squeezing out some effort for a brighter future or take some responsibility, I'm gonna tell you now he's not. He's really a genuine lazy scum and a self-centered brat... more>> and he himself is aware of it. But he doesn't give a darn about it and will always do what he wants. He might do something responsible from time to time, but those are out of personal motives. Those are mainly for his family and peaceful life. He's like the annoying type of person who leeches off of group projects in real life. Not far from how a normal lazy person would act, except he has an OP demon king level of strength. If you want a more proactive MC, better skip this one.

2) So far (c46), this story is turning out to be more of a comedy kind-of-idle life in a post-apocalyptic fantasy setting, with more conversational banters between the characters. There's hardly any action, but this bit of engaging premise makes the story interesting. Basically just think of it as a comedy slice-of-life in a fantasy setting (as of c46). Plot progression is SLOW. So far though, there's already a few signs of the story shifting to more action.

3) The summary is all you need to describe whats happening in the story. MC who's tired of it all comes home to a changed society with monsters in it. He sets a goal of helping his family, but seeing that theyre living off quite well, decides to 'take a break' by living as a normal bum and idling away. The government and monsters invading earth keeps him from having a normal life however.

If this kind of story is your cup of tea, honestly this a great novel. Story flow, translation, and plot elements are really nice. It's well-paced (albeit slow), and the action and fantasy elements are great enough to keep it interesting. So far, no glaring plot holes yet. For now, that 46 chapters is worth the read. <<less
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drollawake rated it
June 18, 2018
Status: c29
You know the friend that everyone avoids because he keeps on complaining about the same thing in a hundred different ways? That's this novel.

The main character is a brat and he knows it. He's determined to live as a shut-in gamer and not get roped in to defend Earth from otherworldly threats. His reluctance to use his powers may frustrate some readers but I find his shamelessness refreshing. In contrast, the stereotypical beta Japanese MC would easily cave in to others' demands.

Though the characters' thoughts and interactions do a good... more>> job of giving the comedy and showing their colourful personalities, these parts are often dragged out too long. Not only do they get old, stuff like his repeated successes in dodging responsibility also start becoming less believable. The pacing suffers too from things dragging out. Plot-wise, the immediate thing that draws readers in now is anticipating how he's gonna get forced into helping out. In the longer run, there's a bigger mystery of how Earth and the other world are linked, and implicitly, what that might mean for Earth and our MC. <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
May 16, 2019
Status: c187
I can understand the people giving 1 star to this novel by it's quite technically good although like must of the readers I also decided to drop this because I can no longer read any further and the unnecessary BS and annoying useless chapter where nothing happen and you are force to read to much BS is really frustrating and annoying.

Let's start with the so called Main Character of this story

... more>>

“Besides the mentioned positives, everything else is a negative about this guy. He doesn’t seem to care about wealth, women, or power. He finds the matters of the world an annoyance. The only interest he has is video games. He has a truly rotten mouth, his personality is the worst, he is way too rude, he does not respect his elders, he doesn’t care about the time nor place, his fashion sense is completely whack, and not to mention, he plays games in such a dirty, lowlife manner... ” (Choi Jung-Hoon) Choi Jung-Hoon evaluation to MC -ch33

As early as possible we are force to accept how Ugly the MC attitude is. I don't know if it's the author thing to be unique but I often read rotten MC but in this story we are FORCE to accept to much I mean to much BS of MC's character. Although if anyone notice it the AUTHOR did try to explain why oh why the MC has a very very very bad and ugly character.

To hell with that f*ck you AUTHOR! that is the current feeling I have right now reading this.. I promise myself to not to drop if but enough is enough. I tried to justify myself that the MC's personality is a must but what made me admit defeat is the nonsense chapter where MC rotten character is shown over and over and over AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. Can you imagine reading countless chapter of filler where you only read MC cursing this and that MC being insulted or insulting this and that.

So far base on what I read the MC has like live more or less 3000 yrs in the other side and in his late years he was in the same level of gods and alike.

The Frozen Time state is one of the biggest B*llSh*t in this story and has many flows. If his time was frozen would he even level up in that state where he reach the same OPness as Gods? unless I am wrong of my definition of the word FROZEN! The author said that his state of mind was frozen. But it is more like it was reset than frozen. So he is immortal because his body reset from the original state. It is not FROZEN because he can FEEL and EXPERIENCE death. When you say frozen NOTHING is CHANGE! So he should be emotionless from the very start! He became emotionless because of the trauma of always being in the state of dying but can't die and again not because he is in a FROZEN TIME as stated but because his body and mind reset from it's original form. If he was in a frozen state then he would just be a walking retard zombie for the rest of his life.

And no matter how I reread and think about it the author just want a rotten MC with bad character and force the reader to accept it! It's an author thing I tell you!


The story flows like this

Author: Ima gonna start this with how ugly and bad*ss the MC is..

A few chapters later

Author: Ima gonna make MC do good deeds.

A few chapter later

Author: Reader might forget about how ugly and bad*ss the MC is so let's right it again.

A few chapters later (Yup chapters that only exist to show that MC has a bad character)

A few chapter later

Author: Let's update the plot.... (return from the start)

It's a Korean story thing but all of the Korean story I read has pretty much force and very fast progress in plot. It's like one chapter the MC save the day and a few chapter later the end of the world comes. I might be a little bit bias here but that's not really a bad thing with fast progress and everything but imagine a few nonsense chapter are inserted between it. The torture of reading it is so painful.

What I hated the most is where an author make a story where MC is against the world. That regardless what MC did, even if MC is as holy as the pope, people around him still hated him. And Yeah this novel is the very thing I hated. Not only is the author if this novel make the world (and other world) hate the MC even the characters around him are Bias to his behavior as if he is the SH*ttest thing existed in the world regardless of how many times MC save them or how many time MC died for them. The author well never I mean never seriously never stop on reminding the readers that the MC is hated and has a bad character and most I mean most of the chapters are dedicated just to show that MC has a bad character and how bad the people around him threat him. At this point of time I even hope that the author change the filler setting of chapters from that setting. But after reading almost 200 chapters of the B*llSH*tting chapters enough is enough.


Main Characters???

Seo Ah-Young - A fire user with a literally HOT temper easily get anger and explode especially if she is with the MC. (This girl was decent from the start and has the feeling that he is the heroin of the story. To bad I well never understand how the author can right a good character and ruin it at the same time. I mean she is a flame user so her hot temper is justified but if she is with MC, her character change 180 degrees where she is dedicated to trash the MC and insult him like their is no tomorrow. And her character was destroyed just like that.)

Choi Jung-Hoon - (the hottest property within the KSF’s ranks; a man with a promising career, and assuredly the best husband material out there; this man, possessing a handsome looks and talent acknowledged by others, was..... A bit timid.-Ch38) meet the MC early and has more MC feeling than the MC himself. This is the so called normal character but again with the author thing despite how good this character is if his with MC he is like other characters who hate and bad mouth the MC like their is nothing else to do and it was so repetitive that it also destroyed his MC like character!


Notice that MOST or MAJORITY of the character in this story has actually have a good and decent background from minor to supporting character I can say that they are actually well like but again that is only if only they are not with the MC. Any character in the story they always have this dedicated chapters where they hate and insult the MC regardless of reason. It became a norm in the story where all character just hated and insult the MC as long as the MC is in the same chapter with them. Imagine how frustrating and annoying reading that!

The plot of the story is actually rather good and interesting what of this world and that world. Gates and Dimension is actually unique and superb. Overall the story is self is quite good really but the author might just have a screw loss in the head to ruin such good story with it's repetitive chapters dedicated to show MC hate and insult regardless of circumstances,

As an example


MC fought a death match with a Demon King almost died in the process where his hand was cut his body is full of holes and because of plot armor he was save but guess what happen in the next few chapters MC was hated and insulted by his teammate and some random people lol to lazy to count but it's like 2 to 3 chapters is only for you to read of nonsense where the MC argue with other character, Or where this character shows hatred and insult to the MC, or where MC shows his bad characters and so on.


I don't know what the author is trying to prove but I have enough of reading nonsense chapter where you only read MC doing nonsense and other characters showing their hatred or throwing insult to the MC. Enough is enough so just drop this and hopefully I can forget that I once read this.

I seriously love this novel like I said the story itself was interesting and unique so unlike other people I give it 3 star instead of 1. <<less
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PedoBear Version 2.0
PedoBear Version 2.0 rated it
April 4, 2019
Status: --
People keep saying that the MC has sh*tty personality and even I though the same but it was the whole point of the story...

"If he could forget, then he might have given up.
If he could die, then he might have chosen death.
Unfortunately, he was a man isolated in this world.
He was not allowed to die, and he was not allowed to forget.
The memories he had before he fell into this world, all those countless years and decades and centuries ago, he hadn't forgotten single one of... more>> them. The memories he created in this new world were lost like grains of sand, but the things he knew and experienced in the previous world became a fossil deeply lodged in his head the moment he came here.
So, he had to return.
If he couldn't forget, if he couldn't die... then he must return."

"Come on, really now. I went through so much crap to get back here, so why is it a problem for me to live like a bum for a while? Seriously, who would want to do anything after a thousand years of constantly doing something?!" (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

"He had been living for over a thousand years. Plus, he returned from the state of death thousands of times during that period.
Under this sort of circumstances, it'd been the funniest joke in the whole world, if he was somehow able to maintain his humanity. More likely, he would've already left the boundaries of what made a person a human being a long, long time ago.
That was why... he wanted to live like a human being. More than ever before."

You can't expect a Bringer of Apocalypse who live a millennium in a cruel world to help others, you can't expect someone who live his life in suffering to fight for others. He didn't have any ambition, he just want spend the rest of his life being a human that he can't experience in the otherworld. <<less
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crazykat rated it
June 2, 2018
Status: c11
So far this novel is like a better version of Seoul station necro. The MC for this novel is very likable and the interactions between the character are really fun to read. As only 11 chapters have been released I cant really say how its going to be in the future but as of now its a very interesting story.

For now:


World (not much has been introduced) : 7

Translation quality: 10

After 50-100 chapters I will update again.
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Mahiro9 rated it
May 27, 2018
Status: c7
I know I should not put a review when I there's only 7 translated chapters when this review was written. But those 7 chapters were enough to get me hooked to this novel and see its potential from its strong points that surfaced quite early.

- Proper execution that is enough to get you hooked with just a few chapters.

- Conversations between characters that doesn't seem stiff, flows well, and will also make you laugh.
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tatsuyax rated it
May 8, 2019
Status: c180
i really tried to like this series, I mean the story is right up my alley we have a op MC and an interesting premise but the way author tries to make it into a comedy is just painful to read. The author tries to make a conversation funny even at the expense of the character's original personality, and after sometimes you start to find every character irritating and u just can't take any one of them seriously. MC is just plain idiot and stupid, I mean u would expect... more>> at least a teenager level of intellect from thousands of year old mage. I will be dropping this series at this point as its just repeating itself at this point with same jokes and there is just no point in further reading it. <<less
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Centrophy rated it
February 14, 2019
Status: c51
Funny at first but it's the same joke over and over again. I don't care who you are or what joke it is you'll eventually get tired of reading the same tired payoff to the joke.
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GoodLoser rated it
February 10, 2019
Status: c166
It's alright as a novel to kill time with. Doesn't compare to EER at all nor any others I've read till now.

The MC's personality is sh*t and I do agree with other reviews that his family is also crap. But I have to admit that were it not for his family's sh*tty personality and the weird females he has around him I'd have gotten tired of his personality and dropped this already.

I also can't understand if he does or does not have mental damage from the previous world.
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marids rated it
December 10, 2018
Status: c131
I liked this novel in the start due to the sheer shock factor of how the MC is like, and really wanted to get to know his history by reading more chapters. Then it got fun due to the reactions from when he actually did things with other people. But throughout the entire thing the amount of family drama crap just kept egging on and on, and it's not really telling anything solid on his past at all even at this point. Thus, I currently find the novel too boring... more>> to keep reading if it's going to waste words on the same crap over and over again with no real significant plot advancement, if there even is one at this point other than; monsters come, they're too strong, then they get killed by the MC who is stronger than everyone else.

Honestly though, I'm just disappointed the author has nothing solid to use for the story other than demonstrating how strong the MC is and how women keeps getting jealous over him in the most annoying ways that I didn't know existed. <<less
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Scholar Occult Cauldron
Scholar Occult Cauldron rated it
December 6, 2018
Status: c124

Honestly, I got tired of this novel. The MC is supposedly a being of immense power, destroying worlds, frightening both gods and devils. This story does nothing to show that.


MC comes back from alternate world and immediately becomes trash that bosses people around while acting like sh*t. Only person able to stop him?

His Mom


What's worse is how the author just throws idiotic "beauties"

(if that's what you wanna call a stalker, legal loli that cries too much, and a useless "lizard woman")


This novel has been a disappointment and when I finally thought the MC would take an active role on the changing world around him, he just does a tsundere act with his country, protecting Korea (south, of course) and

watching America and the UK get destroyed since he couldn't care unless he gets benefits worth it


Over 100 chapters and this is the crap we deal with, especially since the MC keeps switching between powerful and weak but does nothing to retain strength. This has been a mess.... ptui.
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Bolsonaro rated it
November 27, 2018
Status: c1
Cant stand a pushover MC talking sh*t and being unreasonable all the time. The author try to be funny all the time, but this doesn't work for me. This is a Lazy MC, parody, "comedy" novel, but the author fail even in this, because he want to build complexity and a background, what break the "all comedy point", but when he add comedy even with this 'dark background', the novel start to look really annoying, because you dont know how to see the novel. So:

-If you are the type of... more>> person who cant stand someone forcing comedy in a unreasonable ways, RUN, DONT READ THIS NOVEL!
-If you are the type of person who cant stand someone forcing dark background trying to add complexity to a novel that not works good with it, SO RUN TOO!


annoying MC, unreasonable MC, missplaced comedy. <<less
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passingthunder rated it
October 16, 2018
Status: c100
A long time ago, I read a book called Grendel. Grendel was a story with a man eating monster as the MC, Grendel. Grendel went around killing and eating humans. The reader is compelled to view the world from Grendel stand point, relating to Grendel and viewing humans as one would a chicken.

This story has a similar MC. The whole story starts off with the MC killing a world. The MC cares nothing for others and will not hesitate to murder anyone who is an obstacle or beat down anyone... more>> because he thinks its funny.

That said, the novel is fairly humorous. The plot line is non-standard and the MC's motivations are straight forward. I especially like the portions involving the MC's family as I feel those are the only times in the novel the MC is human and their written very humorously.

The main characters in the novel are very different from each other but, as the author keeps introducing characters, they have begun to blend together. Also, the side characters might as well not have names as they are not relevant to the plot nor do they have personalities.

Overall, I would rate this novel as a 4.5 based on its merits. However, every now and again the fact that the MC is a mass murderer digs into my enjoyment of the Novel. Consequently, I a rate it as a 4. I think its a fairly good. <<less
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hasula rated it
October 6, 2018
Status: c40
I tried but it isnt worth reading at all and I have extremely low standarfs that I even let the logical problems of the first few chapters (immortal time) pass but it its not bearable at all. Its trying to be funny by placing alot of jokes filling most of the chapters of it but its not even close to being funny and with that said it means most od the chapters are kust fillers compsed of unfunny jokes making reading painful. So no choice but to drop it.
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BigBadBoi rated it
September 14, 2018
Status: c219
I understand why people rate this lowly, but there are also people I don't understand why they rate it lowly.

The people who rate it lowly that is understandable is the fact that they don't like the MC, they find him annoying and is not their cup of tea. The people I don't understand why they rate it so lowly is that they think he is retarded, which is confusing at the very least.

The story is basically a slice of life action comedy with good humor (considering the fact that I... more>> read sh*t humor that makes me cringe and I basically skim and this is actually moderately funny) and you can understand why the MC is a lazy cunt (emphasized cunt since some of you will think he is one) who reluctantly does sh*t that he thinks is a pain considering the fact that he would've lost his sanity in Berafe if his body didn't heal everything including mental damage.

Edit: I removed one star because of his family, I just can't stand their characters. MC must be a saint to not murder his mother and sister. They're nothing more but sh*tty ungrateful THOTs that leech off the MC like a parasite while playing the family card to get forgiveness. They don't try to understand his efforts that rake in money and treat him as a disappointing NEET even though 99% of their money came from him just because he plays LoL (and sucks at it lol I wanna 1v1 the noob if he actually exists in real life)

The harem members are alright though. They have unique personalities without being an extremely annoying bitch like his mom and sister. Although sometimes annoying, they are not a burden that has no use like his mom and sister <<less
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Monster rated it
September 9, 2018
Status: --
Heh. Reading these negative reviews makes me feel sad for those who can't pick up on the minor details and understand the true greatness of the MC. This story is a gem hidden behind the stale and aggravating comedy. Honestly, the comedy is what makes it a top tier novel. Whether intentional or not, the comedy creates a veil around the true nature of the characters and their thoughts, whether or not the reader can see the true emotions and feelings of the characters is up to the reader. Being... more>> able to see passed the veil and understand the characters on an intimate level. It's truly satisfying. <<less
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ththth12 rated it
August 2, 2018
Status: c53
The plot is similar to Seoul station's necromancer, but it has different feel to it. Characters feel more real, and comedy is a lot funnier. This has been mostly comedy so far, with some action now and then. It might change in the future.

Some people complain that MC should use his abilities to help other people. I guess they missed it when he destroyed whole world so that he could go home. He simply does not care about whether some strangers live or die. He lived 1000 years in the... more>> other world, died and resurrected hundreds of times, and killed millions of people. He has very little compassion left for other. He is not some hero ready to save the day. He was not called the demon king for nothing. <<less
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June 9, 2019
Status: c225
You can't give it keep giving 1 star when you don't like something and 5 when you do.

Some jokes are repetitive and most of the characters aren't in their right mind.

But if I had to pick one thing that is a success in this novel, that would be Mc's past life in the other world His bitterness almost palpable. His pelicular experience. Not smart not knowing à lot. But imagine being street fighter Ryu in the actual game. Every time you use hadoken it become bigger and stronger. Because of... more>> this MC didn't experienced many thing anyone else would have.

For the better or worse I'm used to the characters nonsense. There is only one normal character and he doesn't make sense himself. Way too perfect able to adapt to anything, handsome. All of them are mad, so I don't expect them to deal with things normally. In fact doing things normally would seems weird.

Diving into their crazyness isn't so easy. But don't call it bad just cause you can't enter it. May feel like an excuse for a guilty pleasure but it's not. Make some effort to adapt your state of mind to their.

I like it but I'm not giving a rating cause if you made that much effort to like the novel, is it really good? I'm not going to be childish and give 5 star just to raise its overall. And I dont think it's bad so it would also be stupid to give a low rating. <<less
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June 6, 2019
Status: c54
The MC is a psychopath.

The first 45 chapters are nothing but mental and verbal abuse from the family. No idea what kind of messed up person the author is if this is supposed to be funny or interesting.

The MC is a psychopath.

... more>> By his own words he was a useless and evil before traveling to the first world, 1000+ years of suffering didn't help. Returning home, he changes by becoming able to grow, yet he's still a piece of sh*t, treating the only people defending his family and world like crap.

Oh, yeah, here's the kicker, the situation worsens BECAUSE of him, yet he makes even more demands. <<less
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AbsoluteNothingness rated it
April 12, 2019
Status: c200
The first parts were funny. But then the same joke was used time and time again and obviously became boring AF.

Although other reviews criticise the MCs childish and shi**y personality but I can take it as it was explained ... more>>

he became frozen in body and soul when he transmigrated and his memories of earth would not be forgotten and his mentality would always be kept the same as when he crossed over. This explains his obsession to come back to earth.

but the problem I had was that, after coming back to earth his family annoys me so much that I would go and strangle them, specifically the mother and sister. Then although he tries to be selfish and unconcerned about the world as all he says is "I want to enjoy my life and die peacefully" his actions are contradictory and a prime example of a hypocrite which annoys me so much. Though being a 1000+ old being he gets pushed around way to much and he accepts being pushed around by others. And the author failed badly in making the female characters of earth as they are also too annoying to handle, the author shouldn't have tried to make this a one-sided harem as he failed hardly making the whole thing excruciating to read through

Plot: 2/5

Characters: 1/5

Translation: 3/5

Total: 4/10

It could have been much better if the author actually planned out the plot and characters and made the characters likeable and consistent. <<less
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