The Returner


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This story is centered around the man named Yi Ji-Hyuk, who has spent 1000 years in a Medieval Western fantasy-like world before returning back to the modern-day Earth. When he returns, he finds that his home is facing monster threats, and that humans with superpowers have appeared to protect the innocent people of Earth.

The thing is, Yi Ji-Hyuk himself lived like a true, bona-fide Demon King in that fantasy world, and the only reason(s) why he returned home is to find some peace and easy going life. So, what will a man like that do?

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Deo Li Teo Neo
더 리터너
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TheJudge rated it
June 13, 2018
Status: c39
Edit: Dropped. Author tries too hard to turn this into a comedy with his idiotic family. The entire family is a nutcase, the mom is crazy, and the father is a worthless stealing passive idiot. Don't think i'll be able to stand 550 chapters of this nonsense. For a person that has lived for thousands of years, he sure is childish and ignorant.

Progress on this story is VERY slow, lots of useless boring information and interactions. It may seem fun at first but you'll quickly get tired of how s*upid... more>> and whiny the MC is.

Story is about a 18 year old getting sent to a different world, Berafe where he is forced to fend for himself for hundreds or thousands of years. While there he amassed an army and become the king of hell all so he can go back to earth. He returns to earth where he is now 23 years old and find out that the earth is infested with monsters, monsters that hes fought back in berafe and that there are special people out there with powers that can fight them off.

The comedy started out okay, but after a few chapters you get tired of the same ole stuff after every chapter. The chapters have many repeated or rephrased sentences like many of the wuxia novels you have read before. His goal or dream after returning is to make his parents proud and make tons of $$, but after he found out that there parents is living well on earth, he became a bottom feeding scum. He stays at home all day playing and failing at league of legends and jacking off to p*rn. He refuses to use his special skills/power to help save people because all he wants to do now is lay around playing games.

After hundreds of years in a different world, he still acts like a childish brat. On the recent chapter i've just read, the MC is crying like a little baby because he couldn't have his "sugar rush" and wishes that all this would just go away so he can have his drink and go back home. Meanwhile people are dying right outside of where he is at and he refuses to do anything because he doesn't want to "die". The writer or tl did a vague job on explaining what sort of special skill power he has after returning because he said that a hit from the monsters would kill him and that hes only "a little bit" tougher than normal humans, yet he was able to pummel a goblin with his bare hands, while not even train professionals can do because of how tough the goblins skins are, yet he walked away just fine without a single bruise. In short, the guy is nothing but a passive beta selfish POS and if monsters were attacking people right in front of him, he would just watch without a care unless they started attacking him all because he doesn't want people to know that hes "a bit stronger" than others. Yeah okay buddy.

tl;dr - In monster world MC was a savage overlord, on earth he become a lying passive selfish whiny kid that sits around playing games and jacking off all day. <<less
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keklel rated it
August 9, 2018
Status: c57

There's a point at which a joke gets stale, and this novel has gone long past it.

“How can you even think about going home under the current circumstances?!” (Seo Ah-Young)

Yi Ji-Hyuk glared unhappily at Seo Ah-Young.

“Who cares even if it’s a war?! I still need to get off work on time! Don’t you know how important ‘leaving work on time’ is, for a salaryman like me?! You better not try to lump me with sneaky unpaid overtime, you hear?!” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

If six o’clock was designated as the time to leave, then six o’clock it shall be!

And no, he’d definitely not accept the attempt by his so-called superiors to push overtime under the pretext of “finishing up the day’s work”!!

Just for context, this is a situation where a portal has opened (in the middle of a city I would guess, though it's not stated) and werewolves are pouring out of the portal, and the MC is basically the only guy who can stop them without suffering any injuries, so him refusing to do this is essentially equivalent to telling the soldiers to get injured or killed. Okay, so this is rational if he's an as*hole and doesn't care about other people (let's just say he doesn't need a good reputation either), but, killing monsters restores his mana, and he has repeatedly said that he needs more mana so he can do more stuff. So why is he not killing monsters here? Is it just for the sake of setting up a joke about overtime?

Let's start from the beginning. The MC is immortal, so he can do and say whatever he wants, right? Well, not really. He basically just has really strong regenerative powers but isn't powerful, so when he was initially transported into Berafe, monsters in the forest just ate him again and again, some of them even followed him around to keep eating him. So why didn't a monster just drag him into a cave for an infinite food supply? Also, other people in Berafe noticed this too, as the dragon said:

[The incarnation of immortality, just because you are unable to die, this does not mean we won’t be able to stop you. It is indeed possible to seal you away forever. We the Dragons, possessor of endless lives, will maintain the seal for eternity, and you shall never taste the air of freedom forevermore. This is our final warning. Give up.]

So why didn't they just lock him up before he became that powerful? How did he survive for 1000 years and gain the powers that he did? None of this was explained but that story would be probably infinitely more interesting than this one.

Again, this guy gets transported back to Earth, gates are opening all over the place and the military is struggling to keep up yet all he wants to do is to sit at home playing video games and reading webnovels? After living for 1000 years in hardship this guy still doesn't have the maturity to recognize what's important? Is this the same guy that led an army of demons to bring about the apocalypse, opening up a portal to the realm of death? I totally get that his memories of Berafe were supposed to be like "grains of sand" but he was clearly capable of using the magic that he learned so it's not like he forgot everything. And if he remembers things like magic then I find it hard to believe that the hardships he suffered did not mature him in any way whatsoever.

He continually trusts in the ability of the Korean military and the KSF, even after they've repeatedly failed to contain the monsters spilling out of gates which then go on to attack civilians. The MC is stated to care about his family, so when a monster rushes towards his family he goes berserk and kills them. Fine. But then, he doesn't do anything to prevent more gates opening and more monsters coming out which will sooner or later threaten his family again. He doesn't even set up any measures to protect his family (maybe some defensive magic or even just barricades would be better than nothing). So, it's not that this guy doesn't care about anyone, he's just incredibly lazy and short-sighted. There is no big plan. He just lives from moment to moment acting in the most immature way possible. It's hard to imagine that this is the same Bringer of Apocalypse who commanded an army of demons and devils in Berafe.

I think the biggest problem with this novel is that the jokes take precedence over actual character consistency. The MC's family is set up to be some kind of typical dysfunctional family from some TV series so the MC has to play the role of the lazy son. The same goes, more incredibly, for the members of the KSF, where the guy is this hyper-competent ambitious guy who nevertheless just can't get over losing at a video game, and his boss apparently is only capable of throwing temper tantrums whenever something doesn't go her way. This leads to the characters coming across as 2-dimensional cardboard cutouts who constantly act strangely so as to fulfill their stereotype, rather than actual human beings.

I could also talk about the lack of worldbuilding and political intrigue but I guess it comes down to a mismatch of expectations. I expected this to be more than a nonsensical slapstick comedy, and my expectations turned out to be wrong. That's all.

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Prolux rated it
June 11, 2018
Status: c20
20 Chapters in and this story is not funny, it's f*ck*ng annoying. The MC compeltley and utterly forgets about his endless years on another world when he gets brought to earth and he doesn't lose his memories either, his attitude turned into one of a wimp.

Reading along this story is like reading a Beata Jap MC story and is honestly very aggravating. There is so much pointless side chatter that it only makes the chapters more annoying to read. Out of twenty chapters there have been 2 paragraphs worth of... more>> fights. 2 F*CK*NG PARAGRAPHS!

This story is s*upidly annoying and there is so much useless dialog and interactions that it's like the author doesn't even give a sh*t about what he's writing. Don't read this story if you don't like horrible comedy and annoying writing. <<less
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Rakzo rated it
October 20, 2018
Status: c102
Hello fellows~~~
Before you read my comment, I tell you beforehand that English is not my mother tongue, so, there will be mistakes in my writing.
Ok, let's start.

1.-I have seen MANY negative comments, mainly towards the attitude of the protagonist, his actions, thoughts, etc. First of all, YOU MUST REMEMBER that from the synopsis the author tells the plot of the story... 1000 years in a world without our social rules, is not that enough?
... more>>

Also, you must consider, that our protagonist, obeys OUR RULES, but not those of THAT WORLD, a way of thinking something strange, but maybe due to the Korean discipline system... That explains why he killed without blinking in that world, and in ours world he lets himself be arrested by the police. You have to be s*upid to not be able to analyze and reason this.

2.- Many, many, MANY readers, complain about his lazy attitude, and the reason why he RETURNED from that world... Guys, before CRITICIZING, you have to analyze the text, you believe that he simply returned to drink coca cola, play LOL and masturbate with BRAZERS videos? NO! Don't be s*upid! Obviously, there are hidden motives.... which are? DUNNO :v
3.- Guys, see the tags and genres, SEE the tags and genres! Comedy, Action, Parody, Lazy..... Are you blind (*cough-cough* I mean those who have already read this *cough-cough* novel) ? Therefore, you should not question the mentality, comedy and s*upidity of the plot, everything is in order to make us laugh.

I think this:
1.- The novel is very funny, seriously, very funny, I died laughing in some parts.....
As I said, this novel is to make us laugh, but of course, sometimes you will have to analyze the comments of the characters, mainly about the protagonist and his life in that other world, since it gives clues about his reasons for returning to our world.

2.- About romance... Well, the protagonist is not dense, and I say this because he is not the typical Japanese protagonist, but wait, you will think at this moment: What the hell is this imbecile saying? I DONT see a romance tag!!! There is not tag because the protagonist is... ******
Well, as a small spoiler, our protagonist is not s*upid in that aspect, that he avoids romance is for "something"... You will have to read it to know what I mean.

3.- So far, we only have 1/5 of the story, it's little, but with only that amount, you can realize that there is something hidden after all this comedy.

Well, that was it, sorry for the spelling errors, but I'm not good at writing :´c

Greetings from Mexico~~

P.S This novel reminds me of Everyone Else is a Returnee, does anyone else think the same?
P.S 2 There are references to other novels, such as EER, A monster Who Levels Up, etc.... lol <<less
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OneNameVillain rated it
December 11, 2018
Status: c131
I honestly wouldn't mind reading this if they're was some kind of counterbalance to the MC's awful personality, but there isn't. Or if the author stopped trying to make the same joke 100 times to continually diminishing effects especially when the joke wasn't terribly funny to begin with. If I had to say what my tipping point was for this novel it would have to be the MC's terrible mother who somehow manages to be even worse of a person than him. She constantly berates, abuses, and sh*t talks him... more>> even when he is the sole source of income for his family and constantly saves them from death. I honestly think the best ending to this novel would involve her dying a painful and slow death.


Don't think that even for a second that this novel is even comparable to EER, no scratch that, it's not even comparable lv. 1 Skeleton, and that novel had an ending so nonsense and anticlimactic that I want to scrub its existence from my brain.

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al103 rated it
July 3, 2018
Status: c35
It was a bit funny at first - a bit. Then it wasn't. And that's biggest problem - I see moment that supposed to be joke. I even see what author thought was supposed to be funny. Only it isn't. It wouldn't been that problematic - but I'm not sure if it's because of humor or by itself ALL characters are NOT likeable enough to get attached - neither MC, nor people around him. Well, Invisible Girl maybe but there is simply not enough of her to save this (or,... more>> well, start disliking her too). <<less
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8Psycho rated it
June 19, 2018
Status: c6
I have read six chapters only, but I must leave a review based on premise of the story.

MC was transferred to a new world of magic and after hundreds of years he became immortal strongest mage of the world. But he was nostalgic for civilization, so he destroyed whole world so that he could return.

Get it?

... more>> He is freaking Superman controlling magical force, but to live in civilization all he could think of is world-wide genocide.

Yeah, making a country and advancing science and culture (with asphalt, Coke and shit) is not easy, but with infinite power and infinite time it is frankly piece of cake.

But okay, he might have felt a bit lazy for that and wanted to return to his family, was there a way of getting dimensional key without killing every living thing I the world? How about Fu*king stealing it?

Tl;Dr: MC is not just immoral as*hole moster, but also ignorant piece of shit. <<less
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oblueknighto rated it
June 20, 2018
Status: c28
Haha, this story is hilarious. At first I thought it'd be something like Seoul Station Necromancer but once he returned to Earth the interactions were more for comedy than anything else. At 28 chapters now and this novel is still way more comedy than action. Pick it up if you enjoy comedy. It makes fun of all the typical returner tropes and the main character is such a troll. He can turn the most serious situation into a joke. I just read some of the other reviews and they're ridiculous.... more>> It's a comedy novel, stop trying to expect a serious MC or action-packed chapters.

TL;DR this novel is more comedy than action so far. <<less
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sukets rated it
July 13, 2018
Status: c34
This is not funny, only annoying. I actually don't see the author changing his ways any time soon, so maybe you should steer away from this.
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Sakil rated it
September 2, 2018
Status: c43
At the beginning I found the story interesting, but nothing is being done with his "demon lord" identity except as an explanation for his power.

Also the MC doesn't feel like a thousand year old being who lived in another world for years and doesn't need any acclimatization upon his return to his old world.

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mikaelhg rated it
July 15, 2018
Status: c42
Starts with a reasonably entertaining premise, but the story's fatal flaw is the writer's inability to imagine how an adult man would consider challenges and relationships, never mind someone who's had a thousand years of experience.

The silly crap that would be amusing in moderation is just poured on in increasingly large amounts, until it forms the structure of the chapters. The best I can say about the story is that at least it's not quite at the level of Japanese spineless sea urchin MC's.
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BumChikiBum rated it
May 28, 2018
Status: c7
It reminded me of Seoul Station Necromancer with cliche, less attractive and kind of vague background (at least for me). Conversation between characters is decent (until c.7) with decent setting. The MC personality is funny enough to keep you go on reading this novel.

Overall this is decent novel, for now 3 stars and no more than that. But you know, only 7 chapters released so far with 577 chapters remain unreleased (or maybe untranslated too? Who knows). So, just hope it will develop

Edit: Can't believe everyone easily rate 5 for... more>> something 'decent'. I have no objection for your 5 stars if this novel has solid start regardless of the origin (Ze Tian Ji, The Path Toward Heaven, Reverend Insanity, etc). <<less
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Bro-Shield rated it
August 25, 2018
Status: c67
The novel is funny sometimes, but you can resume 1 chapter in just a few words because each chapter is 75%filler and 25%Mc's actions.

Characters's inners monologues are repetitive, just repeating the same sentence.

Fight's description are okay and the MC have a lot of spells to use, not using just one punch to kill all enemies like in the first 10 chapters.

Read it if you are boring, but it isn't nothing special.
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Midnight Coffee
Midnight Coffee rated it
July 19, 2018
Status: c42
I never, never really feel disappointed on a webnovel, of course unless it's just too much, like anyone else I can also be disappointed.

About this novel, I really liked the background story, and additionally being a returnee instantly grabbed my attention.

But I have to say something that has been bothering me since the start of this novel. MC's character is really shitty. Man, I can very much say that like Overgeared's Grid's in the first hundred chapters more than this guy's character, and you know how shitty Grid's character was.

The... more>> author joked around his shitty attitude and his family's circumstances, funny thing is I don't hate his family's character at all, because it's what kept the story going, the plot and humour maker. After 42 chapters I can say that I have had enough of that.

You can read it if you want, but I will not continue again. MC is a man-child, don't say that I did not warn you if you choose to read this.

Also, even if someone says that it'll get better in the future, I still won't read this again.

Translator did nothing wrong tho, please continue working hard, I'll always support you. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
September 15, 2018
Status: c79
surprisingly interesting. The MC comes back to earth and is in "retired old man" phase for much of the beginning chapters. He doesn't do crap, doesn't care and wants to be left alone to play his games. Honestly, I don't blame him. He spends most of his time acting like an idiot and messing with the people around him for the fun of it. He plays just about everyone except his mom, who's just scary.

this guys moral code is so skewed that its not black and white (or even gray),... more>> it's completely blue and orange. He's chaotic-neutral in the second edition D&D sense, acting mostly on his whims and driven almost entirely by self interest. He isn't any kind of a knight (white or dark) and he couldn't care less about anything other than keeping his family safe and himself comfortable. He's not a hero and has no need or desire to become one.

in the most recent chapters we start seeing bits and pieces of The Bringer of the Apocalypse bleeding through his carefree personality as the gates get worse and he can be pretty scary. I'm really curious about how bad its going to get when he actually starts getting serious.

edit c106

it went from interesting despite the harem misunderstandings to full blown harem focus with no actual plot progression and I lost all interest in the story thanks to this. Sad, since I thought the MCs personality was really interesting. The rest of the story isn't interesting enough for me to keep putting up with chapters that have absolutely nothing to do with the actual story though. Also, his family is terrible; timid father, overbearing mom and B*tchy sister. <<less
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AndyDarren rated it
July 2, 2018
Status: c35
After 35 chapter I must say, not as enthusiastic about it as I was at the start.

It started out great with the final encounter between the MC and the otherworld army, then when the MC finally got back to earth the mood got more lighthearted with a little bit of comedy thrown in here and there, then the MC got tangle up with the authorities which served for a good laugh.

And then the author went and introduced this whole dysfunctional setting that I guess was supposed to be more comedy,... more>> although I found it more annoying than funny. Then after that it was just an endless drove of unfunny try-hard comedy involving the mc's hardcore mother, delinquent sister, his dad who fell off screen at some point and the whacky KSF opperatives who keep getting dicked on by the mc's attitude.

At 35 chapters in, I really wish the author would just move on with the plot and stop trying to be funny. I'm just gonna check back in when the translation reaches chapter 50 and hopefully the story gets somewhere by then.


As of chapter 60 it has gotten better, almost immediately after I posted this review in fact orz. The whole dysfunctional family skit has finally fallen into the background and the MC has finally gotten of his lazy ass and started taking an active role in dealing with the appearing monsters after officially joining the KSF. While I wont go as far as to rate it 5 stars, I think 4 stars would be a fair enough evaluation at this point. <<less
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Jarrow rated it
May 27, 2018
Status: c42
Edit: Chap 42. Yeah, no longer funny. No matter how I try to rationalize this manchild's sub-70 IQ behavior with a +1000 year world destroying background, it doesn't add up. When the reader could believe the overpowered MC was playing a mouse to protect his small, comfortable life he'd spent a near-eternity longing for, it was understandable, but now we know the MC is truly a mere idiot that fumbled through that eternity with the same lack-of-sense he's now portraying, it's just pathetic. This is not an MC... more>> I find likeable. I'd prefer it if 'Evolution Theory of the Hunter' or 'When I Came Back The World Was Still A Fantasy' got the translators time instead.

Edit: As of ch 30, we're starting to see how broken the MC is, but plot armor is pushing him into the hero role regardless. I'm less fond of these kind of forced situations, but the writing is still good, and I intend to give it more space.

Edit: As of ch 10, things are still going quite well. :) Needs more for a full judgement, but for the 1st 6 chapters:

Translation: Exceptional. Conversations flow, descriptions are smartly arranged, and grammar is clean and readable. If the rest is at this level of quality, then we've gained a darn good translator.

Story: Quite Good - Needs More. Yet Another transmigration story in the stereotypically Korean Apocalypse-Lite genre (ala Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society, Seoul Station Necromancer, Everyone Else is a Returnee, A Monster Who Levels Up, etc) This one starts with a twist of a Demon Lord returnee. Not 100% original, but the settings give a good background for both comedy and drama, which are staples for this genre. The current story structure consists of just the three scenes, but each is distinct and the implications connecting them are clear. There is potential for later complexity, but it's pretty straightforward for now (it IS only 6 chapters :)

Characters and Dialog: Well Done. So far, no walls of text or head-scratching as to who is speaking. Each character speaks clearly, distinctly, and so far; consistently to their base. As for character growth, we'll see.

I hope this gets translated quickly, it has a lot of potential. :) NOTE: I have no idea how Prolux got so many things wrong - the MC was held almost in stasis for that 1000 years - memories of home were always eternally, hellishly fresh, while he constantly forgot people and things in the the otherworld; he literally couldn't change while he was in exile, all he got was some practice with magic and other skills. <<less
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introparadox rated it
January 10, 2020
Status: c39
Simply the MC was the greatest disappointment I ever had, from badass funny carefree character to a prideless ret*rded enerving chicken. I regret not believing the comment section, my blood pressure almost popped open my temple vein.

And I am sick of controlling temperamental woman and doggy men formula used by authors as something funny, I'm disgusted really.
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tides rated it
September 22, 2019
Status: c211
very good at the start, but the novel just drags on and on without pause.

the gags are repeated over and over and the MC will just come and save the day with one punch/spell.

the plot "moves" but in the end, the MC will just come and end it with one punch/spell so again, pointless.
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PedoBear Version 2.0
PedoBear Version 2.0 rated it
April 4, 2019
Status: C465
Edit: Dropped by the translator and for a good reason... the past 20 last chapter or so is just pure torture, the MC is missing, the chapters are only describing the humanity's hopeless situation. And a big chunk of it are just unnecessary internal monologue of some side character that isnt even important to the story.

Seriously, instead of shortening it as "Humanity is close to extinction", the author drag the chapters by adding a bunch of unnecessary stuff.

... more>> Example:

Start of chapter

This is pilot A,

"Am I really gonna do it?"

Of course not anyone can just simply sacrifice their life for their homeland, yada yada yada (unnecessary explanation)...

"Ok, ill do it!"

When the brave pilot steeled his heart yada yada yada....

End of chapter

Thats how dumb and torturous the current chapters are. The author is prioritizing the dialogue/monologue of the not so important character instead of progressing the story.

People keep saying that the MC has shitty personality and even I though the same but it was the whole point of the story...

"If he could forget, then he might have given up.
If he could die, then he might have chosen death.
Unfortunately, he was a man isolated in this world.
He was not allowed to die, and he was not allowed to forget.
The memories he had before he fell into this world, all those countless years and decades and centuries ago, he hadn't forgotten single one of them. The memories he created in this new world were lost like grains of sand, but the things he knew and experienced in the previous world became a fossil deeply lodged in his head the moment he came here.
So, he had to return.
If he couldn't forget, if he couldn't die... then he must return."

"Come on, really now. I went through so much crap to get back here, so why is it a problem for me to live like a bum for a while? Seriously, who would want to do anything after a thousand years of constantly doing something?!" (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

"He had been living for over a thousand years. Plus, he returned from the state of death thousands of times during that period.
Under this sort of circumstances, it'd been the funniest joke in the whole world, if he was somehow able to maintain his humanity. More likely, he would've already left the boundaries of what made a person a human being a long, long time ago.
That was why... he wanted to live like a human being. More than ever before."

You can't expect a Bringer of Apocalypse who live a millennium in a cruel world to help others, you can't expect someone who live his life in suffering to fight for others. He didn't have any ambition, he just want spend the rest of his life being a human that he can't experience in the otherworld. <<less
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