The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor


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–after a combo of Detainment -> Broken Engagement -> Execution, I thought I was dead…

…however, Jill’s time got rewound to six years ago, when she was but ten, just about to be engaged with the Prince.

Jill, who knew what will happen six years later, was eager to change her fate.

The face didn’t matter–she would marry another man.

It was the young emperor of the neighboring country (who would fall into darkness six years later) who responded to her.

She was courted by the Emperor, subsequently kidnapped, and later stuck with him.

“I still have six years! If I manage to rehabilitate the Emperor by then, all will be solved! (Or so I would like to think).”

This is a tale of a returnee young lady whom was also known as the Battle Maiden, whom, as she avoided the Prince’s persistent courtship, got reunited with former subordinates, solve cases with physics, and became a real couple with the cursed Emperor.

Associated Names
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The Do-Over Damsel Conquers the Dragon Emperor
Win Over the Dragon Emperor This Time Around, Noble Girl!
Yarinaoshi Reijou wa Ryuutei Heika wo Kouryaku-chuu
Yarinaoshi reijō wa ryū tei heika o kōryaku-chū
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16 Reviews

Oct 18, 2020
Status: Completed

This novel starts out great. You have a bad ass heroine who is making all the right moves to get out of her predicament. The ML is no slouch either and he has his own depths and problems as well. Both of them are established in their character and the first arc reads like pure joy.

Then comes the second arc and the a$$pulls, deus ex machina, competent characters suddenly going completely s*upid, moronic plot devices start to roll out like cheap... more>> garbage off a chinese assembly line. It just got reduced to complete unreadability and by the middle of that arc I just didn't care.

So 5 for the first arc

1 for the 2nd arc overall a 2

things that may well bother you


19 year old marrying a 10 year old girl

8 year old girl trying to sell herself

Plot elements that come from nowhere with no introduction

Characters being powered down because the author can't figure out how to put them in peril

Characters that walk into obvious traps obliviously

Characters placing trust in people despite having every reason not to

Characters that switch from Sherlock Holmes to Mr. Magoo in a blink of an eye

Fights where the win is just pure plot armor as it has already been established the "loser" can beat the stuffings out of the winner without breaking a sweat


That damn japanese forgive people who just betrayed and tried to kill you for no effing reason.

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Dec 31, 2019
Status: c8
Okay, so this novel is quite amazing!

Until a certain point, you might think: "Damn, this guys a pe*ophile". Fear not, as I've gotten to chapter 8 now, there are things that show he isn't going to do anything to her until she's an adult.

The real point is, read at least seven chapters before you decide to give up on the ML!


... more>>

Also, I really, really like Rave! The dragon king is pretty awesome. I get the feeling that in the original lifetime of Jill that he went crazy because of too much power inside of his body at once.

Oh, and I hope we can all agree that Geraldo should die a horrible, painful death. S*upid SISCON. GO DIIIEEE.

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Sep 30, 2020
Status: c58
So... this novel haves a major flaw.

The whole premise is a time waster.

It's so encumbered by the "loli" aspect that the author just keeps forcing to the point of it becoming bothersome that I can't enjoy it fully.

... more>> There will be no mayor character growth or development, because she's 10 and the author has put shackles in him to avoid the premise to be broken to the point that it's... s*upid.

The whole story is so filled with clichés and badly placed "unsaid things" that spell out completely what's happening and who is what and how that it shatters the mystery and pacing of the novel.

You don't "see" action, you get told third hand, when she's doing something awesome the POV shifts to someone telling him she's being awesome or time skips till everything is over, when he is doing something awesome, the POV shifts to her reacting to something happening far away, when both of them are doing something awesome, the POV focuses on some third character that "reacts" to their accomplishments... this feels incredibly neurotic, as if the author knows that whatever was written in there would be horrible and decided to skip those scenes.

He's an uncharismatic, twisted, over analytic, bore.

She's a 10 yo tsundere that can't show her dere side because she's frikken 10.

Nothing will advance until she grows up, but she wont, because the author can't write proper characters and the only feasible way that he thought it would make sense to have her not develop fully was by putting the age restraint.

No real action is shown because the author wants to focus on his characters

The characters... are boring, your run of the mill staple characters of Japanese novels.

The story is predictable, at first I was mildly entertained by the worldbuilding but then it became a vehicle to force conflict.

Everything that is happening doesn't feel like a real... story, it feels like the author is brute forcing his characters to portray a romantic development that can't be... instead of growing it organically, everything is in the service of the romantic development of the "loli" and the "emperor"... and it's not enjoyable when you realize that the plot happens because it "haves" to be that way for the characters to develop as the author wants them to, not the other way around. <<less
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Mar 14, 2020
Status: c39
The story started like any other reborn protag plot, but it gets (a whole lot) better as the story progresses. There are lots of comedy and red herring moments, but it doesn't derail from the main plot. The MC is a badass and the ML is an onion you need to peel to know his personality better. The translations are superb too and this is really the best thing because the translator bring the story to life with her translation
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Feb 28, 2020
Status: c34
I read a review saying that this is a crack BUT ITS OBVIOUSLY NOT LOLS

There are many funny parts (and the translator is brilliant for making my day with thos extra comments at the end of each chapter <3) but its quite obvious that there's something more in here if you thread about the events and back stories more carefully, you just have to have a good understanding and comprehension skills *wink* *wink* everything has a reason in this story, and I think its kinda obvious

So yeaaah this has... more>> easily become one of my fave reborn protagonist story~

(Advice: Pls don't rely too much on reviews and rates, we all have different preference)

And also:

shit's about to go down after ch. 34 onwards!!!!!!!

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Mar 16, 2020
Status: c39

I did not expect that the comedy-romance-slice of life vibes in the early chapters would turn dark and deep. A plot twist I must say! Thought this story would turn into a typical reincarnation shoujo story, but guess what. It exceeded my expectations! Can't wait for more chapters.

Oh and again, translator san does not fail to entertain me with the notes in every chapter lolol. Kudos!
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Sep 20, 2020
Status: c50
Honestly.... for most of the time I was reading it, I just felt really uncomfortable. I was hoping for a significant time-skip that would allow the age gap to be less weird, but that unfortunately did not occur. Instead we have this 19-20 year old cuddling and getting 'lovey-dovey' with this 10 year old girl. The story is good, the characters got a bit bland after the initial chapters, but were acceptable. Again, just coming back to a grown-ass man being with a 10 year old child. I honestly don't... more>> see the point, was the author trying to target a specific audience? I don't think so, I certainly hope not. If he wanted a younger MC, couldn't she have at least been mid-teens? That would've been fine, even with adjusting a few of the story elements and plot points, nothing would have been different and this extreme sense of discomfort that me and many other readers were feeling would go away. I gave this three stars because of the story, could have gotten more if I wasn't cringing every few paragraphs. <<less
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Sep 17, 2020
Status: c51
While it has cute undertones, I can't help but feel that it's still a little creepy. Even though, the ML set out into getting married to someone below 14 for specific reasons, as it progresses he gets more lovey-dovey with this ten-year-old her. So it's still a little appalling to me how 'well' they adjust. A 19 year old guy cuddling with a little girl... the very definition of grooming, if nothing else.

At least it's just a story. But since it's just a STORY, why did it have to be... more>> so extreme? My poor heart...

Their mindsets aren't very likeable either, especially the ML... the MC is somewhat of a disappointment as well. She starts out kind of badass but then ends up being so meek in the middle of all that. It's just a personal preference I guess.

Sorry all I could give this story was a rant. <<less
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Feb 04, 2020
Status: c24
It's crack, the first part of this is all crack. Don't go into this thinking it'll follow story logic, no, MC will point out all the wrong things of everyone, especially ML. Also, don't expect a cool emperor ML, it's male yandere with younger MC after all (9 years younger).

The first few chapters, things did not flow very well,

... more>>

It was rather fast paced that he kidnapped her back to his country and they verbally got married without any ceremony (from what I can understand).


and I really hope it doesn't turn into a harem or


ML doesn't take one of his fiancée candidates, Lady Sufia, whom he favors out of all of them, as his concubine or second wife. With the way it's told, he does have feelings for her, though he can't outright show it because of the curse. And with MC married as empress to hold off his curse, he could take Sufia, who could become his true love, as Queen, second to the empress.

Also, I have a suspicion that the war in the original timeline stared because of Sufia's death.


If that happens, then goodbye. <<less
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Aug 13, 2020
Status: c43 part1
The setting of the novel was pretty good, the translation was also great. The FL is a bad**s and the ML is a cutie. The only downfall is the age of the FL; which is 10. Seriously author? Why?!

Also there were some points where I got so confused since one chapter ends at a cliff hanger then the next starts at a completely different setting. I felt like I was missing something, but it wasn't that bad.

Overall it was a pretty average read and a good way of passing time.
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Aug 03, 2020
Status: --
This novel is actually shorter then you think. The ending of the main plotline is finished by chapter 43 and everything after that is just extras. Honestly, it feels rather unresolved since the loose ends with the previous fiance and his incestuous relationship with his sister was never really resolved, also how the emperor's curse is resolved is also a little vague. The entire novel felt more like crack than anything really serious. So if you like novels like that I suggest you give it a try. However, if you'd... more>> prefer a series novel with an actual plot I don't think this is a good pick for you. <<less
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Aug 03, 2020
Status: c70
ML is soooo cuuteee!!!! MC is soooo cooollll!!!! They are perfect for each other!

For those wondering about ML being a pedo...

... more>>

He's 19 but there are valid reasons for his wife candidate's under 14 of age requirement. If it wasn't for the yandere Goddess, he would have been happy to be with Lady Sufia who was closer in age and wouldn't have to resort to a 10-years old as a bride. So no, he's NOT a pedo.


Other than that...


Regarding Lady Sufia, I sincerely hope for a happy ending for this sweet lady. Her original ending is just too sad.



Sis-con and sis, both should just die or at least, castrated.

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Feb 06, 2020
Status: --
Not going to put a rating on this until it gets further along, but I will say that its not what it looks like. The emperor has not sexual interest in the MC and his reasons for wanting a young bride relate to magic and gods, not something creepy.

That doesn't mean he's not weird, lol. Poor bastard has never had a friend or loved one in his life and he's pretty much grown up in a box, but regardless of the author's extended (and dubious) red herring of a plot... more>> at the beginning and his sometimes iffy interactions, this isn't THAT kind of story. Also, the MC is a major badass, even at 10, so if it was, she'd probably kick his ass. But it isn't. <<less
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Jan 23, 2020
Status: c14
Such a breath of fresh air this story is. I think I found a gem. If you're bored of certain common romance tropes, you won't find them here. It's a little to early to say, but I think the story may potentially get a lot darker later on as ML's curse gets unraveled. But for now, it's quite fluffy and has a comedic undertone. So far I'm really liking all the characters, ML's wholesome tactic at capturing the MC's heart

through her stomach

is great. I approve of this method. Hoho

Cant wait to read more!
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Feb 09, 2021
Status: c111
I think this novel is one of my favorites thus far. It starts off as a typical returnees novel, but as the story continues you become more interested and just want them to be happy. The main character continues to be strong and never becomes one of those was strong but becomes emotionally weak throughout the story character. Which makes me happy. Team Papa Jill and Mama Hadith all the way!!
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Sep 16, 2021
Status: c161
has a little bit of everything - comedy, action, tragedy, slice of life, angst. My only issue is that in most of the chapters, nothing meaningful happens in terms of plot or characterization, so even though the chapters are a decent length, they actually feel very very short.
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