The Returned Hero’s Personality is Done For! The Appraisal Skill Brought Back from Another World Evolved into ‘Personal Information Disclosure,’ So He Dominates SNS Battles (※Including Physical) and More


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The Demon Lord, said something like, “Don’t get drowned in your power,” and then he died.

This guy named Tadayuki Higashimura went back to where he got summoned to in another world, like in a video game.

After a year in another world, Tadayuki, who missed regular life, quickly used his phone.

But when he saw it, a message from someone he argued with a year ago, teasing him with “Uwahh, your face is so red, LOL.”

Trying to act cool, Tadayuki replied to that message while taking a bath, saying, “Well, after a year, who cares?” But when he got out, he felt warm in two ways.

“I want to make that teasing guy go ‘Gyahh’!”

Maybe it worked, maybe not, but in his head, he heard a voice saying his skills got evolved.

(Skill [Appraisal] has evolved into [Personal Information Disclosure] to adapt to this world.)

He decided to use what he learned to tease the other person.

──This is the story of a guy using a super strong power he got in another world. He uses it for funny things in his everyday life, like teasing people online and catching cheaters.

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Kikan shita Yuusha wa Seikaku ga Owatteiru! Isekai kara Mochikaetta Kantei Sukiru ga 'Kojin Jouhou Kaisetsu' ni Shinka shita node, SNS no Resuba (※Butsuri Komi) de Musou Suru nado
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mikeleins rated it
November 26, 2023
Status: c7
Seems like it can be interesting. Translation is good quality, and I don't feel anything was edited strangely. Story has a good premise, but there's a lot of monologue/dialog for exposition, which can turn some people off. What's out now is worth checking out and checking back in with.
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