The Return of the Wife


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Zhuang Jinling passed through, into a novel about male harem.

Not only he was sick, he was also used to humiliate the male protagonist as the male protagonist’s male wife.

He was designed by the male protagonist to fall and disappeared from the mountain four years ago.

Now returning with Xiao Douding, but the male protagonist was ready to open the harem.

Zhuang Jinling was silent for half a minute, and asked Xiao Douding: “My baby, what do you say we are going to do?”

Xiao Douding was silent for half a minute as he learned from him: “Do whatever dad says.”

Slapped the table and stood up: “I want to kill this scumbag.”

Xiao Douding learnt from him when she slapped the table: “Okay.”

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Heungbo rated it
September 12, 2021
Status: Completed
Just finished this and saw the (only) other review. I can understand being mad at those tropes, but ranking a story after a few chapters, really? Boy it got me angry so prepare for this unorganised rant lol

First of all, I usually hate misunderstandings as it usually leads to just meaningless drama but I still loved this story. It got me pretty frustrated at some points, but I understood, because that was the point. Also, there is NO forcing in this relationship. No pressing someone against their will on the... more>> bed, shocking!! Until the end, they didn't do anything they didn't consent to!!!

Also, even tho ML and MC think of themselves as straight (which can get annoying fast in some stories that I actually gave up because of that), they end up accepting their own feelings pretty fast. There obviously is some denying (especially knowing the background of the characters lol), but they get past it without ruining their relationship/dynamic.

I'll post some spoilers about their relationship under now, but the gist is that it's a believable development. It feels like two real adults interacting. The interaction with other characters is also good, everything isn't just about MC and ML's relationship. MC's relationship with the original's parents was pretty touching since he was an orphan in the real world. And ofc, Yaya is the best for me lol. Until the end, she keeps her own (touching) bond with the MC, and even when she doesn't appear for long period of times (because the characters are doing things that aren't appropriate for her), she isn't forgotten. Also, the transmigration actually has a meaning and it's a happy ending for everyone (but especially for Yaya hehe).


about the bed matters, they actually don't ever have s*x in that world because MC goes back to his world before that but dw it is a happy ending!! I'll explain in the spoiler under the meaning of the transmigration and the last chapters


Sooo, once MC and ML recognise their feelings, MC starts to lose control of the book that becomes like a diary with no protagonist so he loses his insight and can't see the futur anymore and MC's body parts disappear from time to time. MC becomes anxious and talks with Yaya (the system and also MC and ML's daughter with both of their DNA) to start to plan for his disappearance. He plans things for ML's birthday and makes a deal with ML's grandfather who wants to make them divorce (he agrees to divorce later if he lets him heal his body). And on the day of the villain's wedding day, villain (who is a bad old guy who killed his own grandson to take his identity, so no direct link with MC/ML) contacts him with his parents hostage for a deal (bc he wants to know how to purify crystals). To put it quickly, MC notices his body starting to fully disappear so he saves the parents and since he completely disappeared while pushing away the dad away from a furnace, everyone thinks he died falling there. ML doesn't think so and stays single for 15 years waiting for MC's soul to reappear in another body before dying (but MC doesn't know so).

Back to the real world, MC wakes up and cries because the idiot is afraid that ML would marry someone else after his 'death'. He tried to talk to his friend (the one who gave him the book) but that friend says transmigration is rubbish. He ends up being pretty depressed but joins his friends, some twins, somewhere (don't remember where but I think it's a bar). On the way there he meets a middle aged lady who feels familiar and who looks at him with affection. Anyway, there he meets two guys who are the lackeys of the son of the admiral. Apparently they hate each other but he doesn't remember why. Son of admiral has a headache, looks shocked when he sees MC and says Jinjin (MC's nickname in that world). You probably guessed it, that's ML. Later there's some angst because those kind of meetings repeat and MC is like 'I don't dare hope!!' ML keeps getting headaches and changing his attitude until one night he goes to MC and tells him it's me, Cangmo but I can't stay out for long and then he becomes again the rival who hates him. MC feels better but there's still some angst and jealousy over shenanigans and when MC is with his friends at an exhibition about the war that ended a year ago, he starts getting flashes and faints. When he wakes up, there are other memories in his head and ML is here like do you remember?? MC was jealous and angry because of something that happened before so he acts like doesn't know him AT ALL to see ML suffer. Joke's on him, ML is like no problem I can explain everything to you and then he says I'm your spouse lmao. MC is like what the hell and he's really shocked. So now I'm just gonna do a brief summary of everything that happened bc I'm tired:

MC and ML were actually like two MARRIED generals with a daughter (Yaya is real!!!!) during the war. But during the final battle, the enemy, who couldn't defeat them since their mental strength was 4S, used a machine to make them think they were enemies (such a petty revenge smh). Sooo they went back mentally to when they first met, when they were rivals in mecha school but the machine also increased their hatred/feelings of rivalry. In reality, after hanging out and fighting together, they became friends then lovers until what they were before that battle. ML's family tried many things to make them remember but nothing worked so they sent them back to school (I think to try to replicate what happened before) and they also said that Yaya was ML's sister because ML acted disgusted when she called him dad. -> that is actually the reason why Yaya calls him Scum Dad in the world they were before lol

Since that didn't work, they put them in a virtual/holographic world via a cabin (MC was actually drugged by the friend who acted like transmigration was bullsht to put him there without suspicion lmao that hypocrite). There, they also put Yaya because she really missed her dads knowing that she would lose her memories at first but gain them back with time (that's actually pretty irresponsible now that I think about it lmao). ML's parents also entered - as MC's parents!!! They also lost their memories and regained them after MC's 'death' and just traveled the virtual world during the last years lmaoo they apparently couldn't say anything to ML for fear it would trigger a reaction because the truth may trigger what the enemies' thing did to him - he had to find his memories on his own. ML's grandpa and Mc's grandpa also transmigrated inside, one of them being the grandpa who hated MC lololol soo the middle aged lady MC saw before was actually ML's mom (such a sweetheart :))

Anyway, both of them now remember, Yaya got back her dads and everyone is happy. Btw - Yaya is really the biological daughter of both MC and ML, from a new experimental scientific study that uses only DNA from two people (regardless of sex) to make babies.

There is a lot more I omitted about MC and ML's friends, their colleagues now and before but I'm too lazy to talk about them lol just know that everyone is happy, especially the new friends who didn't know they actually were generals lmao

Also, also, MC and ML finally have s*x in the real world!!! So happy for ML who stayed a virgin for 40 years in that virtual world since he was there from birth lol


So about the system, it says that for MC to go back to his world, he has to become a protagonist. How does one become a protagonist? By either killing the protagonist or becoming the lover of the protagonist (but that, they don't know yet) He ends up going back to his own world thanks to that, even tho they haven't confirmed their relationship since they both acknowledge the love they're feeling it counts as a pass I guess.

The system (Yaya or Qintong, I love her) says that he can changes some punctuation, some words, or some sentences if he kisses the male lead, hug him for 5 minutes or hold his hand for the same amount of time (and even more if they have s*x but MC is against that at first because is isn't interested and it feels disgusting). This leads to a lot of teasing from MC towards ML where he keeps asking him for a kiss as a reward. MC also asks multiple time for s*x once they get close and it leads to a lot of funny moments (like if you want to divorce me, have s*x with me for seven days and seven nights lmao). ML is like no, you couldn't survive with your body (and internally, he doesn't want to divorce). MC only does it when he realises he isn't disgusted by it and at first ML is like wtf but tolerates it because it's only on the cheek and then later on MC sneakily kisses him but at that point they already were friendly and ML treats it as MC's quirk since once when MC was really in bad shape and on the way to the hospital, he kept asking for kisses lol.

I also think that MC's realisation about his feelings starts when ML dies. Yeah, you read that right lol. He dies, and MC's body starts to dissipate and at moment he's like 'I don't need to kill him myself and I can go back on my own so it shouldn't be a problem?' but he feels so sad and bam realisation! So he writes in the book that ML resuscitates and he does lol that's also when MC admits to ML he does have secret abilities but ML is understanding AND DOESN'T FORCE HIM OR BLACKMAIL HIM TO DO ANYTHING TILL THE END IF HE DOESN'T WANT TO

ML really ends up trusting MC and MC does too so he does reveal to him some things about his abilities (mental and the use of the book) but doesn't reveal everything directly related to ML because he's scared it'll change something, expecially since he'll end up going back to his world eventually. Once MC and ML remember everything in the real world, ML tells MC not to feel guilty because he didn't tell him everything since it would have likely affected him and his plan lol. So yeah, that 'secret' also is dealed with!!!

About MC's mental power - he needs hate points to upgrade (100 points, then 1000, then 10 000....) so he's happy making enemies left and right but he really relies on the internet for that. I admit it was frustrating at points for me because he doesn't deserve it, but he truly doesn't care as long as those who are close to him (ie. Zhuang parents) still like him/don't misunderstand.


About the original ML's 'wives and concubines' from the world - some of them are bad people, some are not. I was really happy because often they end up all becoming vilified like grr ML is mine and I don't have brains and I don't want anything else!!! Here, it's NOT the case. Actually, the main 'wife' (that google traduction keeps calling water painting lmao) did have a crush on ML since he did save her, but when she sees how much he loves MC, the crush dies and they just stay good friends. She even gets another love interest lol.

The girls also don't disappear once they're 'useless' (thank god for that). I think there are only 2/3 original concubines (of 6/7) who are 'vilains' but they're not inherently bad (except Yan Shushu who's so s*upid (because she was way too pampered) she can't be saved). Li Sang did do bad things, so she got her karma but since she had once been the ML's friend, he helps her one last time resolving one of her problems and she ends up reuniting with her grandpa so she is satisfied even if she regrets losing the ML. IDK it doesn't seem like much in that story, but I find it refreshing that there are nuances to everyone. Also, yay for no unnecessary women bashing!!

To get back to MC and ML relationship, ofc it starts bad because the original characters tried to kill each other but ML quickly figure out it isn't him (and I think the fact that Yaya is both of their daughter biologically, which should be impossible, helps) and while it takes a long time for MC to recognise it officially, they both understand they already knew.

There are some things about side characters that end up being forgotten (I can only think of one about that Wu guy and another about the contest members' families battle towards the end who end up being forgotten but that's around the climax so I guess it's understandable to concentrate on other things) but that doesn't affect the plot or the reader's experience at all.

So, to summarise, the plot was nice. No major plot hole, good character development, interesting world building and characters, MC was OP at times but considering the overwhelming hate value I think it doesn't matter that much since it was either to survive or to annoy people lol

I usually am more into survival/horror/mystery stories that make my brain overwork and that story was a breeze of fresh air that I finished in two days thanks to its fluffiness and the perfect amount of intrigue :))

I hope you can read it all before judging ❤ <<less
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Hell rated it
September 11, 2021
Status: c4
Got curious about the story but it goes directly against all my tastes so here, this is the plot from what I understand:

    • MC is a transmigrator who entered the body of the ML's original male wife;
    • The ML in the original book plots his body's original host's death (because he's disgusted both because he was forced to marry a man and because the other (no surprises) hated him), and then, before confirming whether og!Host is dead or not, raises a harem and then kills og!Host again;
    • MC arrives just when the og host dies, and is accompanied by a system that wears themself as the "daughter" of MC and ML (like a 3 yo child, cute and impressionable, naive, nothing to complain about here) ;
    • The system says MC needs to find ML and "kill" him to go back to his world, but what is actually written in her program is to "kill him" in bed - MC is not amused;
    • The plot is gonna revolve about ML being actually a good guy and pressing MC in bed so far as I can tell. From many hints and tropes on these first 4 chapters, it's also gonna deal with a lot of unwillingness on MC's part (motherf*cker literally said it he first thing he wants to do is kill ML) and "I'm not wrong, I'm your husband, of course I can do it" on ML's part;
      Literally the first thing ML does when he sees MC again is laugh and play him because "oh, it's you again", and if you dislike dog blooded scum ML novels, you can see the archetype of this ML.

These were all got from the first 4 chapters and I'd be surprised if there was actually a healthy, compelling relationship between MC and ML (or even ML was another person, gasp!), but don't hold up your hopes, it's pretty plain to see.
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September 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Thanks for everyone who read this series,

I think why do you need to give low vote when you never read the story till the end?

This is my first time translating novel, also chinese and english are not my native language, but I just like the funny things and the cuteness in this novel, and I really want to share it for everyone who have the same interest.

... more>> So I hope, if you never read it till the last chapter, don't make misleading asumptions.

This novel is refreshing and funny, and quite tearjerking especially when MC must leave ML and go back to his original world.

ML is not a jerk, when he knows that MC is not the original owner, he changes the way he treats MC.

So please stop with your misleading assumptions! <<less
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PhoenixChameleon rated it
September 14, 2021
Status: Completed
I agree with Heungbo, not Hell for reviews. This was one of the BEST Shounen Ai novels I’ve read in a looong time. It doesn’t count as Yaoi for me since they didn’t do anything except for a few bland kisses until near the end of the book, then none of the NSFW was graphically described at all. Anyway, it was a very complicated novel that had very few if any obvious loopholes (wow!), NO r*pe!, the women have roles, backgrounds, and personalities, etc. It touches on very many frequent... more>> tropes, but twists them all. Thanks! This author always has interesting work (I liked Ugly Husband, too!). <<less
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Ri Hikaru
Ri Hikaru rated it
March 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Pretty good story, but I kept expecting MC to start introducing more high tech items to the novel world as it said that he came from a world with Mechas and just got the qualifications to build and pilot one.

Ending is kinda bittersweet.

... more>>

It ends with MC dying in novel world and ML never recovering from that for 15 years with their daughter before in MC's original world, ML was there the whole time but they just forgot everything. The novel world was all a ploy to recover their memories rather than an actual parallel world. I wish it had been a parallel world and they had achieved their happiness there.

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Gyllemel rated it
October 8, 2021
Status: --
I love this novel (●♡∀♡)

Can anyone know the raw QAQ I can't find it.

Sisters and brothers I needed your backup. (~ ̄³ ̄) ~
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