The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero


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The dead cannot speak.

It means the living can create any story they want.

Inheritance, honor and wealth can be taken away by lies.

However, what happens when a person, who was presumed to be dead, returns alive?

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Return of the Catastrophic Hero
재앙급 영웅님이 귀환하셨다
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Tetraider rated it
December 9, 2021
Status: --
Haphazard writing on the level of middle schooler's homework for literature class.

For example: author can switch between 4 different timelines in just 2 chapters without any sign whatsoever


Telling contradicting things without going into any details and acting as if it makes sense.
  • Hero group reached 100th floor of boss tower
  • Everyone other than MC thought that final boss is too strong and ran away
  • MC went YOLO, shouted that he is no coward and killed the boss solo.
  • When escaping from tower his teammates backstabbed him and as a result he was the only one who stayed inside of it trapped.
  • While trapped he was attacked by a ton of monsters.
That was the basic premise of this novel. To summarize: they somehow reached final boss without killing any monsters, MC's teammates ran away first,... more>> then MC killed the boss and when he was retreating victoriously with his teammates someone amongst them sneakily backstabbed him. At the same time it was said that not all of them are traitors, but for some reason no one helped him. So he was left alone fighting against all monsters of the tower while holding knife with his teeth.

Delusional load of crap. WW is choosing another 'masterpiece' to translate.

Disaster in this novel's title should be a reference to its quality, not MC's level. <<less
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AsianOtakuGuy rated it
December 19, 2021
Status: c31
Plot: 3/10

Rating: 4/10

Translation: 8.5/10

Plot summary: MC got stabbed in the back and was trapped within a tower for several hundred years while his "comrades" fled. After slaying countless thousands or millions of monsters, he managed to escape out of the tower after killing every last one of them to find out that 20 Earth years had passed. Not only had he gained new godly strength and rejuvenated his body back to his youth, all the problems he had with his old body being unable to withstand his power and breaking... more>> down on itself was gone. No longer looking like a disfigured 60 year old orc, our new young and handsome MC sets out to get revenge on his "comrades, " the 12 Zodiacs, that betrayed him all those years ago.


Review: Characters are pretty flat and one dimensional, they can basically all be described with a single word. And all of them suffer from varying degrees of brain damage. The writing and plot is pretty atrocious, any and all logic should be thrown out the window before reading this, as anyone with average intelligence would become less than average from the brain cells they would lose trying to make sense of this nonsensical plot. Overall, it's a "turn your brain off and enjoy" novel, where the OP MC goes around getting revenge and causing havoc.

MC is an unlikable jerk, ridiculously arrogant, and is apparently supposed to be a middle aged man with the age of over 40. You wouldn't know it because he has the mentality of a 5 year old throwing a tantrum. You could argue that he went insane from fighting for several hundreds (?) of years while trapped within the tower, but the way other characters put up with his BS really breaks any believability you could have about the story.

All in all, it's not complete tr*sh, but don't expect anything more than mindless violence. Plot points will jump around aggressively fast, and while I'm sure the translating team tried their best, no matter how much you polish a turd, it will still just be a shiny piece of turd. <<less
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AnomaLee rated it
December 26, 2021
Status: c40
I think this novel is honestly pretty good, and that the current rating is pretty unfair. A review before me said that the characters are one dimensional and lack complexity which is true in a sense, but I think they are forgetting that the novel has just started and it is just now getting to the backstory of the characters. Also I don’t understand why people are focusing so much on complexity on these types of novels. If you want complexity go read a philosophy book. The point of this... more>> novel is to just enjoy it and its not like the story is completely one dimensional. There is a mystery element to this novel but most of the clues are not given yet which means that the reader cant make their own predictions or analysis. Basically a novel’s complexity is dependent on the length of the novel as well.


The complaints toward the MC’s personality reminds me of the complaints made toward Overgeared’s MC back when it first came out. Meaning that people are making conclusions without knowing the full picture or without thinking about common story variables like character development. Also when u think about what the MC went through and how long he went through it his actions seem completely justified and even slightly lackluster. I think people are somehow forgetting that this story is a revenge story and this is made abundantly clear in the first half of the first chapter. Like so many people complain that the MC is an arrogant jerk. Bruhhhh. What did you expect??? Did u expect him to forgive everyone and the story to become a slice of life? Why are you expecting/looking for a good-hearted saint like MC in a revenge novel?

The novel doesn’t follow most of the mainstream settings and the world building is different enough from the mainstream (like the constant swords and magic isekai world with guilds) type worlds. The power system is pretty similar to the korean leveling system with a bit more freedom. The powers aren’t exactly innovative or completely new, but it has enough differences to where some/most of the abilities make you interested.

Imma admit that this review makes it seem like I think that this story is perfect or world breaking but obviously its not. It has its faults. Sometimes the story doesn’t flow well and a lot of things (like abilities, items, and backstories) that should be more explained or emphasized are not. Also the MC is quite the mary sue. So the novel definitely has its faults but its not to the point of a 1-3 star review. I feel like the scores were made by readers who only read the prologue and that the negative reviews are extremely biased/tough for no reason. Im giving the novel a 5 to offset the skewed score but my honest rating is a 4.4 because I read some of the korean chapters where the plot was more flushed out and when the mystery elements were more explored. Read it for yourself and try to acknowledge that the story is just being translated.

(This comment is about a previous review so sry if this seems out of context/doesn’t make sense.) Also another review above me said that the novel is confusing to follow because of the different timelines and that the story is contradicting. I had no problem following the writing so it lowk seems like this individual lacks basic comprehension or reading skills. Focusing on the comment towards the traitor aspect, when the story said that not all of the were traitors I'm pretty sure it was talking about the MC’s friend and the fact that the backstabbing wasn’t planned by all of the saints. Also it wasn’t that they didn’t kill any of the monsters but that the MC killed most of them. Based off the review it seems like this individual skimmed 2 ch of the novel and wrote a lot of critical things without understanding most of it. <<less
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xnvesha.14 rated it
March 7, 2022
Status: c96
I don't know what the people who rated this 1 star came for, but the novel is tagged with action, comedy and fantasy, and I think it's giving me exactly that in the first 100 chapters atleast. Here, people are complaining that the power system and other stuff is not completely explained but in other novels, I see people complaining about info dumps. Yeah, sure, all the characters seem s*upid and there's not much tension but what did you expect reading a comedy? This isn't a thriller. The plot is... more>> coherent enough to keep a sense of mystery while still keeping it light hearted.

I'm not saying this is the best novel ever but it's doing what it said it would. Please read this only if you want to enjoy the story and have a good laugh while still feeling that you are reading a novel and not a skit. Don't go to Japan expecting the Great Wall of China. <<less
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March 11, 2022
Status: --
I've already read the novel, and I just want to ask something: WHO THE HELL IS THE BLOND GUY IN THE COVER? No way he's Hugo (MC's foreigner bestfriend), right? Look at him! He looks so cool and very dependable, very opposite of Hugo's character!

Really, for now, I really just want to know who this guy. I can't give any review about the novel before I read it to the end of the story.
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dustystaff rated it
January 8, 2022
Status: c51
So far I have found this novel to be a enjoyable read do to a very entertaining main character. I have read many novels with over powered MCs that seem arrogant, hot headed, entitled Mary sues, and childish; however that is not this character. While to me this character comes off more as calm, boorish, and shameless. His stubbornness kind of reminds of Gon Freeces from Hunter X Hunter, the biggest difference instead of waiting until you change your mind, he can just punch you in the face. A important... more>> element of the plot to remember is that out of the 13 awaken beings (12 zodiac saint), he is the only one not to be backed by a god; who you are quick to be taught theses gods are selfish and basically cause the other awake being to be reliant on them for power; thus they become stagnant, even after a 20 year time jump. As effect of this you learn that the MC trained to get his power, and was more powerful and skilled than the other 12 even before he was reborn. Thus if you are looking for novel about a MC born weak and struggling to rise up, then this novel is not for you; however if you want to read about a brute looking for retribution while having no shame in shaking down his perpetrator for every penny he thinks he is owed, then you are in for a fun ride. <<less
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fiminkio rated it
January 3, 2022
Status: c46
Well I like the story. The MC is strong from the beginning and he is really ruthless. Despite that, he still has human side.

... more>>

It's just he got betrayed and comeback from his death to get revenge. The traitors are just too s*upid. They believe that they are stronger after years later, but they are completely wrong. And he get his previous appearance bfr his face full of scar. So he bcm handsome.


He is just OP and can beat everyone. Well if u don't like MC who is OP, ruthless, and basicly like fighting. Don't read it. I quite like his personality tho. It was refreshing <<less
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Demonlord1413 rated it
December 10, 2021
Status: --
MC is cool and badass, personality is almost like Woo Kim (The tutorial tower of the advanced player) or Woojin (Seoul Station Necromancer), but a bit more violent. Plus, he is handsome :)
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why. rated it
December 15, 2022
Status: c293
i have seen some people with bad reviews and tbh I really dont undertand how. This novel has everything traslation? 9/10. Plot?9/10. Everything is really good the pacing is not too fast but also not too slow I recommend reading it atleast to chap 100 and you will definetly like it around chap 200 is a turning point wich is definetly insane.
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7starkiller99 rated it
May 30, 2023
Status: --
Novel not recommended to read.

Absolutely bad haphazard pacing and the absolute worst character - Hugo (not his real name but still) who literally left his wife in a coma and did nothing to help her. I dare say his disgusting existence ruins most of the novel experience due to his abhorrent existence when literal Godlike Op MC is his best friend and he can’t man up and ask for help.

Besides - the whole point of the story is Mc’s revenge arc but MC takes literal centuries of plot time in... more>> doing so. Forget speedrunning: the MC is taking the slowest amount of time possible.

The truth is that the author can’t write an overpowered hero if the MC is wasting endless amounts of time on irrelevant and pointless stuff instead of actually hammering calamities and wasting the traitorous saints. Without a satisfying revenge arc, the novel falls to absolute pieces.

-900Hextillion/10 Absolute tr*sh. <<less
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EytBit rated it
July 10, 2022
Status: --
It's honestly quite hard to understand what is happening in this novel at any given moment.

Action suddenly appears, is dealt with, and reappears anywhere from half a chapter to 2-3 chapter down the line. There is no stop sign, there is no respite. The world building is a mess, the side characters serve little purpose aside from humor or exposition, and the power scaling is practically nonexistent. Jeez. If this novel were a car, it would be fined and locked for not having a proper brake system.

At least you know... more>> which way the MC leans on the alignment chart, I suppose.

3/5 <<less
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NotMeeelissa rated it
July 16, 2023
Status: --
Although this story doesn't have much logic and the side characters are either on MC's team or enemy. They are either beaten and are plotting something but is overcome with MC's power.

The characters that like him are like extremely obsessed or obsessed.

What I liked about this story was seeing the MC use his power and just go through the plot for satisfaction and entertainment. It was a good read and enjoyable, there were comedy moments as well
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