The Retirement Life of a Runaway Desperado


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In the remote Oak Town, a broken corpse lay in the bushes. The person who reported this crime was the dream man of the town’s ladies—Mr. Arthur. His graceful and expensive-looking gray coat was dyed with striking stains of blood. The day after the murder, Sheriff Lynn’s records, along with the corpse, disappeared without a trace, only leaving behind the man’s memories which were filled with the smell of blood…

A year later, the details of the crime sank into the dense fog as time passed, but the daughters of the two single fathers grew closer and closer with each passing day. Although Arthur seemed impeccably perfect, his overly forceful actions to conceal something and his great loathing of anyone digging into his secrets made Lynn feel that the other person hated him like he was a reptile.

What Lynn didn’t know was that he and Arthur were unexpectedly very similar—both of them were runaway desperadoes who had given up everything to protect their loved ones.

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