The Response to my Drunken Proposal was Surprisingly Good


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Despite gifted with extraordinary talent, I resented my life being cut short.

One day, fueled by alcohol, I penned a proposal letter to a princess, hoping to alter my fate.

[Sure. I’d love to marry you.]

…What? She’s accepting?

The problem is, I proposed to all five tyrant princesses.

And to make matters worse, I have no clue which one responded.

Associated Names
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I Proposed While Drunk and Now the Princesses are Obsessed
The Response to my Prank Proposal was Unexpectedly Good
취중 청혼 이후 황녀들이 집착한다
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Jekiel Son
New Jekiel Son rated it
July 22, 2024
Status: c60
I kind of love this story and hate it at the same time.

The author drops hints about the protagonist's past which makes you curious what happened to him and why is he filled with such coldness. Also, there is impending doom.

Then there are five princess.

So it is a bumpy ride but it is worth riding the carriage.

Also just what the others said, SacredText/Fenrir did a fantastic job with the translation itself.

I would say, "What are you waiting for? Just jump in."
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New NoUps rated it
July 21, 2024
Status: c40
You should read the novel and judge for yourself I just want to state that the novel like many don't actually follow the title and description of the novel. I expected that after a proposal sent by the most op hero in the country k, the emperor would just accept and shenanigans with the princesses would commence. No apparently no one in the castle knows who this op person is and only one princess is there to greet him after he captured their hearts while they were young.. Was the... more>> royal staff mass mu*dered in the last few years? There is so much unexplained bs. He then gets a job where he has to prove he is OP and worthy of the princesses. This is more of a comedy then anything else. <<less
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dragonlord1411 rated it
June 24, 2024
Status: c20
First off, I'd like to note the quality of translation. Recently, I've been having a difficult time finding a translated korean web novel that actually manages the quality of their own translation. This one's quality really managed to capture the intended euphemisms and figures of speech of the author as they write. SacredText TL, thank you for your work!

Now off to the piece itself.

The story is about Ezekiel, a man who has history with the royal family I won't be spoiling, who, in his drunkenness, sent letters to all... more>> 5 princesses of the empire. To start off with the characters, I believe that the characters are really well-written because they are not entirely one-dimensional, you can understand why they're doing what they're doing without being 'told' right in front of your face.

The story leaves bread crumbs and foreshadowings as it slowly reveals Ezekiel's past with the girls, his past history with the royalty (aka emperor and his empire), and his accomplishments. It's done in such a way that keeps you engaged throughout without being to dragged (as far as I've seen). Overall, tasteful.

Regarding the writing style of the story, its formatting just allows you to immerse yourself into the story easily, a really well-done balancing of telling and showing. To be honest, the translator really carried this one for me because they managed to really capture the intentions the author wanted to convey through words.

I believe the story has great potential but this it for now, I'll update my review as time passes. <<less
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Sareza rated it
July 15, 2024
Status: c38
I'll keep this brief since the top review already covered the story summary and plenty more. This time, I'll only dive into my personal take on the novel.

This novel isn't your typical regression, isekai, or transmigration story, it's pure high fantasy. Even though the MC is OP, the story still manages to create real tension, and the flow is excellent. The characters are well-developed and not just cardboard cut-outs, making it an engaging read. While it does have some cliche elements like the harem and obsession, it still feels fresh... more>> and interesting.

The translation quality is top-notch too, which is a huge plus. The story's pacing and character interactions keep you hooked, and the high fantasy setting is a refreshing change from the usual tropes. Overall, it's a great read with good quality TL. It has potential but there aren't enough chapters, so for now it's 8/10 for me. I might change this later, maybe a year lol. <<less
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AvidReader23 rated it
July 8, 2024
Status: c51
This story has good potential. It creates a sense of mystery about the MC's past while putting problems in his way making readers anticipate what comes next.

The MC is overpowered as the tag implies but has constraints that are typically used to reveal his struggles about his past of being unrecognized while fighting for the world to the princesses, which is well written by the author

. Overall a new, but great novel. Lastly, the translation is amazing, the translator Creator recently moved from SacredText TL to Fenrir translations and makes flawless translations while still releasing frequently. Thanks for the hard work Creator!
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