The Reluctant Bride Book II


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Female Lead – Qiao Tan Yuan (QTY)

Male Lead – Gu Jiao Wu (GJW)

QTY secretly paid GJW’s ex-girlfriend to leave GJW. GJW’s family and QTY’s family are close, and arranged GJW to marry QTY.

During GJW and QTY’s marriage they have a baby after GJW’s drugged by an enemy. QTY lies to GJW she aborted their baby, and agrees to divorce him.

After a series of events, GJW and QTY are trapped together in an elevator, and GJW unknowingly helps QTY give birth to their baby. GJW demands a DNA test and finds out the truth.

GJW and QTY make a compromise, and agrees to live together to raise their baby. They bond as a family. At first GJW wants to remarry QTY for the sake of their baby, but GJW slowly falls in love with QTY.

Note: The Reluctant Bride Book I & Book II are independent stories of each other.

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Jun Hun Zhi Bang Lai De Xin Niang
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dysry rated it
March 18, 2016
Status: --
The female lead, QTY, chases away the male lead (GJW) ’s fiance and tricks him into a loveless marriage. Unable to stand it, she divorces him after she falls pregnant and spends the rest of the series running from him after he attempts to bond with their daughter and pursue his newly discovered interest in her. There’s not much actual plot despite how long the series is, so most of the time the story’s static or repetitive.

Despite the unrequited love scenario, the female lead is not particularly sympathetic due... more>> to the ruthlessness and selfishness of her actions, mixed with delusion and self pity. She also doesn’t express remorse, nor does her character change since ironically, what the male lead used to hate about her is the reason why he now loves her.

While the male lead was initially petty and bitter towards her, but manages to fall almost instantly once he removes the hate. However this hate is not entirely unjustified as the MC had wronged him several times. Other than that he’s a typical male lead – stubborn, calculating and easily jealous, and almost as unethical as the MC due to his emotional abuse during their marriage. To extend the story, he’s also slow in understanding his feelings her, but he genuinely loves his daughter.

I was a little disappointed how fast he got over his ex-fiance, trying to track her down for years just for closure, and since it was such a huge issue for them. After that there was some guilt, but he seemed to move on at light speed. Part of it was because he and the MC were in a later stage of their relationship... and at least he can keep himself happy, not so much anyone else.


The interaction between the two leads is immature, arguing over the same issues throughout the story, with little progress or actual discussions. While dragging third parties as topics in their conversations to avoid dealing with the underlying issues in their relationship. The MC’s feelings also felt like obsession, rather than ‘love’. Ultimately, they deserve each other. Also can't shrug the feeling that this is pretty much what a romance would be like from the POV of a female antagonist, only in the end, she gets the guy.

2.5 barely readable to pass the time. The side story with his amnesiac friend isn't even worth mentioning. <<less
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Bib rated it
September 30, 2016
Status: c162
Not your typical love story with the cliche setting of the poor, kind and hard-working orphan girl falling in love with the rich and handsome male lead and that she gets bullied by the male lead's beautiful, arrogant, and rich childhood friend/ "little sister type". Instead, it actually gives the stage to the unrequited love of the usual antagonist of romance plots aka the infatuated "childhood friend/acquaintance of the male lead". You can see how much the female lead suffers being broken-hearted again and again because of her love for... more>> the male lead since they were young and that the male lead only started caring about her after many years when she is already emotionally scarred. <<less
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CatBunn rated it
November 22, 2018
Status: --
I really liked this book and I'll definitely reread it. It's in perspective of the antagonist like character you see in every book that loves the ML. The ML loved the usual damsel in distress kind-hearted type of character but I never rooted for her cause the FL's character was so refreshing. She knows she's anything but kind and she admits that she won't change even if it makes her selfish. What's love without selfishness? During the 3 yrs of marriage with the ML she suffered a lot of mental... more>> and emotional abuse. When she gets pregnant she becomes stronger and hardens her heart. I love how she didn't back down easily. In other books it'd be a different situation. She always faced him head on and didn't let him intimidate her. It's why the ML fell in love with her, after seeing how much she loved their child and the different sides to her.

She didn't let him get away with it easily and he had to continuously chase after her. It wasn't too long or short of a journey but the perfect amount of time. There was also no loose ends and a satisfactory end to everything. They fit well together even though they are similar. The FL has the type of strength you'd wish other main characters had. I guess that's why you can also consider her an antagonist because she fought for her happiness be it through dirty tactics or not and never let her stand down even after the ML suddenly started intruding on her life. You'd think she'd accept him into her life easily because of how much she loves him but thank god this woman has pride and self esteem. <<less
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alexfilia rated it
August 9, 2017
Status: Completed
I didnt like this novel at all orz

Basically everything would have been solved if the characters would just talked with each other.... But nope. They rather run away for a smut filled vacation trip instead yay
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Anastrisha rated it
January 20, 2017
Status: --
Ignore the sexism and sh*t in this story, the story is not good and it's not bad.

The plot of the story -I admit is interesting considering how there’s only few novel dedicated to a true antagonist-like character (By true I meant those truly evil characters with no “oh she’s actually really good just misunderstand” and sh*t). So where’s the problem you ask? Well it’s none other than the characters’ behaviours –especially the male lead.

I don’t know why but I feel like just to make the two leading roles go... more>> back together or for the story to progress the writer twisted the characters so much that it had become so weird I can’t even tell if it’s normal or not. Well if you’re interested about them, here’s a short profile of them.

First of the Female Lead (QTY)

Now our QTY was a selfish arrogant woman in the past who only wanted for him to only look at her and thanks to that she tried her best to became the type he wanted: brave and strong but unfortunately it seems that it was the opposite at what he said considering his first love was the complete opposite and he had only see this traits of her as being rude –heck he even started to like her when she let him saw her weak state!

By the time they were divorce, QTY had become mature enough that this bad traits of hers are not that visible, and fun fact the reason why I loved this girl is because she accepted the fact that she’s bad and that’s her and they can’t do anything about it but accept it. But I guess because of misunderstanding, insecure, scared and shock, she made a lot of mistake too leading to a lot of miscommunication with the male lead, which in turn made their relationship and situation worse. Then again considering all the tortures and all the pain she got from him, it’s no wonder but then again this torture was inflicted to her because of her bad deed and choices, so don’t go asking why he’s treating you like air when you were the reason why his heart is broken.


Now for the Male Lead (GJW)

I don’t even honestly know where to start or how to start it.
Thanks to him, QTY became brave and strong just to make him like her, but in the end instead of like the opposite happened.

I think he secretly had loved QTY during their forced marriage but because of the pain and suffering of his burning heart, this thought was kept in a dark place. That’s why when he saw her in her night gown he was so moved the he touched her and the funny thing is that QTY’s parent didn’t even care when they had already sense that their freaking daughter is being raped by her ex-husband!

And you know the weirdest sh*t of all? This freaking main lead are so stupid, QTY paid his ex to leave and now asks why she’s being tortured during their forced marriage, now GJW here is more stupid even daring to ask why she hate him!

And you know I almost laugh when he said he doesn’t understand marriage when all along he decided to marry the women he loved. Like if you don’t know the meaning then why the **** are you doing it with someone? What is that supposed to be a demo to see what the **** marriage is?


Now in short this story in a nutshell is:

-A guy who claimed he doesn't love his wife hence they went on separate ways leaving his hometown but after almost a year, he went back to his hometown then he magically cared for the baby that he said he doesn't want and suddenly went on pursuing his ex-wife and molesting her.

-The girl loved him crazily and did everything she can to break him and his ex-lover apart. Once she did, she forced him to marry her and expected him to love her back when SHE JUST FREAKING TOLD HIM THE REAL REASON FOR THEIR BREAK UP.

-A story about how the Male MC decided to ditch the female who's mostly like a damsel in distress for the antagonist-like character.
Then the wife was abused (no sexual abuse) for the four years at his hands, then thou she loved him -she was tired hence accepted the divorce.

Now here I am, wondering why I even read this. But to you reading this, don’t worry as in the middle of the story they should be acting somewhat normal by that time.

All in all, ignoring the contradicting personalities, this is a nice novel reminding everyone about the consequences of the action you made, that in every choice you make, consequence would be watching.

Moving on, the grammar and information is sometimes wrong (I assumed it got to do with the translation) I means what with the AH? And the heck sometimes there be this wrong names/information like one time it should be “QTY said” but instead it turned to “GJW said”. <<less
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vsukio rated it
July 25, 2017
Status: c162
Honestly, I recommend readers to read The Reluctant Bride Book I first since you would get a glimpse of what QTY's original personality was like before she matured up. Some character from the prequel also appears in this story but due to some missing details (if you didn't read the prequel yet), it may confuse some readers later on as the story progresses. The story mainly revolves around QTY's point of view. It starts off when she was near her due date. After GJW discovered the child was his, he... more>> demanded to be involved in daughters life, regardless of what QTY wanted. A lot of conflicts occurred, especially because of QTY's fear that GJW was going to take her precious daughter away from her. It was like a tug of war. By the time GJW fell in love with QTY, he wanted both her and their daughter, but she still didn't want him. If you like a story with angst and heartbreak but a happy end, this story might be for you! <<less
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Lucy31 rated it
June 17, 2019
Status: Completed
Though a lot of scenes were kinda lame in the story😑, (you can ignore the side story if you didn't read the book1) I enjoyed the female character's growth how she accepted herself as she was & decided to live for herself & her baby instead of clinging to the male lead.

She's arrogant, rude, self-centred but I loved how she admitted she was bad, never trying to put on the damsel in distress act, she accepted how she was, she matured, she learnt from her mistakes and tried... more>> to move on 💖

I truly enjoyed reading the reviews on this story, had a good laugh because the characters deserved getting all those scorns! 😆😆😆 <<less
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March 1, 2019
Status: Completed
Done reading!! I didnt think I would finished this without skipping. I cried in the beginning of their story. Im so heartbroken of what happened to Tang Yuan. And she isnt the typical clumsy, dense and innocent FL, Tang Yuan is the type of FL who is arrogant, strong and heiress type and the same kind of character that you would hate to death in some other novels, those who acts as the villainess. But in this novel, you would see that even if she has that kind of personality,... more>> she deserves to be happy because she is only human and she cant help it that she loves the ML. You would hate the ML for being such an a***ole.

Heart really is the hardest thing to understand. <<less
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Krystal Liu
Krystal Liu rated it
August 8, 2018
Status: Completed
To be honest, this is not the best story I have read but for some reason, it keeps making me return to the moment of where the MC accept the ML again after he hurt her so much. There are some scenes in the story plot line that doesn't actually make that much sense but it's fun to read within a day or two.
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